My name is Ray Malenfant and I started this "pedigree" site.




This site was created using MyHeritage.com and is considered a "pedigree" site because it almost exclusively includes direct ancestors, that is, very few siblings.  Information on all living persons, except Ellen and me, are considered private and not visible to anyone. 


As of 2013, both Ray and Ellen are proud members of The General Society of Mayflower Descendants.  We are both related to passenger Thomas Rogers (1571-1621) but via very different paths.  It turns out that we had common ancestors 12 generations back.  Those two common ancestors are John, son of Thomas Rogers, and John's wife, Anna Churchman.  They had four children and two of their daughters, Abigail and Elizabeth begin paths down to both of us.  Ray is a descendent of Abigail, and Ellen is a descendent of Elizabeth.  Ray made application to the Thomas Rogers Society, and that application was approved.  The Society has put the lineage specific to Ray on the Thomas Rogers Society web site for all to see.  As a side note, John and Anna's son John married Elizabeth Pabodie, a direct descendant of John Alden, one of the most well known passengers on the Mayflower.


My submission to the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) as proof of my lineage back to Patriot Peter Walker (1747-1824) was approved on January 13, 2014, and I was officially inducted into the society on March 15th.  Needless to say, I am very pleased and rather proud!  This "proof" of ancestry did not turn out to be very difficult since fortunately Peter Walker was in my Mayflower path already.  Only a couple of small hurtles had to be jumped over for the SAR process.


One small interesting side story is in order.  Ellen heard many years ago from a local historian and friend in Lakeville, MA, that she was a descendent of Peter Browne, another passenger on the Mayflower, one who is perhaps more well known than Thomas Rogers.  It turns out that after more research, that may really be true.  Obviously more detailed research must be done to verify that, but it looks good!


We also discovered that one of Ellen's ancestors was a Revolutionary War Patriot.  Micah Ashley is in her path back to Thomas Rogers, so proof of her lineage to the Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR) would likely be approved in a similar manner to my (Ray) process.  If Ellen decides to apply for that, we will move forward.


I am now somewhat in the mode of searching out my Canadian side ancestors.  That has proved to be a real challenge.  More on that as I progress.  Going to Canada again to do some more searching for information, as well as translation of records that I have found but can't read!


HOWEVER...my "message of the day" is do not trust anything someone else says is a fact.  Mis-facts can get carried along for many generations by many people!  So, my real bottom line advice is to seriously DOUBT EVERYTHING!  I have accumulated many, many documents which are PROOF of ancestors lifelines, not just what others say on their tree.  The amount of "have record" statements on each tree member's birth, marriage and death profile has grown significantly.  It is amazing how many records can be found on line!  One just needs to look in all "corners" of the internet.


As you can see, we are well over 1500 people in the tree.  I cannot imagine how large this site would be if all siblings were also included...I'm sure it would be well over 4,000 since  I have found MANY 6-10 children families in the "earlier days"! 


If you have any comments, corrections or any form of feedback about this site, PLEASE contact me by clicking here.


 Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 1636 names in our family site.


The site was last updated on May 19 2018, and it currently has 18 registered member(s).

 If you wish to become a member too, please click here.   Enjoy!

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