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My primary emphasis is on early, direct lineage Cullers (Koller/Cullers), Fowler, Coker, Gordon, McCraken and Mobley lines. The tree's earliest entry is Peter Gerlach(Carlock) b. 1570 (an intersection with early Cokers).Others include Coker and Koller/Cullers.. most in the early 18th century.  Occasionally, something interesting will come along and I'll look at a connecting line, i.e., Fancher.

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Apr 18, 2017
John Louis Akard commented on person Colonel George M. Washington Eskridge :
 The portraits of George and Rebecca Eskridge were once hung at Mount Vernon. They are currently in the Virginia Historical Society Headquarters in Richmond, VA 
John Louis Akard commented on person Colonel George M. Washington Eskridge :
 Col. Eskridge was my 8 times grandfather. He has a Find a Grave.com Memorial at URL


Besides links to the memorials of Rebecca at URL


and Margaret at URL


there are links to his second wife and 4 of his sons. There is a very nice biography listed there too.

Elizabeth Vaulx, his second wife at URL


William Eskridge (1680 - 1744) at URL


George Eskridge (1683 - 1732) at URL


Samuel Eskridge (1704 - 1747) at URL


Robert Eskridge (1712 - 1747) at URL


You have Margaret's son Francis Kenner (1734 - 1784). His Memorial is at URL


You have Francis' son Colonel Eskridge Kenner (1778 - 1858). At URL


From there, you will find links to some you don't have. Namely

Samuel Eskridge Kenner (1821 - 1871)
Sophia Eskridge Kenner Seaman (1823 - 1903)
James Wick Kenner (1833 - 1896)

Rodham Kenner (1759 - 1814)

You don't need to enter all the URLs. There are links from one to another.

My line branches from yours with Francis Kenner's son, Dr. Howson Kenner. Margaret Eskridge Kenner, being my 7 times grandmother, was a friend to Mary Ball. Mary lived at Sandy Point Plantation from 1721, age 13, to her marriage at Sandy Point in 1731. The groom was Augustine Washington. I've seen references to journal entries of a man who attended the christening of Mary's first born. He describes the man holding the baby as a distinguished local lawyer, George Eskridge. Many feel that the infant was named after Mary's beloved guardian, Col Eskridge. So many believe this that they include Washington in Col. George Eskridge's name. A fact that doesn't appear in any surviving documents. Since George's name appears in over half the legal document in the Northern Neck region on Virginia at the time, you'd think it would show somewhere if true. Others actually place Eskridge as President Washington's middle name, another thing not proven by public records.

After Rebecca passed away, Col. Eskridge married the twice widowed Elizabeth Vaulx. They had one child together, Elizabeth Eskridge Aylett Steptoe. She married two widowers with two daughter apiece. William Aylett's daughter by his first wife Ann Ashton, married into the Washington and Lee families. Col. James Steptoe, MD had daughters by his first wife Hannah Ashton (don't know if the Ashtons were related). These daughters married into the same families. Anne Steptoe Washington was the 4th of 5 wives of Samuel Washington, George Washington's younger brother.

I like to say that my 7 times grandmother's, half-sister's, step-daughter's brother-in-laws' face is on the Dollar Bill. His 8th cousin, 8 times removed is Kate Middleton (AKA The Duchess of Cambridge) When I mention this to my site members in the UK, they say, "So! You're Royal."

I hope this has been both informative and helpful. Thank you for your time.

John Akard, qashqai, Find a Grave Volunteer #47426475 
Feb 17, 2017
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Jan 14, 2017
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