December 29, 2015

On July 3, 2012, when I started I stated, "I am finding that all of our family tree branches literally slapped each other around and I almost hold my breath to find out that one person might have known the others only to have generations part and come back together again in the United States" I never imagined the history I would uncover! So far? It is the BURKETT line that connects my TN paternal family members to my AR maternal! Every day Randy Jones inches closer and closer in the search to tie of my Paternal Joneses with my Maternal Jones lines. We are in the midst of researching Colonel Samuel Jones and Mack Jones found in the Harrison, Arkansas, area. Just some months ago Brett Rowland tied his Langston's to Randy Jones through a J. (James) Calvin Jones! So, it's confirmed the Maternal side braided several times across many generations. Randy is near Rome, Georgia. He ties to me 19 generations out on my maternal side.

I was scared what I would find is my Paternal bloodlines would be pitted against my Maternal.  A  maternal Goodfrey Jones link in Ohio began to show the Moravian tie to my Vann line, based off of a theory and what I learned at the ST LOUIS ARCH " THE GATEWAY to the WEST " verses some concerns General George WASHINGTON had with squatters on property he received for his military SERVICE. Vann males became wealthy with crop trading routes and the MISSISSIPPI RIVER made prime trade.

I prepared myself to find out that maybe my lines were the leftover, adopted or displaced, enslaved, freed, multi-cultured, ballgame prize, did what, loved who and left because or for what? I see  it with "Grandmothers eyes"  which for me is looking at the surfacing stories from many angles.   I knew who I was, but I had to find the reasons, as to what it was hidden, never handed down. There are plenty of clues as to our identities but what if, until a child like me came along demanding answers, it was never reviewed to find it. The path has helped me be stronger on many dark days and surfacing those stories happened on many of my darkest days.  I am no longer upset for the secrets, so many were sad!

 I thought it was over until Brett and Randy started filling in their voids.  Then I started recognizing more names, and the dance begins all over again.  War, infiltration, Blood law, illness, Trail of Tears, take the high road, I miss you, I give, I have to feed my babies, NO MORE, You Are Welcome? What was it? A friend recently suggested that, "You do like a good mystery."  In the back of my mind I heard the arrow hit the bullseye...I am a good mystery, like it or not! 

Who am I? Jacob Jones (MY  Paternal GGGGGGreat-Grandfather ) had a farm near where Andrew Jackson launched the Creek Red Stick War from in South Carolina, not to mention Cherokees fought in that war. Hence, that puts paternal Joneses and maternal Vann's together in the same place, if my Jones calvary men, were involved.  It is hard to say! We were one of those Jones lines you had to try and keep up with!  If it's not offered to you, how do you know? You seek! And each piece is more intriguing than the last! Now as I told my Vann Cousin Carol Stahling before her DNA test, Ann Langston married William Vann pre-Cherokee days. There they are! All together!And witnesses were Jones, road building, neighbors.


It is  safe to say my Langston's supported the French. Cousin Brett Rowland, last count; related eleven different ways, enjoyed that year long debate back and forth. Well, he admitted he found proof they did. ...Told you so.  Even if "the Langston" found it first! 

I now know why I hate politics, but I have to endure it for my children. I see I have to care about politics for our future generations too.  I have learned how it destroyed my family branches, fighting for ones FREEDOM. How lives were lost, people were moved or pushed, and forced to hide who they were or didn't want association recognized.  So I have learned why it is important for me to be able to look at the person in the mirror when I go to sleep and wake each day.

MY  Paternal GGGGGGreat-Grandfather Jacob Jones, was the handed down story of a solider/bodyguard for George Washington, he was not a cousin! And the cousins supposedly married Robert E. Lee's family. Jacob served aforementioned while under Robert E. Lee in the American Revolution. His descendants, through Allen K. Jones, were Texas Rangers, Civil War Soliders, Navy Welders (Grandpa Jones), and heavily decorated and combat wounded Vietnam War (Daddy) Veterans.   David E. Jones' (Jacobs' son) owned farm property is in what use to be The Original Chickasaw Nation Territory. The Jones Family had a business on E. Washington Street in Henderson, TN, which was across from the Train Depot, which was just outside settled Jackson, TN.   Jackson was settled by Andrew Jackson's brother-in-law and there is a main road named VANN Road running straight down the center of it!  Just another fine mixture of my Maternal and Paternal line coincidences. How is that for a hair raising adventure when learning who you are?

The Paternal Jones family name of CHAPMAN is a handed down name and nobody knows why! WHY? I want to know for my youngest child, so he will know why. So I started to search for an answer. Civil War? Shiloh, TN?? It is around 70 miles away from Glendale Community, Henderson, TN. Glendale, TN, is  also just outside of Mifflin. Mifflin indicates persons who were upset with George Washington. I just wonder about my family and the political turns they took to move on to an area named Mifflin, and start settling in West Central Tennessee. Just how and why were we always "there"? Virginian tobacco farmer/bodyguard whose descendants moved on to  NC, SC, GA, TX, AL, East Tennessee and all the way to West TN.  A few of our people went to Texas, and later a lot of us to Illinois or Mississippi. Was a David Jones referenced in Cherokee Tragedy by Wilkins, a Western Cherokee, on page 310 to have sold to George Paschal, John Ridges' brother-in-law, a piece of property for $125 OURS!?

Glen Peddy, well finding my second-cousin, on the cpaternal Jones line has taught me so much, but he tells me he likes history too!  He had a great history teacher in Henderson, Tn. Glen told me forces travelled through the Glendale Jones farm community on their way to SHILOH. Union soldiers burnt a Grist Mill purchased by us/owned locally, and the war even made it into the Jones kitchen when two Union Soliders were wounded elsewhere and brought there for help. They died and were buried in our Jones/Bond Cemetery out of humane respect.

We lost four family members elsewhere fighting for the Confederate side, one was illness, measles. David "Chap" the only one to return home surviving combat wounds died later ill too, from TB.  How he survived gunshot head wounds is crazy to me! An obvious void where people once were in my family. A definite change in Glendale Community when it came to Keeping Up With The Joneses!  The family looked completely different after the Civil War. It is said the blasts from Shiloh were felt in your feet at the Jones Farm.  

I have a bitterness of the Civil War-not because a race was freed but because the war was WAR and manipulation was staked all over it and everyone it USED and I do not play nice with manipulation. So for me, seeing with hindsight eyes, I listen to all opinions of the Civil War.  It is unfortunate how our family Confederate War letters made it to a museum in Missouri, but they could have suffered "a dust in the wind fate" too, so I guess I am grateful to have seen previous scanned versions before the typed versions appeared on a website for the museum. Glen lead me there too!  

Face it with a  Major Chapman Jones Sr., carried down four generations --who knew!? So I started.....I  read five different books at once and when a fact surfaced I would enter it. I found Glen (Glenndale) Peddy through his site on the internet about Allied Families.  I have filled a lot  of the Paternal Jones family void thanks be to him.  Not to exclude the kindness of my Great-Aunt?, his Aunt, Joyce Pruitt (born Jones), who answered many of my difficult "Why haven't I...?"

Two Butler sisters married two Jones brothers.  My cousin, Mike Jones and I are unique and only knew of each other by a group family message and from there we have  learned more about the other! Our DNA is unique. "That makes you .....A--A-A-A-i-i-ii? Double-cousin!? R-I-G-H-T???" That was the easy part, it later gets more complex--in near all the branches! 

Butler women are workers, farmers, family first, and they minded their own business.  Naturally beautuful, tall, swan-like. All were gardners and were known for their cotton picking, but hated house work. Second cousin Charlotte Butler Sanders and Great Grandma Butler (Edna Rosena Holloway) has/had unique beautiful dainty doll frame bodies. 

Grandma Butler was an only child of a painter and seamstress from further West and Grandma Jones hinted, "She might have some indian blood in her."

  Great-Grandma Butler married her Husband, a widowed man, because he was honest and she liked that.                          






Langston women from Faulkner County, Arkansas, Shady Grove and Wooster area, resembled a hen-party when gathered. With regard to geneaology  "They knew what they thought they needed to know," says Aunt Geneva Porter (born Langston).  My mother, Sandra Pauley (born Fellers), is such a beautiful woman  she, my Aunts, and Cousins really stand out in a crowds and her lineage clearly explains how this came to be. Be pretty if you can, witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you" that describes us!

I was very tired of asking at all the Langston family reunions, "What kind of Indian was she?",was always mad because nobody knew, and as the "INDIAN FREAK" of the family loved it all. I would howl,"PLEASE TORTURE ME BY NOT KNOWING!?" SHE? My Mother figured out, her name was, Martha Adeline Canfield (born VANN), and I rather think this started a LARGE portion of our family tree quest! Aunt Geneva encouraged Momma after nobody could answer me year-after-year!  Amazing how far we have come with.."Why doesn't anyone know!?" Mom started it--and I later pieced it together, and then some but not without my COUSINS!  Momma feels it was [forgotten] for fear of the childrens' futures, [I also think it was PAINFUL] that our Heritage was not handed down starting seven generations back for both reasons.   Its clear as mud to us if we gave our rights up, or our blood quantum was more white than Cherokee, as that is rough to follow. Nor is it clear the CLAN we should claim. Yes, the men were Wolf, but the mother carries the clan (a lot of Paint Clan marriages too!), and unless the Thompsons, a Butler,  Jones, Langston, Burkett shows one?? The Vann Clan does not show who Sarah was. We do not have her last name!? Not to mention the Rowe ties married into our Vann's too. Help? Plus, there is quite a bit of hidden history in "Greenbrier", Arkansas!!!  An area where deep seeded anamosity to a major portion of how the war was won, so I have unearthed in several small towns histories in my studies.

David Vann was precise and that is demonstrated in everything I have read about him.  He is the person Van Baptist Church in Georgia is named after.  His wife,Sarah,  I am told is a Johnson, but I am searching to confirm that.  I grew up with that surname in Concord, AR, where I went to school.  It has been a small world to this point. Ironically,I never thought I fit in there and I recognize half the names I grew up with are Cherokee!!

The Langston brothers were pranksters and would ALWAYS do something to fire their sisters up!  My brother, Shawn, had a streak of this too- with me.  He carried me over his shoulder his Senior High School Year, my Freshman year, down the hall screaming and kicking. The brothers? I suppose it was hilarious to watch.  It was not long until I was wrapped up in the pranks. I seriously miss the mad expressions; narrowed eyes and glares, flared noses, and the pursed lips. (Beware the pursed lips and flared noses, most of all the Klingon foreheads.)  Like the time we were trying to get Grandma to hold a beer long enough to take a picture of it!  Seventeen year old Deidre said, "Here Grandma, can you hold my drink for me?"  It belonged to one of the Cousins.  I think that incident lead to the scheduling of all future events at Bethlehem.  Cousin David Gschwendt (another Navy man) says, "On top of the mountain. I can feel my pulse race when I see that tiny white steeple." (Horseshoe Mountain,Wooster, Arkansas. A.k.a. Faulkner County, Greenbrier.) No, they are no longer at Toad Suck Park. [Chuckle.]  My Grandma Fellers makes me think of the

 Mrs. Gambold o

f the Moravian Missionary at Spring Place. What I miss the most are the Langston siblings together and the memories of Homecoming in the old sanctuary at Bethlehem Church with eight of the nine, sitting there around me with our other members. (HUGE SIGH.)                                                                                                        




















































 The patience of my found Cousin,

8th Maternal Cousin, Brett Rowland cannot be ignored. He has Langston humour  and helped me bring distant Langston and Rowland branches to life with many of his pictures and people.

 A Navy man too, Nuclear Submarine, Electrician.  

He is mad at me and that will not be easily undone. He spent hundred of hours looking at trees and entering his boxes of names.  He went too far out and overwhelmed me past 20 generations.              




I have 

always said, "I come from good people that were survivors" but not even I  imagined history wrote itself all over my branches the way it did! This journey is no longer just mine as it is clear the theroies are truths and the words in books are my guide.  I found Carol Stahlin (born Shirley) and her sister, Ann Marie, about the time Glenn and Brett, and a man named Randy Jones entered my life.  Randy is Native tied (maternal-19 steps), but each day we search for the paternal link to surface.  I often smile when I speak of Carol because she embraced me when it seemed noone else would, and she had every right not to if she desired.  I say that with consideration how our history links us.  Not exactly  the same side of the tree branch of Joseph Vann.                                                                                                                                                                                                      The 

person who helps center my NATIVE spirit is Willa Duncan.  She is matched with me through the McIntosh (Vann Native tie), and Jeptha Vinding Canfield's (Martha Adeline Vann's Husband) Mother's Jones line.  I value Willa's endurance  and respect her past turtle shell Native American dancing stories before her health took that from her.

  She enlightens me.  We tend to mill in our yards alike, and have some other unique likeness beyond traits  Though she never complains I will say she is definitely a brighter light than me!                                                                                                                                                                                 

Our most recent contact and writing it gave me a moment of relization, that a WOLF call could be entered here. Speaking of a Vann male in the present tense, Robert Henry Vann,  when all others with that surname of Vann has been in past tense? Well, it made me crack a smile, it all just simply pleases me.                                                                                                


My name is Deidre Jones ...my Husband informed me 20 years ago when I mentioned keeping Jones that I will be MRS LITTON longer than I was MISS JONES! Where I was born?  I would have said, "Hey you GUYS!" but my family returned to their Southern roots respectively in North Central Arkansas and West Central Tennessee.


used MyHeritage.com because I WAS tired of trying to write it down on paper "real pretty and legible."

                                                                                                                             I FOUND MY FAMILY!                                                                                                                                                   Gr

andpa Jones taught me, "If you do not tell people your business then they will not know your business." Yes, I shared a lot here but I am looking for something and I am determined to find it, so I am an open book.   Grandma Jones (born Butler) says, "You need a man for some things-- not all things."  Grandma Fellers (born Langston) cannot be entered here but her wisdom involved fast baths, parsley, and maintaining a good cholestrol. She meant well and I still laugh. Mom? "Have a nice day, be a good girl, don't get into trouble, and be true to thine own self." Daddy?  Taught his girl to fish, shoot the target-- very well (I jaw dropped three men in a conceal and carry course when the sheet/target came back from the range), bowl, play horse shoes and baseball.  He also instilled in me to be thoughtful to those I am walking near, not to cluster, and do not ride my brakes while driving!                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                  Joe and I are proud of our Sons. It is our job to prepare them for the path, not the path for the child.  

My Husband is an Anglo-Saxen, Irish, (Texan) and Northern Italian (outskirts of Florence/San Francisco, CA) descendant.  

I told him, upon visiting Rome, Italy, where  his Father died, that had he been allowed to pick his place to die, he chose well.  He died when my Husband was eight, and that changes and affects a man.  It affected the Vann descendants, the Jones descendants, and my Husband.  My Husbands Father was getting out of the shower to start his first day as the Head of Westinghouse in Europe, when he dropped dead.  

 He had just received a clean bill of health.  It took the family a month to receive his body here in the States for the funeral, as Bill "Kitty" Litton had traveled on this trip alone without the family. 

                                                                                                                                                                                           How do I end this story? Well, WE ARE not finished writing it. =) YEAH, I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO.

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Beginning in the 1791s a series of treaties between the United States and the Cherokees living in Ga. were given recognition to the Cherokees as a nation with their own laws and cutoms. Gradually the treaties whittled away as the white man took more and more of the Indian lands.

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This Web site:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovely_County,_Arkansas_Territory
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Feb 1 2015 01:51


This only brings to life that recent comment I made about Benton, Arkansas being known as Cherokee-I wasn't aware. Note wikipedia and Lovely County and the finish of the article where the information is housed and the description of Lovely County. Old Settlers come to life, and the stories of legend about surveyors helping hide my family when David Vann went to war also come more to life. I keep looking to find THAT NAME, that link, and half wonder if it is not within Brett's lines. Langston lines. When I started pulling the Langston name in the Cherokee Nation searches it was because of a Butler and Langston arrested by Georgia for working in the Nation, add a surname of Jones as a Preacher and a Thorton and that would explain the tie to all of us. Butler I think was a minister, and Langston was a Blacksmith. Butler had no child...

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Family memories:Randy found where his relative won an essay contest!
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Oct 25 2014 00:04

I went to a Brown Bag Luncheon the other day and it was on a book I happened to own. Randy's relative was in there, the author was speaking about people trying to change their guerilla appearances/ reputations after the Civil War, or getting their truths out there/opinions/acceptance for their actions "Harrison, Arkansas" group of Joneses was something Randy had been looking for and it was true, what he found. I bought the book before we knew his relative was in there. A David Jones in the book was not ours, to my knowledge, as his Mother is referenced as Comfort. I have not been told our David was the son of an Comfort. (Not one of our three Davids) Randy was excited about the find and called and read it to me. Well thought read.


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Other:A wise person is one to fear? No??
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Aug 27 2014 23:22


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