My name is Sharon Higgins .

Much of the information I had included here is from data provided by other family members including:

- "A Short History of Isaac and Sarah Smith" 1979 by Selwyn Smith

-Family notes from Dulcy and Eric Smith, Angela Bowler (nee Charlton) and Allen Higgins. 

-"Descendants of William Higgins" by Christine Philps. 

-Lyn Bendall (nee Flack and McLaughlan) has uploaded her own tree for the Bendall and the McLaughlan families and provided a huge amount of information and photos.

-Dean Cherry and Chris Austin have provided a huge amount of detail, and photos, on the Austin family

-Brian and Carl Brandon Strehlke have provided source documents and many photos of the Strehlke family, particularly the early Prussian data. 

Whilst there are many many family names in this tree the main families that I am focusing on are Smith/ Austin/ Lindsay, McLaughlan/ Aldridge, Higgins/ Strehlke, Spinley, Kerridge and Bowler/ Charlton/ Laws.  If you do have any information on these families, or any of the other families in this tree, that is not included here please do let me know

 If you have any comments or feedback about the information in this tree, please click here to contact me.  If you are able to upload photos for family members I would appreciate this too.

Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 19113 names in our family site.
The site was last updated on Jan 11 2017, and it currently has 117 registered member(s).  

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Dec 19, 2016
Sharon Higgins published a new version of the Bowler and Higgins family tree from the Family Tree Builder
Sharon Higgins added a photo of Lucy Hastings (born Davis) :
Sharon Higgins updated the details of Lucy Hastings (born Davis) in family tree Bowler and Higgins
Dec 18, 2016
Sharon Higgins added the Word document Craven and Heeney marriage - Ireland 1902 to album Family photos
Sharon Higgins added 5 photos to album Family photos
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Sharon Higgins added Mary Ann Heeney , Margaret (Bessie) Heeney (born Derry) , Laurence Heeney and <Private> Lambe to family tree: Bowler and Higgins
Sharon Higgins updated the details of Mary Craven (born McDaniel or McDonnell) , Francis Craven , Mary Ann Heeney , Margaret (Bessie) Heeney (born Derry) and 13 other people in family tree Bowler and Higgins
Dec 17, 2016
Sharon Higgins published new versions of the Bowler and Higgins and Austin Family Tree from Chris family trees from the Family Tree Builder.
Dec 01, 2016
Sharon Higgins updated the details of Gertrude Phoebe Baker and Georgina Baker (born Holland) in family tree Bowler and Higgins
Val Goss commented on person Georgina Baker (born Holland) :
 Georgina is not Keningston nor is Gertrude - She married Henry when he was Henry Baker so she is Georgina Baker nee Holland. The daughter is Gertrude Phoebe Baker 
Nov 24, 2016
Sharon Higgins updated the details of Ethel Smith (born McMahon) , <Private> Bendall , Leonard Desmond (Des) Bendall and Edward George (Eddie) Bendall in family tree Bowler and Higgins
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