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Over 200 years ago Seinäjoki, in western Finland, was a small village belonging to a Nurmo parish. Biggest farm was a house named Jouppila. Businessman Abraham Falander, later Wasastjerna, decided to start metal factory and later powder factory aside Seinäjoki-river and built Östermyra factory and farm there. Both houses will later have a remarkable role in Wirta family history.

Same time in Laihia, local chief police officer Adolph Jernberg and his wife Catharina Bäck got one son and four daugters. Two daugters ended up to Östermyra and later Charlotta Catharina got married with Gustaf Adolf Wasastjerna, and sister Elisabet was married to Östermyra's danish barrel master Nikolai Ernest Bähr. Third sister Anna Gustava married a farmers son Mårten Erkilä, later Nybäck, from Oravais.

Anna Gustava and Mårten got one son and four daughters. Son and one daughter died young. Also mother Anna Gustava died early and three surviving daughters moved to Östermyra to live and work under the wings of their aunts. Two of the daugters married Söder named brothers, the hammer- or blacksmiths of Östermyra factory. Johanna Gustava got married with Johan Mattsson Engrén, a son of tailor and farmer Matts Johansson Jouppila, who later took the name Engrén. Matts was a son of Jouppila and has got himself a part of the farm. Engréns were known as skilful housekeepers and tailors.

While living in Jouppila, Johanna Gustava and Johan Engrén got four children. Sons Ernest Matthias and Johan, daughters Matilda Lovisa. Later they worked as a supervisors and housekeepers on a big Ala-Marttila farm owned by Johanna's cousin Gustaf August Wasastjerna. At Ala-Marttila the family name was changing to Enström for unkown reason. Youngest daughter Maria Charlotta was born. Johan Enström died at 1868 being only 39 years of age. After that Johanna was employed as one of the two first teaching milkmaids in Finland. She and her four children moved to Nivala, which was in the middle of Johanna's working area in mid-northern Finland.  After eight years Johanna returned to Östermyra, using still the name Enström. She was working in Östermyra as a some kind of inspector. 

Johanna Gustava Enström passed away in Seinäjoki 1898

1906 name Enström was changed to Wirta, later Virta

Our roots are deeply in southern ostrobothnia, with some flawour from Sweden. Family language has been mostly swedish until beginning of 1900's.

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