My name is Linda Silverman Shefler and I started this site. 

This site encompasses the combined efforts of several cousins who have been researching their specific branch of the family, unaware of the existence of each other until several months ago.  All of the cousins descend from the various children of Bailli Diefenbach and Joseph Stern, except for me.  I descend from Bailli’s sister, Hanche (Henriette) Diefenbach and her husband Joseph Meier Marx 

There were two additional sisters that I am aware of, but to date cannot trace their descendants.  These four sisters were the daughters of Aron Diefenbach and Scheine (Schönchen) Goldschmidt (of Uttrichshausen).  The records indicate that this Diefenbach family was living in Sterbfritz, Hessen as far back as the 1780s.  It can be that they were living there prior to that, but I’m not yet aware of any records to prove that. 

Aron had a brother, David Löw Diefenbach, who was married to Telz.  Aron and David Löw were the sons of Jüttel (Jehuda) Diefenbach, who was probably born about 1730 and is our earliest documented ancestor. 

Our combined efforts have yielded us a tree that includes 723 descendants from Jüttel (Jehuda).  There is still a tremendous amount of unknowns for this family and it is my sincere hope that by having our family tree online, other descendants from this family will discover us.   

There is another Diefenbach family from the area.  They changed their name to Regensburger and lived in Zeitlofs.  The earliest documented member of that family was David who was probably born about 1725 and was probably the brother of Jüttel (Jehuda).  David was a Hazan (cantor). 

I worked with two highly experienced researchers in Germany who both separately commented that they feel that the Diefenbach and Diefenbach>Regensburger families are one and the same.  This assessment is due to the uniqueness of the name, the proximity of where they lived, the closeness of their ages and the repetition of the name David in both families.  Because of that, and solely for the purpose of this site, I’ve decided to connect Jüttel (Jehuda) and David as brothers, again, in the hope of attracting the attention of researchers from the Regensburger family.  It is not generally considered genealogically correct to connect families without documented proof, so I want to be clear that the connection is based on the assessments of a couple of researchers and not yet on fact. 

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this work is the combined effort of several cousins.  While each of us is working extensively on various branches of our individual families, the following is relevant to the Diefenbach family as a whole: 

  • Jeffrey and Peter Dreifuss, brothers from Maryland, have been working on the family of Hannah Stern and Salomon Hess.  Hannah was a daughter of Bailli Diefenbach and Joseph Stern, and the 2nd great grandmother of Pete and Jeff.
  • Gail Leonard Fallender, hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, many years in California, has been working on the family of Henrietta (Jette) Stern and Jacob Katzenstein>Fell.  Henrietta is another daughter of Bailli. Jacob and Henrietta were cousins and immigrated to America in 1859, settling in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
  • Elizabeth Ida Posva of Sao Paulo, Brazil also descends from the Hess family and has been researching the descendants of Ferdinand Wild and Sara Hess.
  • David Stern, formerly of Pennsylvania, currently of Italy, is also working on the Stern family.  David descends from Julius Stern and Rebecka Levy who also settled in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 1866.
  • Linda Silverman Shefler, hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, presently in Israel.  I learned three years ago that Hanche (Henriette) Diefenbach was my 3rd great grandmother, since then I have been attempting to piece together the Diefenbach family as a whole.  Hanche’s son Aaron Joseph Marx, my 2nd great grandfather, immigrated to America in 1853 and settled in Cleveland, OH.  He also had a sister who immigrated to America.

Some of the more prevalent surnames found within the site are: 


The main towns and villages where our ancestors lived are: 

Flieden, Harmuthsachsen, Hintersteinau, [possibly] Romsthal, Sterbfritz, Zeitlofs and Züntersbach.   

As one who has done a tremendous amount of research on my various family lines independently, or with other researchers not necessarily connected with my specific family, I have to say that the opportunity to connect to and work together with cousins towards the common goal of creating an accurate family tree and history is a real treat! 

It is my sincere hope that everyone will expand upon the tree as our knowledge increases, as well as share stories and pictures of the family.  The more stories and pictures we have, the more the family will come alive for us. 

It is with pleasure that I introduce you to the Diefenbach family!!


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Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Aug 4 2016 19:37

A cousin just notified me of this. He participated and said it was an extraordinary trip! He’s given me permission to share this with you:

The city of Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, is inviting children and grandchildren of all people who had to leave Frankfurt because of Nazism and Hitler in the 30's and 40's. The trip for the child or grandchild is free.

If you qualify, contact: "Constanze.Wagner@stadt-frankfurt.de"
Subject: Information Visiting Program Frankfurt.

EC to: "sarah.cienciala@stadt-frankfurt.de"

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Obituaries:FRANK JOSEPH CAPPO - 1945-2014
Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on June 30 2016 19:27
A native of Baton Rouge and a resident of Prairieville, he passed away on January 5, 2014 at age 68. Visitation will be from 9:30am until funeral service at 12:30pm on Thursday, January 9, 2014, at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, in Prairieville. Interment will follow at Hope Haven Mausoleum. He was a retired accomplished businessman; residential homebuilder and an owner of the first upscale nightclub, Split Decision, offering a new concept in entertainment to Baton Rouge, as well as hosting charitable events for MDA and the handicapped. He served in the U.S. Navy Seabees and was honorably discharged after a one year tour of duty in Vietnam. His passions included blue water fishing, boating, RV tailgating to the LSU games, telling jokes and entertaining friends at home. He is survived by his best friend and wife of 33 years, Charlene ""Charlie"" Capron Cappo; son Christopher and daughter-in-law Tammie; grandson, Connor; half-brother, Russell Cappo and wife Diane; half-sister Gloria Harper, uncle and aunt Nick & Bena Cappo, father-in-law and mother-in-law Ed and Willery Capron, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law: Don & Jennifer Capron, Marco & Narlene Capron-Frausto, nephew Don Capron, Jr. and spouse Kerry, niece Richelle Sims Pearson and spouse Jason, great nieces and nephews, numerous cousins and a loving pet and companion, Breezy. He was preceded in death by mother, Dorothy Lee Dixon Cappo Molaison; father, Russell Henry Cappo, half-brother, Larry Paul Molaison and grandchildren (twins) Tristino & Sofia Cappo. Special thanks to Doctors Kenny Cole, Jeffrey Hyde, Michael Davis, J. Michael Burdine, Robert Grissom John Barksdale, Ronald Leo, Guihong Chen, Camalyn Gaines, David Gregory and the staffs of the BR VA Outpatient Clinic, Bridgeway Hospice and Tarlesha Butler from Nursing PRN. Much appreciation and gratefulness for help from faithful friends during his time of illness, Gerry Marshall, Wally Downs, Lee Laurent, R. L. Leger, Autry Rivere and Dolar Smith as well as numerous family and friends who stayed in touch to keep his spirits up. Pallbearers will be Don Capron, Sr., Don Capron, Jr., Gerry Marshall, Wally Downs, Dolar Smith, and R. L. Leger. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the charity of your choice\"\" . www.churchfuneralservices.com 225-644-9683. - See more at: http://obits.theadvocate.com/obituaries/theadvocate/obituary.aspx?pid=168931115#sthash.c3KQ2pST.dpuf
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Obituaries:HARRY GALEWSKY JR. - 1926-2015
Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on May 17 2016 18:34

Harry Galewsky, Jr., 89, of Beaumont, died Sunday, December 6, 2015, at Calder Woods, Beaumont. He was born on January 3, 1926, to Henrietta Pauline Lederer Galewsky and Harry Galewsky, Sr., in Beaumont, and was a lifelong resident of the area.

Harry was a United States Naval Air Corps Veteran, having served in World War II. He also worked as a Consulting Engineer after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Harry is survived by his wife, Sonia Galewsky of Beaumont; sons, Andrew Galewsky; Daniel Galewsky, both of Austin; Samuel Galewsky of Bloomington, Illinois; Benjamin Galewsky of Urbana, Illinois; and Joseph Galewsky of Albuquerque, New Mexcio; grandchildren, David Galewsky, Alexandra Galewsky, Jacob Galewsky, Sophia Galewsky, Isaac Galewsky, Zelda Galewsky, and Adeline Galewsky; and great- grandchildren, Wyatt Galewsky and Lyle Galewsky.

He is preceded in ...

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Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Feb 21 2016 18:44

Our cousin, Rabbi Mark Glickman has written another book, which from the sound of it is quite fascinating! And it should be of interest to many of us.

Stolen Words is an epic story about the largest collection of Jewish books in the world—tens of millions of books that the Nazis looted from European Jewish families and institutions. Nazi soldiers and civilians emptied Jewish communal libraries, confiscated volumes from government collections, and stole from Jewish individuals, schools, and synagogues. Early in their regime the Nazis burned some books in spectacular bonfires, but most they saved, stashing the literary loot in castles, abandoned mine shafts, and warehouses throughout Europe. It was the largest and most extensive book-looting campaign in history. After the war, Allied forces discovered these troves of stolen books but quickly found themselves facing a barrage of questions. How could the books be identified? Where should they go? Who had the authority to make such decisions? Eventually the military turned the books over to an organization of leading Jewish scholars called Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc.—whose chairman was the acclaimed historian Salo Baron and whose on-the-ground director was the philosopher Hannah Arendt—with the charge to establish restitution protocols.
Stolen Words is the story of how a free civilization decides what to do with the material remains of a world torn asunder, and how those remains connect survivors with their past. It is the story of Jews struggling to understand the new realities of their post-Holocaust world and of Western society’s gradual realization of the magnitude of devastation wrought by World War II. Most of all, it is the story of people —of Nazi leaders, ideologues, and Judaica experts; of Allied soldiers, scholars, and scoundrels; and of Jewish communities, librarians, and readers around the world.


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Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Jan 18 2016 19:03

Emeritus Prof. Hans Bloemendal (1923-2015) who passed away this week will be remembered, among other things, for his passion for research, religion and life. We send our condolences to Miriam Bloemendal, his family, many friends and colleagues.

Hans Bloemendal (1923) was born to Dutch parents in the German city of Fulda. Under the Nazi regime, it was impossible to continue learning and so his parents sent him to Amsterdam. During the war Hans Bloemendal went into hiding; his parents and sister were killed in Sobibor. After the war, his Jewish life tattered, the young Bloemendal found solace in his religion, in particular in the synagogue, where he was captivated by music. He set-up a Jewish youth initiative and started writing children's books to pass on Jewish traditions to the next generation. Hans Bloemendal was the principal singer (Chief Cantor) of Amsterdam's main synagogue since 1949 an...

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Obituaries:EDWARD COWAN CAPRON - 1920-2014
Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Jan 10 2016 16:07

Longtime Baton Rouge resident, Edward C. Capron, Jr., was born in New Orleans on Nov. 29, 1920, and died on June 4, 2014, at the age of 93. Ed was an Army Sergeant and served with Headquarters Battery of the 73rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion of the 9th Armored "Remagen" Division and an EX-POW of World War II, captured at the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne, Belgium, on Dec. 18, 1944, and imprisoned until April, 1945. All three combat commands of this division received Presidential Unit Citations and were invited to The White House to receive Certificates from President Eisenhower for the capture of the Remagen Bridge, which was instrumental in ending the war. Ed's other military citations included the POW Medal, Purple Heart, European-Africa-Middle East Medal with three Bronze Stars, American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and a Good Conduct Medal.

Ed claimed he was not a hero; just a soldier fighting for his country. Upon returning home, Ed attended LSU and was an honor graduate in 1949, with a B.A. Degree in Business. In 2012, he was inducted into the LSU Hall of Honor. Also in that year, he received the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Founders Medal and Certificate of Patriotism as well as The Veteran of the Year Award presented to him by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Ed was a guest speaker for civic and veterans organizations, school groups, and annually placed wreaths to honor fallen heroes. He was a lifetime member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, American EX-POW Red Stick Chapter, Cadets of the Ole War Skule and was a charter member of the National World War II Museum.

He was a member of Broadmoor United Methodist Church for 55 years and served as a communion steward for 15 years. After college, his career was with IBM, Peat, Marwick & Mitchell Accounting Firm, and various insurance companies in management and management consulting positions. He received the Boss of the Year Award from the Cypress Chapter of the American Business Women's Association in 1975. His whole life was dedicated to serving all veterans of war and their families assisting them with getting their benefits due, medals well deserved, putting together army reunions, and helping locate other veterans or information for families regarding the death of their veteran loved ones. He wrote Congress and fought the Government for increased veteran benefits and was on the list in Washington, DC, as the Contact Man for his battalion for VA assistance.

Ed was blessed with 71 years and 8 months of marriage to his beautiful surviving spouse. Also surviving his passing is his son, his two daughters, two grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, numerous in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, wonderful friends and neighbors.

Ed was preceded in death by his father, Edward C. Capron, Sr., and his mother, Mary Elizabeth Vanderdose; brother Othmar R. Capron; two nieces and one nephew.

Edward C. Capron, Jr. was Honorably Discharged by the US Army in October 1945, and is now Honorably Discharged by his loving family.

-From Find-a-Grave

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Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Mar 25 2015 18:18

Copy and paste the following link to see an interesting piece written by our cousin, Rabbi Mark Glickman, about his ancestors who immigrated to America:


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Obituaries:PHYLLIS (NEE POMPER) ZIMMERMANN - (1929-2015)
Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Mar 4 2015 19:17
Zimmermann, Phyllis of North Woodmere passed away on March 3, 2015 at the age of 85. Devoted wife and survived by her husband, Leo Zimmermann and her children Robin (Ron Sutton), Barbara (Michael Jetter) and Nevin (Margo Zimmermann). Grandmother to Andrea Barzilay (Michael Barzilay), Adam Jetter, Jason and Alison Sutton, Joshua and Jacob Zimmermann. Great grandmother of Blake, Averi and Sammy Barzilay. Sister of Rita (Harold) Rait
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Obituaries:MALCOLM 'MAC' ZUCKER - 1914-2013
Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Dec 12 2014 22:20

Malcolm “Mac” Zucker, chairman of State Industrial Products, died on Oct. 18, 2013. He was 99.

Mac was born Sept. 15, 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Jay & Cyril Zucker. Jay Zucker started the The State Chemical Manufacturing Co. in 1911 and after graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in accounting. Mac joined the company in 1937, soon becoming one of State’s leading salesmen. The specialty chemical manufacturer grew steadily over the next few decades. Mac took over as company president in 1971.

In 1987, Mac took special pride when the company set a sales record for the year at $58 million. “All of these good things will continue to happen as we work together to service our all-important customers,” wrote Mac Zucker in the employee newsletter statement in December 1987. In 1989, Mac assumed the title of chairman, when he named his son-in-law, Hal Uhrman, president. Hal led the company until 2012, when he turned over leadership to his son, Seth Uhrman (Mac’s grandson).

Mac remained active in the business until his death. He was an adviser to company management, attended board meetings and company functions. Under Mac’s leadership, State Chemical expanded from a local organization to an international company with over 850 employees, doing business throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Mac continued the State Chemical theme of offering first-class yet simple answers to the maintenance of America’s growing industrial infrastructure. For over 100 years, the company maintained essentially the same simple plan of providing the best possible products while keeping customer service foremost. While Mac put his own distinct stamp on what is now State Industrial Products Corp., he did not deviate from the initial operating philosophy of hiring the best people, offering them quality benefits, and insisting that they serve the customer.

Mac adhered to a strong set of values: commitment to the community, as well as commitment to customers and employees. Among the charities Mac contributed to were Coats for Kids and The Salvation Army. Most recently, Mac participated in State’s Make-A-Wish Campaign, attending company events and encouraging employee participation. The campaign resulted in the company granting a wish and sending a child and his family to Disney World in October 2013.

Mac was on the board of directors of the Montefiore Senior Living Facility in Beachwood, Ohio. Mac also donated an outside garden and lobby fish tank for Montefiore employees and residents to enjoy. In 2009, University Hospitals of Cleveland presented the Distinguished Diamond Award to Mac and his wife, Helene, for their generous support in helping to create the Andrew Uhrman Activity Center at Rainbow Babies & Children Hospital, named in memory of the Zucker’s great-grandson. In addition, the Zuckers have established several gift annuities benefitting University Hospitals in Cleveland.

Mac was married to Helene Zucker (Marx) for 71 years until 2009. He was the dear brother of Karl Zucker (Allane) and the late Henrietta Klein (Milton), loving father to Ronna Uhrman (Hal), the late Cary Zucker (Gail); adoring grandfather to Seth Uhrman, Tracie Kugler, Mindi Ratner, Amanda Zucker, and Kara Zucker; beloved great-grandfather to Margo, the late Andrew, Dylan, Jared, Ally, Erica, David, and Zak.

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Obituaries:OBITUARY FOR HAROLD 'HAL' UHRMAN - 1937-2014
Posted by: Linda Silverman Shefler on Nov 17 2014 18:56
UHRMAN HAROLD "Hal" UHRMAN beloved husband of Ronna (nee Zucker). Loving father of Seth (Ellen Pollack), Tracie (Larry) Kugler and Mindi (Charles) Ratner. Devoted grand-father of Margo Uhrman, Erica Kugler, David Kugler, Zachary Kugler, Dylan Ratner, Jared Ratner, Ally Ratner and the late Andrew Uhrman. Dear brother of Edith (Albert) Berkman, Ruth (Victor) Wertheimer and the late Solomon (Charlotte) Uhrman. Services will be held Sunday, October 12 at 1 PM at Tifereth Israel-The Temple, 26000 Shaker Blvd., Beachwood, OH. Interment Mayfield Cemetery. Family will receive friends at the residence 34000 Shaker Blvd., Hunting Valley, OH SUNDAY FOLLOWING SERVICES AND INTERMENT UNTIL 8 PM, MONDAY 1 PM-4 PM, 7 PM-9 PM and Tuesday 7 PM-9 PM. Friends who wish may contribute to the Andrew Uhrman Fund, c/o Rainbow and Children's Hospital, c/o The University Hospitals of Cleveland. - See more at: http://obits.cleveland.com/obituaries/cleveland/obituary.aspx?pid=172770501#sthash.2SHOIdhN.dpuf
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