My name is Tim LaFaver and I am the owner of this site.

Included in lineage---MATERNAL - Thomas Lacy b1650 is my 9 great grandfather, Edmund Rice b 1594 is my 11 great grandfather, Thomas Mask b 1652 is 10 great grandfather, Sir Francis Leake b 1550 12 great grandfather, John Haynes b 1670 8 great granddfather, William Phelps b 1661 11 great grandfather, Walter Geer b 1450 16 great grandfather, Richard Somaster b 1392 19 great grandfather, Giles Prideaux b 1363 20 great grandfather. PATERNAL - Mengen Le Fevre b1510 12 Great Grandfather,  William Million b 1620 10 Great Grandfather, Elizabeth Lancaster b 1675 8 G Grandmother.

This site is a work in progress and I am attempting to figure out WHERE how I connect mulitple trees and families.  The tree goes back to 1300's, has 5119 persons and 1300+ families.  It captures 10-20 years of work of my mother, and various searches into the Web.  The LaFaver names goes back 12  generations, but my mothers Lacy family goes back more than 20 on maternal and paternal branches.  LaFaver goes through various spellings LeFabre, LaFavre and others.  Lacy is spelled many ways from Norman in France to England around 1100's.    Lacey, deLacey, deLasci are several views of last name; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Lacy .  I've recently found my ggggg grandfather's homestead was less than 8 miles from where I live today.  I have also begun to add my wife's family to the tree including Cuneo, Springli, Klocke, Pelley and Schmitt, 

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Aug 08, 2017
Cindy joined another family site: McCulley Web Site
July 24, 2017
Tim LaFaver updated the details of Betty Jo Lacy Archer (born Franklin) in family tree LaFaver_Cuneo 2016
July 11, 2017
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June 01, 2017
Tim LaFaver added Rose Shunneson , <Private> Shunneson and Anna Shunneson to family tree: Bennett
Tim LaFaver added source United States World War I Draft Registrations, 1917-1918 to family tree Bennett
Tim LaFaver added source 1940 United States Federal Census to family tree Bennett
Tim LaFaver added source Illinois Deaths, 1916 - 1950 to family tree Bennett
Tim LaFaver updated the details of Rose Shunneson , <Private> Shunneson , Anna Shunneson , John Shunneson and 9 other people in family tree Bennett
Tim LaFaver published a new version of the Bennett family tree from the Family Tree Builder
May 27, 2017
Tim LaFaver tagged Louie Philip Theis in 1 photos
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