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News articles
Local news:Morecraft Family Reunion 2013
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on June 25 2013 19:08

To interested persons; the Morecraft Family Reunion will be held on Sunday July 21, 2013 at 11:30 CST

Event will take place at Lincoln Trail State Park south of Marshall, IL., on Illinois RT. #1, the State Park is about six mile from Marshall with the turn off to the right. The Red Oak Shelter at the park has been reserved for the reunion.

Drinks, cups, plates, plastic silverware, and napkins will be provided. Bring your food basket, family pictures and all the family stories you can carry.

To the Indiana Morecraft families, its just a short drive, come meet the rest of the family.

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Announcements:Do you know?
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on Feb 20 2012 21:51

Julia ?

Who is our ancestor Julia, 2nd wife of Clark John Morecraft, mother of Israel and Joseph Morecraft?

The following information is listed in the hope that someone will have our needed answer and that we all will gain.

We know from the 1850 and 1860 census that Julia lived in the home of Joseph and Eliza after the death of John in 1847. By these same census Julia’s place of birth is listed as VA, in one census and VT, in the other census. No listing of Julia in the 1870 census is made giving rise to thinking that Julia died sometimes between 1860 and 1870. No head stone has been found for Julia. It has been presumed that she is buried beside John in Liberty Cemetery Clark Co., IL. There exists vacant ground on both sides of John graves and Julia could be occupying an unmarked grave on either side of John. It is possible that Julia is not buried beside John and could be buried with her maiden name family buried in some cemetery in Clark Co., IL.

Why did Julia decided not to reveal her maiden name or the correct place of birth. Just a result of the times? Could be, however, the maiden names of many women of those times are known giving rise to wondering why Julia’s maiden name is not known.

What do we know of Julia birth? We know she was born in 1788, because of the age listing in the 1850 the 1860 census.

It has been speculated that she is a daughter of Teunis Dolson. While possible, this speculation is no longer given the weight it once was given. It is known that Tenius Dolson died in the year 1799 in Tioga Co., NY.

It has been speculated that she is a daughter of Thomas and Sarah born Dolson Handy. Sarah Dolson is a daughter of Tenius Dolson, a sister to Stephen Dolson a son of Tenius. Stephen was born in 1769.

It has been speculated that she is a daughter of Thomas Layton and his wife who is unknown. Both families of Thomas Handy and Thomas Layton had females listed in census in the age group of Julia. In other words both families had females born around 1788.

Why have these speculations been made? First, Israel the oldest son of Clark John and Julia died in 1839 in the home of Stephen Dolson. Was Stephen related to Israel? We know that Clark John and Stephen Dolson were lifelong friends, meeting each other when Stephen was about sixteen years old and John was about twenty-two or twenty-three years of age. It must be taken into account that Stephen and John were good friends. Did this friendship account for Israel dying in Stephen’s home? This could be a reason particularly if Israel had a contagious disease and Israel was kept away from Joseph to protect Joseph and his parents.

Teunis Dolson, born 6 Oct 1735 Marlboro, NY., died 9 May 1799 in Tioga Co., NY

Sarah born Dolson daughter of Teunis was born in 1766 died 6 Dec 1858 in Fountain, IN. Sarah married Thomas Handy. Could she be Julia’s mother? Sarah would have been twenty-two years old in 1788. In the 1790 census Thomas and Sarah have two daughters. Understand that the ages of these daughters are not given. We just know that they were born before 1790 which means Julia could be one of these daughters.

Thomas Layton was born the 11th day of May 1765 in Morris Town, NJ. Thomas claims he served from Northampton Co., PA. He claims he moved in 1791 to New York State. He claims he lived there thirteen years and then he moved to Clark Co., IL. That would mean that he moved to IL in 1804. This information comes from the application for a Revolutionary War Pension.

The information given in the application does not line up with the census. In the 1810 census Thomas Layton is living in Elmira, Tioga, New York. The 1810 census lists a female child between the ages of 16 and 25. If this is Julia she would be 22 years of age. Also know that it was about 1810 when Clark John and 1st wife Hester born Jones parted. The 1820 census lists Thomas Layton and Thomas Handy as living in Union, Clark, Illinois.

In the 1800, 1810, 1820, census both Thomas Handy and Thomas Layton lived in the same towns in NY. In 1800 that was in Newtown, Tioga, NY. In 1810 both lived in Elmira, Tioga, NY. In 1820 both lived in Union, Clark, IL. Thomas Handy died in Clark Co., IL in the year 1824.

Being that both men lived for some twenty years in the same places, gives rise to the speculation that they were brother in laws both being married to Dolsons.

Clark John, Thomas Handy, and Thomas Layton all made applications for Revolutionary War Pensions while living in Clark Co., IL. Stephen Dolson gave application depositions for all three men. Thomas Layton also gave a deposition for Clark John when he made an application.

Clearly, Clark John, Thomas Handy, Thomas Layton, and Stephen Dolson knew each other well for many years both in Clark Co., IL and Tioga Co., NY.

It is possible that a descendant of one of these families could be holding the key to unlock the question, who really is Julia our ancestor.

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Announcements:Clark John and fiends
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on Jan 17 2012 12:56

I recently found information that interested me and decided to share as this information may lead to new information about our family.

In research it has been found that Stephen Dolson a friend of Clark John and one of the persons that testified for John in his 1837 application for a Revolutionary War Pension, this same Stephen Dolson also testified in applications for Thomas Handy, and Thomas Layton. It was further found that the families of Thomas Handy, Thomas Layton, and the Dolson families all moved to Clark County, IL before 1820 as supporting documents have been found.

Further, Clark John knew personally Thomas Handy and family, Thomas Layton and family, Stephen Dolson and family before entering Illinois in 1823. Clark John and the named families all lived in Tioga County, NY pior to moving to Clark Co, IL.

Thomas Handy married Sarah Dolson, a sister to Stephen Dolson. The marriage took place in Tioga Co., NY. Thomas Handy died in Clark Co, IL in 1824.

The death of Israel Morecraft son of Clark John and Julia in 1839 in Clark Co, IL took place in the home of Stephen Dolson.

Perhaps descendants of the listed families are holding key stories which could further unlock our Morecraft family past.

Thomas Layton also testified in the 1837 application for Clark John. His testimony contains information believed to be false as he says Clark John came to live in Tioga Co, NY about a year after he Thomas first lived in Tioga Co, in 1790. This would mean that Clark John moved to Tioga Co, NY in about 1791, which conflicts with the thought that Clark John first moved to Tioga Co, NY after 1810. This appears to be an attempt to hid the existence of the first family of Clark John and Hester born Jones in Ulster and Delaware Counties, NY.

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Important:2011 Morecraft reunion
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on May 21 2011 22:11

The 2011 Morecraft reunion will be held at the Mill Creek Park northwest of Marshall, IL on the 17th of July at 12:30 P.M.

Most know the park location; for those needing directions, please ask and directions will be provided.

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Announcements:Information about living members
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on Oct 24 2010 19:54

Please do know that only invited members to this website can view information about living members.

Although the website can be viewed by the general public at large, the general public cannot see the names, dates, or other information about living members.

The general public is restricted to seeing the last name only of a living person.

With the invitation to join this website being restricted to family members only, any information listed about a living person is restricted to those members only.

I feel that this arrangement allows for p...

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Important:Three more GREAT photos
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on Oct 24 2010 19:37

Patti Bartlett Russell has supplied three more photos of the early lives of Richard Austin Ogle and Nancy Victoria Morecraft Ogle.

It is great to have written record information about our family members and coupled with photos just makes our trip to the past so much more complete. Just a look upon their faces buys a ticket that transports you to the past.

Thanks Patti for sharing with us these great photos.

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Family stories:Finding the gold
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on Aug 28 2010 13:56

There have been two person that sent emails this week both descendants of John and Julia one through the line of John W. the other through the line of Nancy Victoria Morecraft.

A wealth of information has been shared by both persons for the enjoyment of all of us, Thanks so much.

Patti Bartlett Russell a descendant of Nancy Victoria Morecraft Ogle sent photos of the 1935 Morecraft reunion, and of Nancy Victoria, plus provided information about her family, Thanks so much your contributions added so much.

Diana S Morecraft widow of Kenneth Morecraft. Kenneth her husband is a descendant of Walter Bryant, John Ambrose, John W, Joseph Morecraft. Diana has provided information as to the identity of the mystery man, Israel Morecraft. I believed that that information was lost forever and we would never know this persons identity. Diana has also provided other information that makes this site more complete. Thanks Diana.

Both Patti and Diana has more information to share with us so please check back to learn more about your family history.

If you are setting on information about our family that other family members need or would like to know, please share your information, we are ready to look into our Morecraft Family Past.

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Genealogy:Another John Morecraft
Posted by: Donald Morecraft on June 17 2010 22:49

John Morecraft and his wife Alice both from Ireland entered our country sometimes just before 1850. This John I think has been confused with Clark County, IL John. They are of course two different people and could be related in the far distant past.

John and his wife had a large number of children with many still in the New Jersey area today. New Jersey is also home to Morecrafts that are not from either New Jersey John or Clark County, Il John. In the future more Morecraft families will be added so return for further news.

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