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Posted by: Marc Schudel on Mar 20 2014 08:12
Local News

Colorado Spelling Bee adds extra test in

quest to be letter-perfect

By Alison Noon
The Denver Post

The youngest finalist in the 74th annual state spelling bee left the written portion of the competition in tears.

Little did she know the other participants struggled, as well, and she would go on to place 20th out of 285 on Saturday at the Colorado Convention Center.

Returning participants said this year's bee was harder than ever.

For the first time, contestants were faced with a 15-word vocabulary test in addition to a written spelling exam before they could take part in the oral competition.

Just 34 of the pre-qualified spellers passed those 8:30 a.m. tests at the convention center.

Last year, with no vocabulary test, 40 of 245 kids made it past the written spelling exam. The written spelling test, which was 50 words long in 2013, was cut to 30 words this year.

Cheyenne Trujillo, an 8-year-old three grades behind the next-youngest finalist, said she was surprised to finish 20th, not because she's in third grade but because definitions are harder to memorize than spellings and word roots.

A multiple-choice vocabulary test was added last year to the Scripps National Spelling Bee after the Colorado bee had taken place. Since then, organizers of state bees have included the new portion of the pre-qualifying exam, said Carol Cline, project manager of the Colorado bee.

The written portion failed to trip up Alex Jurich, 13, who won first place in Round 31 on the word "diptych."

Alex, an eighth-grader at Denver's Hamilton Middle School, defeated Roshini Narayanan, also 13, after four rounds in which either speller had the opportunity to grab the championship. Cline said it had been several years since the Colorado bee had seen such excitement.

In the end, Alex missed a total of two words. Roshini missed four.

It was Alex's third year competing in the statewide bee. He placed 15th as a sixth-grader and third last year.

His twin sister, Evie, was all smiles after Alex grabbed the title. She also made it to the finals and will help her brother study for the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which begins May 25 in Washington, D.C.

"I'm just going to try to memorize anything in the dictionary I can," Alex said with a subtle, confident smile.

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Family stories:RAN AWAY TWICE by Randall Wayne Weber
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Nov 12 2013 14:48

Ran-A-Way Twice!
written by
Randall Wayne Weber
This is the story of my Mother and Father’s marriage June 2, 1926. Both were raised about three miles from each other, in about the center of a triangle formed by Rush Hill, Benton City and Martinsburg in Audrain County. They were in the same grade and went to Eureka grade school, on the SW corner of Highway 54 and the Rush Hill road. My dad only went through 8th grade, then “farmed” with his dad, Grover Weber. Mom went on to high school in Rush Hill. If the students wanted a high school diploma, they had to come in to Mexico, Missouri for their senior year. So her parents found her a place to live and go to school for her senior year, and she received her diploma as a high school graduate. Then she went to a short course in ‘teacher training’ and she taught at the Eureka school that she had attended on Highway 54. She and my dad started dating and wanted to get married. Her father, Willie T. (‘Steig’) Mills, was definitely against her ‘getting married.’ She was an only child, and only 19, so he gave her a firm ‘No!’ Mabel’s mother, Bernadean, was not as adamant as ‘Steig’, but he made all the final decisions. So, they eloped. They ran off to Bowling Green, Missouri and got married. They were both 19. This was the first run-a-way. ‘Steig’ was boiling mad when he heard what had happened, and he told everyone that he was going to have the marriage annulled as soon as they returned home! But their friends got to them first and told them, “Don’t go home to Mabel’s, because Steig was very angry and was going to have the marriage annulled.” So, off they go to Kansas City where Mabel had a ‘favorite Aunt,’ Mary, one of her mother’s sisters. I remember Aunt Mary very well because she would come to visit my mom when I was in grade school. They stayed in Kansas City with Aunt Mary for about a week. They then learned some way, that ‘Steig’ had “cooled off,” and that it might be safe to come back home! The story has a happy ending. I know I have a picture somewhere of Steig holding little tiny E.M., and he looks very happy! When I find it, I’ll put it on email to all.
Here’s some statistics that you might want to save: Willie T. (‘Steig’) Mills 1874 – 1936 Bernadean (Benus) Mills 1878 – 1929 parents of Mabel (Mills) Weber 1907 – 1971, who married Randall Mitchell Weber 1906-1974
Parents of E.M. and Randall Wayne Weber.
Written November 5, 2013.

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Genealogy:Our Spencer Heritage
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Oct 7 2013 17:16

Have recently focused on researching our "Spencer" ancestors and it has been fun and interesting. Our great-grandfather, Bainbridge Gillingham (1886-1886), of course, was married to Juliett Russell (1823-1912). Her father was Professor John Russell (1793-1863), and her mother was Laura Ann Spencer. Both our direct Russell and Spencer ancestors have been very prominent in English history, and both families are traced back to France prior to the Norman Conquest in 1066. In the "Tree", I have now included our direct ancestors from you, through Mattie Gillingham Schudel, and our Gilingham cousins to Mattie's great-grandmother, Laura Ann Spencer, on back to Robert Le DeSpencer, born about 1040, and who fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.

One of our notable direct ancestors in this line was Henry G. Spencer (1392-1476). Henry had four sons.. Through those sons, Henry is a direct ancestor not only to you, but also to five U.S. Pres...

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Family stories:Thomas Simpson Tatman killed by Frank Painter
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Sep 10 2010 09:37
Hello, I'm Dan Chambers. I'm Tom Tatman's great great grandson. Tom had a son named Tom (great grandfather), who had a son named Paul (grandfather) who had daughter named Mary (mother). Your mothers story is not too far from the truth. I've got a detailed written account of what happened somewhere I'll have to dig out. Basically, Tom and his son-in-law were having an arguement. A guy named Frank Painter, local drunken hothead, began to interfere with their arugment. Tom's son-in-law started to get in to it with Painter. Tom pulled his son-in-law off Painter and they began to walk away. It was at that time that Painter pulled a gun and shot Tom. He died almost instantly. The bullet hit his heart. Painter did spend some time in prison for that. Came back to Walkerville, where the murder occurred, and I believe murdered again. Spent more time in prison. Then came back to Walkerville again. Back to his old tricks of drinking and fighting, he messed with the wrong guy. I don't recall the circumstances of what lead to the gun fight, but Frank had his head shot almost completely off by a shot gun at close range. Frank was a troubled soul that brought the entire town down w/him, and unfortunately our mutual decendant.
Anyways, I'm in Kirkland, IL. I'm 32, married and have a 10 month old daughter. Both my parents are still around, but all my Tatman relatives have mostly passed on. Those who remain I am not in touch with. My mom does have a sister that's in the area that I see quite often. What about you, where are you at? What can you tell me about yourself?
Best regards,
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Genealogy:Bainbridge Gillingham bio
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Aug 1 2010 17:19

BAINBRIDGE GILLINGHAM, one of Walkerville's most prominent citizens, is a native of Merrimac county, N.H., having been born there on the 15th of September, 1826, his parents being James and Elizabeth (Lane) Gillingham, both of whom were natives of the same state. Bainbridge was reared to agricultural pursuits in his native state, where he remained until coming to Illinois in 1849. At that time, he located in Greene county, buying land upon which he now resides, on section 23, Walkerville Township. He was united in marriage, in this county, on the 22d day of Jan, 1857, with Mrs. Juliet A. E. Tilden, widow of Alfred Tilden, and daughter of John and Laura (Spencer) Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Gillingham have been blessed with two children - Willis, who married Elizabeth Tatman, and now resides in this township; and Daisy Josephine, the wife of Dr. G. W. Ross, of Carrollton. Mrs. Gillingham has, by her first marriage, four children living - Charlotte S., wife of L. B. Ric...

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Genealogy:From census of Dayton Cemetery, Greene County, Illinois
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Aug 1 2010 06:35
Below is a copy of part of the census done of the Dayton cemetery:
Dayton Cemetery
Woodville Township - Greene County, IllinoisDayton Cemetery is in Woodville Township, midway between the Illinois River and Witaschek Mound, which at 680 feet is the highest point in Greene County. The cemetery is on the east side of a good road and on the north side of a creek. This listing included only a small portion of the burials that are known to have been made in Dayton Cemetery.

Location: Section 9 (southwest quarter), Township 9 North, Range 13 West, 3PM.

SCHUDEL, Alice (Davidson) - (Obit)17 Aug 18658 Apr 1944Wife of Frederick schudel; Dau of R. & L. Davidson
SCHUDEL, Clifton R.188928 Nov 1974
SCHUDEL, Frederic18621908
SCHUDEL, Josie189122 Nov 1937
SCHUDEL, Margaret I. - (Obit)2 Oct 19071 May 2003
SCHUDEL, Walter L. - (Obit)27 May 19123 Mar 2002
SCHUDLE, Edith G.19 Feb 189013 Jan 1895
SCHUDLE, Elizabeth N.22 Feb 18781y4mDau of M. & M.J. Schudle
SCHUDLE, Gracie Pearl27 Feb 188720 Jun 1887Dau of M.L. & S. Schudle
SCHUDLE, Infant6 Aug 1880Dau of M.L. & S. Schudle
SCHUDLE, Infant Son19 Nov 1893
SCHUDLE, Marcus L.18611919
SCHUDLE, Sarah Campbell18611899Wife of Marcus L. Schudle

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Genealogy:on Marcus Schudel(s) - from Joannes on down...
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Aug 1 2010 06:34
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: Re: John & Marcus Schudel

Thank you for the information! Sadly, I am not more up on the details of the family. I remember that my grandather said we were related to the Schudels in Decatur, and he mentioned the laundry specifically. I do not recognize the names of Phillip and Henry. I will check among some things of my father, put away, and see if I can find more about my great-grandfather, Marcus. I do think I can find his birth year and that might give a better clue. My father, who was born in 1909 said that his grandfather died when he was about 10 years old. I do have a large picture of him. His age may give a clue if he was John's brother, or perhaps the first Marcus' son. Have to go for now but more later. Thx, Mike!
Marc Schudel
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 3:23 PM
Subject: Re: John & Marcus Schudel

Thanks for the response.
Take your time getting back to me. If I think of anything else I will let you know. I am just happy to find out that you are related to the Schudels in Decatur. The fact that your grandfather mentioned the laundry business is also confirmation, in my mind, that we are distant relatives. I love this stuff!!
Talk to you later. Take it easy.
Unfortunately, have not followed up more on this. But I do have some information written down on our Grand-mother Schudel's family (Gillingham-Tatman, et al.). Will get that dug out soon.
The children of Johanne and Anna's son, Marcus Schudel, who is said to have been age 23 in 1854, reportedly had four children: Phillip, Henry, Marcus, and Frederick. This son Marcus, may be our great-grandfather, the father of Claude (our grandfather) but that is not confirmed by me. Our great-grandfather, Marcus, was born in 1861. His wife was Sarah Campbell. My Dad and Grandpa (Claude) told me that great-grandpa had a brother named Frederick. There are a number of Schudel's buried at the Dayton Cemeter, near Eldred, IL.
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Genealogy:Mike's info on John Schudel (son of Johannes & Anna)
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Aug 1 2010 06:31
Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 9:58 PM
Subject: Re: John & Marcus Schudel

Thank you for responding!!!
I have only been doing this genealogy stuff for a few years, but I have been pretty serious about it for the last year or so. I am really hoping that your Schudel family is the branch that I have been looking for. There seems to be a lot of similar detail about our ancestors. Let me go through a few things and ask you a few questions. I'm sorry if this gets a bit jumbled, but here goes.
Okay... John was my g g grandfather and he was about ten when he came over from Switzerland with his parents and one brother. The only brother that I know of was Marcus, so I believe that he was the brother that came over. I do know that John also had one sister named Anna Marie, but she died at a young age (well before the move to the U.S.) You mentioned that your Marcus had a brother John and a brother Fred. It is very possible that there was a Fred in my branch as well. It is a very common name in that part of my family, and it may very well be true that I just don't have this Fred in my records yet.
You mentioned a Claude, Luther, and Ethel Schudel. I don't not have those names in my data base, but this is probably due to the fact that my knowledge of Marcus and his descendants is very limited. This is all I know about the Marcus Schudel in my family... THIS IS THE BIG PART!! Because I am really hoping that you know these names. The children of Marcus Schudel: Phillip, Henry, Marcus, Frederick.
If you have any information or questions, I can't wait to hear them. I can get more into John's children, grandchildren, etc. if that might help make a connection. Hope to hear from you soon.
-Mike Schudel
P.S. The information I got about the Schudel family's move from Switzerland and the ship wreck in the Gulf of Mexico was written in a Decatur, IL
newspaper article about John Schudel (my g g granfather) when he died in 1917. I guess it was an obituary, but it seemed a bit more detailed than
your regular obituary. Here is the full article:
Resident of Macon County For 50 Years Succumbs After Brief Illness
"John Schudel, aged 73 years, for more than 50 years a resident of Macon County, died in his home, 1265 West Decatur Street, Friday morning about 2:40 o'clock, following a short illness of Bright's disease. Mr. Schudel was taken seriously ill last February but gradually improved and until a few days ago was able to be up.
Several days ago he became ill and since Wednesday his condition was regarded as critical.
Celebrated 50th Anniversary
On Sept. 19, Mr. and Mrs. Schudel celebrated their 50th weddin g anniversary, with eight children and 13 grand children present. There has never been a death among the children and grandchildren.
Mr. Schudel was born Oct. 24, 1844, in Begignen, Schaufausen anton, Switzerland. When 10 years of age, he accompanied his parents and one brother to America. It was the intention of the elder Mr. Schudel to settle in South America but the ship on which they were traveling was wrecked in the Gulf of Mexico.
Hearing of the advantages offered in the central part of the United States, the family moved to Illinois, settling in Montgomery county shortly afterward, living near Boody.
In Missouri Schools
John Schudel was sent to school near Warrington, Mo., where he met Miss Elizabeth Seng, of near Washington, Ill., who was also attending school at Warrington. They were married Sept. 19, 1967, and made their home in Macon, where they lived for 40 years. Mr. Schud el was in general merchandising business in Macon during the greater part of the time. T.C. Schudel started the laundry business in a small way here about ten years ago.
Mr. Schudel was a member of the board of supervisors when the courthouse was built.
Four Sons and Four Daughters
Besides his wife, Mr. Schudel leaves four sons, R.K. Schudel, T.C. Schudel, B.A. Schudel and J.F. Schudel, all of Decatur, and four daughters, Miss Evelyn, of Decatur; Mrs. L.E. Smith and Mrs. A.L. Fleming of Redmond, Ore., and Mrs. J.E. Madden of Decatur.
The funeral will be conducted in the residence, Sunday morning and the body will be taken to Macon for burial. Friends may view the body after 2 o'clock, this afternoon.
Landry Closed
The laundry will be closed to.... after 9 o'clock, one employee....there until that time to give....work that is called for." &nbs p;
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Genealogy:Marc's reply to Mike re Johanne & Anna
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Aug 1 2010 06:15
(Gary - Immediately below is my response to Mike Schudel - which was in 2005...)
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 5:13 PM
Subject: John & Marcus Schudel

My name is Marcus Schudel (Marc). I accidentally ran across some email you had exchanged with Janet Price, last year, and noted your grandfather, John, had a brother named Marcus, and that they had settled in Illinois. I knew my family came from somewhere in or near Switzerland, but did not know where, nor exactly what year.
Your story is fascinating about the capsizing in the Gulf of Mexico, in 1854, which brought John, Marcus, and their parents Johanne and Anna to Illinois rather than to South America, where they were headed.
My father and my great-grandfather were both Marcus Schudel. My great grandfather Marcus lived in Illinois. He was killed about 1919 when a thrashing machine tipped over on him near Kampsville, Illinois. He is buried at the Dayton Cemetery near Eldred, Illinois. My understanding is he had two brothers, at least, John and Fred, but that is not confirmed. There is a Fred Schudel, as well as Walter and Clifton buried at the Dayton Cemetary.
Chidren of Marcus, who was born in 1861, were my grandfather, Claude Schudel (1885-1954), his brother, Luther Schudel, and sister Ethel Schudel Kinzer (or Kinser). Ethel's husband was Paul Kinser and thet resided in Illinois.
I reside in Birmingham, Alabama. I moved here in 1979 from Michigan, where I grew up. My parents grew up in Missouri where Claude was a veternarian. I was born in 1939. I have 3 wonderful sisters who will love this story!
I also just saw on-line another "Marc Schudel" at a Parkland College, Indiana website. For the first time, I put "Schudel" in the Ask Jeeves search box and there is all kinds of interesting information.
My email is mschu@sprynet.com. Hope to hear from you sometime. Will share what I know (though it is not a lot.) More later.
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Genealogy:Schudel Roots - Beggingen, Schaffhasen, Switzerland
Posted by: Marc Schudel on Aug 1 2010 05:52
(Gary - This was the first I found, which was written by Mike Schudel, who resides in Illinois and is a descendant of Johannes and Anna's son, John, noted below...)

"In 1854, my great-great-great grandparents Johannes Schudel and Anna (nee Pletscher) Schudel left their hometown of Beggingen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland for the America's. They left with their two sons: Marcus, age 23 and John, age 10. (They had a daughter named Anna Marie in 1827, but she passed away at a very young age).

It is not known why the Schudels left Switzerland, but according to an obituary written years later, they were destined for South America when their ship encountered a storm and was blown into the Gulf of Mexico. Upon landing in the southern United States, Johannes learned of the fertile prairie of Illinois. The family traveled up the Mississippi River to the Illinois River and into Montgomery County, Illinois. They soon settled in Macon County near Boody, Illinois. The family lived in Macon County for years.

Very little is known about the deaths of Johannes and Anna Schudel. Anna passed away sometime in the 1870 s and Johannes followed her in death sometime in the 1880s.

We also know little about the life of Johannes and Anna's older son Marcus. Their younger son John married Elizabeth Seng in 1867. John and Elizabeth had eight children together, four girls and four boys. They raised their children in Macon, Illinois where John ran a mercantile store. All eight children would grow into adulthood and have successful lives as educators and businessmen. Two of their daughters, Carrie and Anna, married and both moved to Oregon. The other four lived their entire lives in central Illinois. In 1910 Bismark, Tunis and John started a laundry service called Schudel Bros. in Decatur. It eventually became the largest laundry in the area. They catered to restaurants, hotels, and residents of Decatur as well as several surrounding towns. Robert, Lizzie, and Evelyn all worked as school teachers. Robert would also go on to become a prominent Decatur businessman as department manager of Gebh art-Gushard company after serving as principal of the Blue Mound High School in Blue Mound, Illinois."
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