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News articles
Family stories:Alpin II of Dalriada
Posted by: pamela winters on Sep 19 2010 21:48
Name Alpin II of Dalriada
Birth abt 778, Kintyre, Argyle, Scotland
Death 20 Jul 834, Galloway, Scotland
Father Eochaid IV “The Venomous” , King of Dalriada (~750-839)
Mother Urgusia ingen Fergusa of Dalriada (~755-)
Misc. Notes
Alpin II of Dalriada, also known as Alpin mac Eochaid was the father of
Kenneth I of Scotland and Donald I of Scotland who united the Kingdom of
the Scots and the Picts.
Little is known about Alpin other than that his father was Eochaid IV of
Dalriada, who has been called in some accounts the King "of Scotland".
This title was probably a ceremonial one.
He married a Scottish princess, who name is now no longer known, and had
two sons by her.
Alpin was certainly dead by 840, when his son, Kenneth, took the kingship
of Dalriada. A late source states that he died in 834 fighting the Picts in
Galloway. He did not succeed to the kingship.
Children Kenneth I (~810-859)
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Family stories:Aedan, King of Dalriada
Posted by: pamela winters on Sep 19 2010 21:46
Name Aedan, King of Dalriada
Birth abt 535
Death abt 608
Father Gabhran , King of Dalriada (~500-558)
Misc. Notes
Aedan (or Aiden) (Scottish Gaelic: Áedán mac Gabráin) was king of Dál
Riata from about 574 to 606/608 and was allegedly over 70 at his death. He
was the son of Gabhran, king of Dál Riata, and became king after the death
of his kinsman, Conall, when he was crowned at Iona by Saint Columba. He
refused to allow his kingdom to remain dependent on Irish Dál Riata, but
coming into collision with his southern neighbours he led a large force
against Æthelfrith of Northumbria, and was defeated at the battle of
Degsastan, perhaps in Liddesdale.
Children Eochaid I Buide (-629)
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Family stories:Aed Find “the White” , King of Dalriada
Posted by: pamela winters on Sep 19 2010 21:44
Name Aed Find “the White” , King of Dalriada
Death 778
Father Eochaid III , King of Dalriada (-733)
Mother Spondan
Misc. Notes
Aed of Dalriada “the White” (Scottish Gaelic: Áed Find or Aodh Airgneach)
was king of Dál Riata (modern western Scotland) from about 739 until 778.
He was the son of Eochaid mac Eochada, king of Dál Riata, and his wife,
Spondan. He was married to Fergina, a possible daughter of Caustantín,
king of Fortriu, and by her had Eochaid IV.
The Annals of Ulster report a battle in 768 between Aed and the Pictish
king, Ciniod, in Fortriu.
Children Eochaid IV “The Venomous” (~750-839
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Family stories:Battle of Mag Mucrama - Ireland's Early Kings
Posted by: pamela winters on Sep 19 2010 21:40

Cath Maige Mucrama

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Cath Maige Mucrama (in English the Battle of Mag Mucrama), is an early Middle Irish language tale which forms part of the Cycles of the Kings.


The cast includes several major figures from Irish pseudo-history, Ailill Aulom, his son Éogan Mór and his step- and foster-son Mac Con, along with the King of TaraArt mac Cuinn. Mag Mucrama, the plain of the counting of the pigs, was in Connacht, in the region of Athenry, County Galway. A tradition or folk etymology, in Irish dindshenchas, has it that the plain was named for the magical pigs which infested it until banished by Queen Medb of Connacht.[1]

Mac Con, exiled from Ireland, returns with the aid of the king of Britain, along with an army of Britons and Saxons, and conquers Ireland as far as Connacht where Éogan, with the help of Art mac Cuinn, plans to fight. The night before the battle Éogan and Art sleep with their hosts' daughters, conceiving the sons who will succeed them, Fiachu Muillethan in Éogan's case and Cormac mac Airt in Art's. Both Éogan and Art, as is foreseen, die in the battle at Mag Mucrama, and Mac Con becomes king of Tara.[2]

Mac Con takes Cormac mac Airt as his foster son, and rules for seven years. He then pronounces a false judgement, showing that he is unfit to rule, while Cormac gives a right judgment, showing that he is the stuff of kings. Disasters ensue—"no grass came through the earth, nor leaf on tree, nor grain in corn" says the story—and Mac Con is deposed and Cormac made king in his place. Mac Con travels to Ailill's court, where his foster-mother warns him that he is in peril. When Ailill embraces Mac Con he bites him with his poison tooth, wounding Mac Con, who flees but is killed by one of Ailill's warriors.[2]


The earliest surviving manuscript containing the tale is in the Book of Leinster, dated to the middle 12th century. The most recent translator dates the tale in that form to the 9th century.[3]

The purpose of the tale is presumed to have been political, to explain, and to justify, how it came about that the descendants of Art, that is the Connachta, and of Éogan, the Eóganachta, occupied the leading political positions in Ireland—the Connachta and their offshoot the Uí Néill provided the High King of Ireland and the King of Connacht, the Eóganachta the King of Munster—when their ancestral figures had been defeated by Mac Con, whose own descendants the Corcu Loígde were no longer a force after the 7th century. As such it forms part of the common origin legends of the Uí Néill and the Eóganachta.[4] Mac Con belonged to the ancient Dáirine, who were cousins of the Ulaid. The ancestors of the Eóganachta are known as the Deirgtine.

Editions, translations, and adaptions

The Battle of Mag Mucrama has been translated by Whitley Stokes ("The Battle of Mag Mucrime", Revue Celtique, 13, 1892), by Standish O'Grady (included in Silva Gaedelica, 2 volumes, 1892) and by M. O'Daly in Cath Maige Mucrama: The Battle of Mag Mucrama (1975).[1] A modernization into modern Irish was published by Peadar Ua Laoghaire in 1917 as Lughaidh Mac Con.[5]


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  4. ^ Byrne, Irish Kings, pp. 66, 202 & 236–237; Charles-Edwards, Early Christian Ireland, pp. 481, 489–490 & 580–583; MacKillop, Dictionary, "Conmac", "Conmaicne" & "Lugaid mac Con".

  5. ^Lughaidh Mac Con (1917) at archive.org


External links

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cath_Maige_Mucrama"

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Obituaries:Candace Gay Winters Kirby Obituary
Posted by: pamela winters on Sep 19 2010 21:33

Obituary Candace G Kirby

Candace “Candi” Gay Winters Kirby, 46, of 47th St., Vienna, died June 11, 2002, at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital after battling breast cancer since 1988.

She was born Nov. 9, 1955, in Parkersburg, a daughter of Nancy Lou Harper Winters and the late John Herbert Winters, Sr. She was the youngest of nine children.

She was a graduate of PHS in 1974 and Parkersburg Community College in 1976. She worked for Mike Broadwater Insurance Co for 14 years.

She was a member of the local board for the American Cancer Society where she was a strong supporter and inspiration to many cancer victims.

She was a member of the North End Church of Christ. Because of her love for God, she spent her life sharing God's Word with others in teaching ladies Bible classes, home Bible studies and serving others at every opportunity. Candi's family was important to her. She was a loving and devoted wife, mother and grandmother.

She is survived by her husband of 28 years, Robert E Kirby of Vienna; a son, Gabriel Kirby of Noblesville, IN; a daughter and son-in-law, April and Ben Atkinson of Vienna; and two grandchildren, Alecia and Benjamin Atkinson of Vienna.

She is also survived by her mother, Nancy Winters, and mother-in-law, Joann Newberry Kirby, both of Parkersburg; four brothers and sisters-in-law, Richard and Barbara Winters, Jerry and Sharon Winters, Gary and Cindy Winters and Kenneth and Diana Winters; three sisters and brothers-in-law, Sabra and Roy VanFossen, Pam and Stan Jenkins, Debra and John Brown, one sister-in-law, Peggy Winters Seidl; and one brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Rodney and Marilyn Kirby; several nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her father, John Herbert Winters, Sr, and her brother, John Herbert Winters, Jr.

Funeral services will be Saturday 10 a m at the North End Church of Christ, 1301 West Virginia Avenue, Evangelists Eddie Cooper, Tim Hatfield and Jerry Dyer officiating. Interment will follow at Evergreen North Cemetery. Visitation will be from 2-4 and 6-9 p.m. Friday at the Leavitt Funeral Home, Parkersburg. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society, PO Box 4451, 3901 Briscoe Rd., Parkersburg, WV 26104.

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Family stories:John Herbert Winters
Posted by: pamela winters on Sep 19 2010 21:31
John Herbert Winters was born March 4, 1913, in Logan, Logan
County, West Virginia. He married Kathryn Arix from
Branchland, near Sheridan, WV, about 1931. They had five
children while living in Logan County: Richard Donovan, John
Herbert, Jr., Sabra Kay, Ralph Jerry, and Charles Gary.
Herb worked for the Appalachian Electric Power Company while
living in Logan. Katherine became ill with tuberculosis, and they
moved to Phoenix, Arizona, hoping the warm climate would help
her recover. However, she died in February, 1947, and her body
was brought back to Herb's parents' home for the viewing and
Their children were still very young. Dick was 14, Johnny 11,
Sabra 9, Jerry and Gary 4.
Herb married Nancy Lou Harper on August 6, 1947, and they
lived in Parkersburg, WV. They moved to Vienna, WV, in January
of 1951. They later moved back to Parkersburg. They had four
children: Pamela Lynn, Kenneth Ray, Debra Diann, and Candace
For many years, until their deaths, Herb and Nancy had an
annual family reunion in Parkersburg, WV, each July.
Herb died on January 13, 1994, of heart failure.
Nancy remarried, to William Buckley, on October 12, 2002.
Nancy died on June 1, 2004, of mesothelioma (a cancer caused
by asbestos).
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