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Text:"...1964 CHAMPION TOURIST TOWN VOL. LXXV-NO. 152®lhomas;uílle ®ímeá-fnterprtóe TEL 226-2400-P.O. ©O 31792 THOMASVILU, «K»«fA, TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 2S, 1964 DAII.T EXCBFT tUNDAV ü m conNEWS..."
Date:June 23 1964
Publication:Thomasville, Georgia, United States of America
Text:"...Friday, January 2, 1931 37 O_ ÄÄ ^ _ Ä _ ÄM m m m M m ItiStation — N-A-T«Q«M*ABroadcasting Health and Happiness M m m m m O Milk and Health are inseparable. m M The U. S. Government say..."
Date:Jan 2 1931
Publication:Oak Park, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"... 4k Ce: Bate vowii’ 5Bm »mme ft«a BAaon............... n«.a ì S '*' O. Rew*. e^ U DewakMB, mi eU .. LMrf Vétmm nìureld «eas 1. fSS¿' M .o._ Date tt laeae^ Jaa. Favor Bate eeat: tTM.«« *8*866001 ‘«ä..."
Date:Jan 19 1933
Publication:Delphi, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"..., minister _ Sunday school at 10:00 a. m. Divine worship at 11:00 a. m. Methodist Youth Fellowship will not meet this Sunday at thö usual [time T^tiwa ^irlll O /lictT^i/*!- /i/vn- Mrs. W. J. Pollock and Mrs..."
Date:Apr 22 1948
Publication:Pocahontas, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"...^ E^ui....Tender fcr YeUow Pme By order of tie^^^^ secretory. East Indian Railway-hou^, AldOTim'^^, New Broad-5ts«3t, London, May 14,18^ M FFÊRtIyR, TB^DEGAR, and ABER. Në^CE IS HErÄ^kÄ^^O^ MEETING..."
Date:May 21 1863
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:".... i i’j. - 1 1 1 ;u ‘ ’i U: .';i :¡i.' A/: Ï oia..vM- ' ■ ( - iMa i-;i) 'i oi-i:.s :;í;I J'.VI )'!!!■-: T Ull’S. ll‘'l.I.AN . NolliSi lo s ,M.\. .O; .' t.\\ I ¡..'.aa.AN!'. .l-.i.v ' s\vn'/;: .i v..."
Date:June 21 1899
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... I ? m S Quart jar PICKLES 3-Jh'. bucket Pure COFFEEUÏJC PRUNES 5 lbs. . » * ens- HMH V2 o H -M »A T í* fe. £0 -«fe, * ^v r-'"' Ve. fi; X •S «f.* t- 'W fem/;* "f li&*' O rfOSfi* Vees* LO..."
Date:Mar 12 1931
Publication:Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States of America
Text:"...^m XjxxxixxstoxL, 45 A 47 JarkNon iitrret, 1(V23,2WCmOAO-Q THE LINDA TOILET MASK And Face Beautifler. -I CO CD t^è KÄ^-O UJt-l' Xn q: TUTT'S PILLS v^Bsmmmummm INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN ANIr THE AFFLICTED..."
Date:Nov 5 1879
Publication:Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Text:".... -MiftS fvcry . ítlíBjr. Oñíí-t-rí: P. M. W.—W Myer?: 5Î W t PChsw!^«!«; K—J M !««: O_.Î H Mtîth: : -.1 I Wniïîain Fin—lî -T Sin^ter: U—W A iTç«: K«!!—W !» Bnwn; I W—,T T l-ewis; I, O. O. r.—Meets every..."
Date:Dec 25 1896
Publication:Poseyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"....H............... W.O.Beid.Beq Capt. B. O. Aneten ... Cant. 8.__B. Bennetk CAoatro-Bangarlan ^^Ara^r)jv •• • • Fer tbe Bank cl Em-land: X Harri«. Bea............. —Bovcll, Esq —cISK^!^^, ! —WilUam», Beò. »?:- O. 8 g..."
Date:Mar 23 1879
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... know.~Brook- 1 «rv^ T { Wh»t She Stood On. Lady (on leaving a crowded car)— Well, I'm glad to get oMtof this crowd. !t___ X . -A._______ -_n ..t ^ imwear tue onena- - ' a».fil «O WttV. il. mut; uuiii..."
Date:Oct 21 1893
Publication:Biloxi, Mississippi, United States of America
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Text:"... gical instrument maker*.. J. Durham, brewers..S. Dunn and I. pie, Mnen manufacturers.. R. Geake md Co. mwset, upholsterers.. J. Shmpart and Co- STiwI w. Kay, Manchester, pMKsr ma-O Stoē swd Dawson..."
Date:Feb 12 1838
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"...k.Ä-' ♦ • • O Newsy Notes From Your MARSHALL PLAYGROUNDS News Notes From Playgrounds Gordon Last 994. Week’s Attendance — This week on the playground the activity was highlighted by three tournaments..."
Date:Aug 3 1967
Publication:Marshall, Michigan, United States of America
Text:"...;traws. $-|98 to $^98 STETSON STRAWS $7.50 to $15.00 SHARPE DRY GOODS COMPANY Í BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Attaboy, Ole! THtSt VtVVPiS WihKA SO'fcS'. \V,\V^E 6000 By Edgar Martii \ KÄ.O'ü? VÄ.NSO Of SÒCV\ ^ -WWKXái WP..."
Date:Apr 26 1946
Publication:Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States of America
Text:"... OBA^^ lao ....J. A Kit: UwwKwkat. '.KÄ-O:: . sSsr. . Mbr f«SATE MmWYgMlWT! WALLACE'S 'GRATE COMBINATION, ratMted Wot. lath, lte7. This Grated be Seen at the Store o\ WALLACE ft (¡[0., Wo. M JefllaraMi..."
Date:Jan 7 1868
Publication:New Albany, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... with a The group Pa^commander. Robert Shuck: lieutenant ^ • ¡s£ng carols Mine«. Nortr,^ «« «-«O '« Abbott: assistant record Veep- Trvfy... A Mmfi mi SCOUT rrontitr COLf 49.àÔ membm and 2 guests by Mrs. M« 1? n Aht..."
Date:Dec 6 1958
Publication:Findlay, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"...©]! ®î? BlSEDSAä ' Ü'Pstooborfb, April 24. Sfco fon^cTÎ^ esaoare lao bsaa psomuigatsa the I^Gojej^ytbs ®ea¿J^£'bQvíag;rec3Í7ed detailed repoifej Kä^^O^Jfcj.säiÜfeay^ bcqpitol of Simpbe?opo|, oad îiovîag..."
Date:May 11 1856
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"...>«twr «Two Wash & ^ Spmds »Gtriti» Woíh SytSns «too Kirnt Opüon Whiri^MoM DÜ74MZS ima .7 Cyd« O^ iora inctoms t Aè«o«wS: CfVim. 'tiduvn ivT>»-Coor SSrtrwor» iosat »Sm» O^jipoaar •Pu-c^sn-Saoai«.. Ov..."
Date:Oct 21 1988
Publication:Blytheville, Arkansas, United States of America