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Text:".... WITNESS my official signature and the of the County this (Seal) STATE OF IOWA County Auditor. gf, o hereby certify that 1 XSdfc'r of" 'cSuSfW'ffi according to the official records of said County IrTnry..."
Date:Dec 12 1974
Publication:Lime Springs, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... Big Racaa h sad la»M»d his naMli|iagaa^ Xs»dfc ShetBdd* Naarcastlej Ban ISS pn smm M IL I aad MaasBaBM* I «We tepa to he aMa to fly two! HatshSkava VMrUppeiilp? I Fly tag Il te MM Hank T Rn M Telata..."
Date:Feb 16 1949
Publication:El Paso, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...(-SECRET OP MY SUOCEM" (POIS) S( H / ! H ; 1 A S 1 l A' INA l'i ' ' ' '-BEVERLY HILLS cop ir (R)-SECRET OP MY SUCCESS" (P013) 7:1«, 040 Xs=dfc= nllfllflffltar IN PARKING STRUCTURE •JIM VARNEY« "..."
Date:June 1 1987
Publication:Santa Ana, California, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...n XSDfC9Xt PLATE I.- MRS. SIDDONS. (Frontispiece) This famous portrait of Mrs. Siddons was painted in 1784. It is one of the chief ornaments in the National Gallery, London. It represents..."
Date:Between 1727 and 1909
Publication place:London, England
Australian Newspapers
Text:"... and Sittannnli SiAardtm, tot fighting iu Morphettstreet, were fined 10s. each. Margaret Xsdfc was fined Ms. for drrnikwmingt, David Ferymuon, gardener, was charged by Ifytr itay with using obscene, threatening..."
Publication:May 16 1872 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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