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Text:"... AmiMCES Furnished or CRYPTOGRAM by Viokt Gaffney XEXEY OXES YEXTJ IXON ID YOXES'T ETSt'DY YOXES'T SIXOX SEXEY. Yesterday's cryptogram: Any pozsfos bard to do when ryw. about..."
Date:Jan 9 1969
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"... mttter oa raih.Ht wiB bt wriebed or tbe Best thirty days te 4x of Uke next oar yean' com. a. C. tarfel! "t. oot etnjtMrfett Iftr dollar oa atrti Nttjoctl of Lbit dty, arc ia cu. Ditappearuee el Xexey. I..."
Date:May 11 1877
Publication:Kennebec, Maine, United States of America
Text:"..., howe\-'er, Taube mysterious ly disappeared. So did Meyer Slut sky and two other lesser stool pigeons. Kone has been seen since. Ma-pocha Acuna, a Chilean, and Harry Xexey,jD,alh.,,imile,a!3nn.ers,, have..."
Date:Mar 13 1931
Publication:Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... Cans Shurfine 303 Cans Shurflnt 14- Ounce Xexey 16 oz.. 5 12 terday's notice was a surviv- ing aunt, Carmelita Romero. Rosary will be recited this evening at 7 in the Berardi- nelli Mortuary Chapel. Fu..."
Date:Nov 3 1970
Publication:Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States of America
Text:"... milk. CMldru like tbem. Ortr testimonials I of caret. They neTer fail. Sold by all drupfUti. Aik today. Sample TKIE. Addreia Alien 8. Oltasted. XeXey. M. Y. IN NORTHERN INDIANA. PLAN offered..."
Date:Apr 7 1903
Publication:Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Text:".... Ken CifvaHio-m) If. David EKitrom XEXey 21 0-Ndll 1J. Corro Wellington (CtilM Alilon Brian Artiow Halcyon U tKelrn Ofllt 5, GarfleM A 5 I Wilson A 3 Ml carllek) B t I Cleveland 3 3 Madison I Wilson I S..."
Date:Mar 2 1972
Publication:Hayward, California, United States of America
Text:"... Taylor Mollie J Thomas M J Vantyle Laura ,„irley Alzine Wood Xexey Woods R B Wallace Miss S Wilson Ann Y'oung Ellen Jackson Susan Johnson Mary Ann K Koonts Kate Kades Elizabeth Killen Mary Jane I. Lopez..."
Date:Aug 27 1869
Publication:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"...\x%e, xtxXXxe, \j>cxv\eA ft\Ax\e,%. We, wr’xW \&e, ^\e,AX%eA \o %Yxo\xr \Yxe,*e, 0,©o\» \»\xe,\\xe,Y v^o\x \fev»Yx Yo\b\XYc\xAx%e,A>Y yxo\, AXYvA WrO\x\A AX&Yr\.%e, A\W WrYxO ©AXYX tOYX..."
Date:Nov 2 1875
Publication:Bloomington, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"... Time In Six Years League Nations Condemn Japanese Action (BULLETIN) ( T nt n 11 ¡(»na i .\ »■ w - Herv ic*) (xEXEY A. Kopt. 28.—Pnt-tinit more than 50 nations on record as condemning: Japanese air raids..."
Date:Sep 28 1937
Publication:New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"....s.ieio il! t.a,.lit s(., al lì C-l M 1 1 r t «s Í Í r'T. ÎCA^. 4!-’OOM nttESi''. t.;., i'ae tSifel. i.OE'ri! 4d 1 r. .....■_ ^i'EEXI.^'OiE!) o t-lnkaren. At'AR T^ÎFX'! S; XEXEY Í J id't,XC\'i F IX jliîtiîi..."
Date:Oct 2 1905
Publication:Kansas City, Kansas, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...110 FACULTY OF ARTS. Eco/cpare?, TrpoXeyco, otl oiroTep av cnroKplvrirai ro fieipd- (2) KaTrawu? S fV ^HXe/crpaiaiv €L\7])f^€P 7rvXaLi, jtya^ 68 aXXo? tou irdpo^ XeXey/neuou fxeiXft^v, 6 /co/xTTO? S..."
Date:Between 1899 and 1900
Place:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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