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Australian Newspapers
Text:"...-Hl. I' nrarlh iL'' p"uyH>; t»pponlffi»ri, gl3tKJ5;1 Owner other I ) A j?. — lot: t r Jci"1 i n t nnjt and Nlo ?. oniv ctanlriral, ono oilier tiro " fJng Hadlo Her : l'Vrm 1 ti 1 MM Kenenil..."
Publication:June 19 1937 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"... Oiurch-«t., .._IUefimuoi1. J IN'HKli.S, Ruirdvn, l. lc»t"Uyh,®>; new or wcoid- hand: dtlt or icraia T. K<k«, coach builder, C83 Plxabclh-st N. |'l5iX>2lL rooniy, »hivft®, loi,giUtanca #i rule..."
Publication:Aug 31 1914 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Australian Newspapers
Text:".... And into the bargain she is to be better armed since it now seems certain that she will «uyH>; 12-in guns all Srinpoa either a broadside. Slie wll thus be terser, raster, ^ and : -- 20 - per cent, . better , armed j..."
Publication:Mar 21 1908 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"..., . any .trial; , .£22 30/, take £». dtp., 35/ wk. h4 Rucklyy-st.,. Fontsomv. 1 04 1 , F'scry.- ,4 J.S., Dou7lftrf. Uyh»>;. h'.N., Jmilrn and Side1 JTM,: Car3, . AirotlAn,. Mnndas, ;nt 1 p.m,, at Glando R..."
Publication:June 29 1929 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia