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Text:"... refers to 60 most common diagnoses among inpatient cases. source: SF DPH, CHN, Planning and Marketing, SFGHH Inpatient Care (including MHRF and SNF), 9/25/98 10 Attachment A Page 10 of 11..."
Place:California, USA
Text:"... of Libpi.-ty. One native New Yorkor Jims hecn discovered lo refute that charge. Kven if (She la only a child, alic Is duly Impressed wftli oui' sfghH. iJsy^jother and a caller slopped outside iter door..."
Date:Apr 18 1921
Publication:Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States of America
Text:"... to clean, gleaming chrome with high convenient handles. Finest f nd time set RJkDlQ RN'1 j lona ANV Advanced mfSCOPf SfGHH FW PORTABLE BAR THREESOME j A different and appreciated gift... it's the easy way..."
Date:Dec 15 1960
Publication:Long Beach, California, United States of America
Text:"... Sf>«gh«H1 or Macaroni Amaricao FirmlV Amcrtcam Family 41c 14c (T^.'iîr) 5 Äi S9c 2 29c 17c 10i^v55c 24i 95c 2 13c 15c Ä 17c 10 - 50c 2 ""Ä™ 33c 10 49c Waffiegood full plift glass ¡og SPOTLIGHT Smootit..."
Date:Sep 24 1934
Publication:Hammond, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... \»w «it'sfgHH jiiNt out for fall ¡»ulOtriit »on ^taiitly on liuiul. Dmk for th»' ui-w Hhn k Shirt WuiMlM. rill«* «lualit.v, piotty tot silk, wlfioh »hi* will Itav»' iu nt»('k. f'rirnl*M Itlttek, C..."
Date:Aug 30 1900
Publication:Concord, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... of The_ Joy^ of .God;s;^alyation. ,.„.¡11 be Matthew 16 17 andr^^irAn'î^en S'fgHh BAPTIST SERVICES Tlie theme of Ihe 11:00 a.m., lutheran of pi.nes^^ ........ _ _______ ______ The Lutheran Church of the..."
Date:June 21 1969
Publication:Biloxi, Mississippi, United States of America
Text:"... mans name Scottish river vend VERTICAL to be dizzy commotion affirm causes fine grained rock Answer to yesterdays C2HH BHQB SfgHH IHH erano araraa BHBia HHED HI1H t Kiaf SOT auditory organ evaded..."
Date:Oct 8 1966
Publication:Alton, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"... of lofety or choosg thf herd rttln plditle fMtrxr-wtlghl cgllid "Nu-Sfghh" "Mod'1 Wift fiarfti art In ell slioMi: Round, Oval, Octann and Goiilt. Tor then wwrt rt wr CONTACT LENSES "Klnatlc" Coniact..."
Date:Aug 13 1970
Publication:Anderson, Indiana, United States of America
Text:".... Sold by your druggist. It not, from 119. Small bottle 60 cents, mrgo SI.20. Writa for frco booklet on diBCaBus. SFGHH MEDICAL CO.Dopt GOSHEN. IND. "Please let me tell says Peter- son, "that for instant..."
Date:Mar 18 1926
Publication:Big Piney, Wyoming, United States of America
Text:"... walnuf rfodl and forend Sfghh hooded front rear Hrfcori safetyUoaJ bruih gun ftn Get of Style with J C Higgina Luggage 5PIECE MATCHED LADIES LUGGAGE a milestone in low luggage price Train COM Weekend COM..."
Date:Oct 8 1953
Publication:Miami, Arizona, United States of America