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Text:".... ch h atfed Tst 4rs AMen'i Stormy Miss Haze t ftrt. Mr. Noel Vein's CbaocelloT. br fc 6st IWbs Mrs. C. Bucknc ch h-Jyrt. Mbs. EEKtJLTt. 1 Cnwttflor Stormy ttlrtr Ibtcm ROYAL MAIL LINES LIMITED. LONDON..."
Date:Nov 12 1934
Publication:Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica
Text:"... backed by Jack Lamabe, we've ball Association Eastern Divi- „.jy-rT a iAP)-Flash Elorde .springs at Table,uah. ' as tine a relief corps as sion lead over Cincinnati was Casst cut to 2^ games by Thursday..."
Date:Feb 14 1964
Publication:Miami, Oklahoma, United States of America
Text:"..., Bath, Brighton, and other Pnblic Schools. Uttol g^UtStY the ^__________ and the Be«tt!„ ment Boftrd. fr«« l^teea may 1 instrument ii( _ J*y«»rt'. on 1st ▼incial Bnnk of '1 LniiUon. A full ais 1909. ,T..."
Date:July 8 1903
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... pasbageg. It cvr/ectt umbilii- ty hvJd »nneaoiJscaW.Xig j^jv 40 j/awuig n, vf cifcct w ^^siug Ji, %jr Uiid cliente jylivivitjg use 'A ixjyvr^ Wlup pr bevr, AOÚ WWCVfHPS, rtjit to gei up pjaoy (lifieg -Jyr.t..."
Date:May 14 1897
Publication:New Oxford, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"........ ...1 yr. ? Poultry Tribuao ...... ..1 yr. ? Nallon.1 Sporhmaa ... ...lyr. ? American FruH Grower,.. 1 yr. ? Cappar'i Farmer ..... ...lyr. ? Poultry Item ......... ..Jyrt. ? Pathfinder (26 hiuai).. .6..."
Date:June 26 1941
Publication:Belleville, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"....m. at the First Methodist Hall, Bigspringi Bill Kcch.'se,.JYrt Church 1„ Canadian. mo,ir: Gene Saur. Shrevene« I.a • Program will be given. Children - ' Bronte girl, BetR ivey% has been taken to Gonzales..."
Date:Dec 9 1956
Publication:Abilene, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...' •oaiooBOtoaiaaoanÑMk. TMa timuy attaatod OB Oafc balwwa 1 atrooto. Por aortlaalaialao]^« IdlAOOOBrnTBa aaaortod. of tko koataat IW lareMbr aafo ky JylO B. B. »BTOLT 200 B.K.DBTOI.a. od at J. B Malaatroal Jyrt ^ BM ioiBa..."
Date:July 23 1855
Publication:New Albany, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... Breakfast Club News Breakfast Club Hymns Wiggs Rhythm Rhyme Organ Moodg Jyrt Marge Other Wife Womans Hour Jerry Sears Jaln BU1 Womans Hour Josh HigglnB Betty Bob Woman In White Stepmother Ranch Boys..."
Date:Aug 31 1938
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... Goodrlcn 1 JyrT .91 mwait Vt 16% 34% 34 if- jirnwpi 34Vi 26 4 26 1 W J Hani 1 johrlMv Vt Johnijn .60 1.20 "B low'fflf tJO J4 "incD 0 Wi 9 1.40 14 Pt 2.20 3rexeJ 1.086 DrcvtuiCp 1 6 P 1.4013 :eO( 7.80 iBrd 1..."
Date:May 2 1973
Publication:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... 334 nn.I 45th (px- Korl Crovkctt and S. I1. Jfio J-yrt f'roHi-'tt it ml S. P. dncks......25c nnd Polntft bej-ood avronlhia; lo dlntnuLT. aiO Tremont St. Barbara Mihelich, Hte 52 years, died yesterday..."
Date:Sep 18 1916
Publication:Galveston, Texas, United States of America
Text:"............. 'J 11 Mr n M Ingiis's lilt o Kiuff. Jyrt 9 11 Mr W H llxid's Uufle Uuad, 9 10 Mr It M Macfurlauc's tin 8 a Mr J Ilumn's Boj, 4yra.................. 3 ll MrOikBle'sThel-criklicr, 3yrB..."
Date:Sep 15 1897
Publication:Liverpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Text:"... accounting of fice needs Minimum of Jyrt accredited college ft 10 liey ma unctions will payroll tax accounting ft 1 chine fu Incline sales ac ciliation lo ACCOUNTS CLERK 714 2831 Acct DIRECTOR Excellent..."
Date:Aug 15 1980
Publication:Santa Ana, California, United States of America
Text:"... tfce torty pic iwy ihi-y w.lJof.ine. 1 k And let tav prrw 'say wlizt it p jjo ten o, pr-rtty hard Jyrt hnl. The I cos mr.d aO; zbej I o.oce on >rn As AwyCi Tie lower Jiw of bmnan being, said to ham..."
Date:Dec 26 1879
Publication:Galveston, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... Boston, sept. 1, STOCK COMPANIES. *tb, next, at eleven « A - •• same, and r»ch oib- THOMAS D. DYBR, Secretary _■ huein Bitkffi of the Ct«peny Jyr.t? «* paay, iS Kxcbasge sireet СЖ lueaday. Januarv 22..."
Date:Jan 18 1867
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... girl for famllr Urtai Jyrt dw limit v on ApjAy HamJItw Show 345 S. Ht. 'Itiqaa 3ta.n rSCPKRISXCnn SALXStADUB. O. IS. Cff. 8. St.. Bjtaouw. .V. V. 1075 WOMA.V TO 33 to MiM In ooal neat. rcr-kLij oo..."
Date:Apr 19 1916
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... be preferable for is the purpose of the Jyrt Directors to reclaim the land also to permit construction of a lagoon adjoining Wood Island for the use of persons who frequent QTATF Tfi RUILD HIGHWAY that pleasure..."
Date:Nov 24 1915
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... 4 3 * ^ 53 ua, and .nina... Cnaj-tered Merc, oí London, -ind Cru Lzáiíi wTíTin: —Jy-^^-r.'T.:}^ frorr. L::. :ur-. :r--'n. Kf-waiii-, arri'-e--: it b-MT. :r, -.Likioc.iL-.- :: Norway, and broKcn .'4..."
Date:Sep 26 1871
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"....nsolidateil rodocuiec- ?2i) 0 ii bonds F.. W. .fc C. K. U lluluauo on hiind...................... 5ny 51 The City Treasurer handed In tlie iol- owing 'o the Afaiiur und Common Cutincif the of J'yrt ll..."
Date:Oct 29 1873
Publication:Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
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Text:".... Will Train. Apply in Kcilh. Buich, apply ar your local Me- penon. 34U College Road. SECRETARY wilh bookkeeping experience lor enabtished firm, Conracr J-Yrt or Dave al THOMPSON FORD SALES..."
Date:June 5 1975
Publication:Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America