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Australian Newspapers
Text:"...'S BACKACHK 1HNET Miss Judith Kellett-Wills From the Overseas Salons of C^jfdaK if «. WNBOH Miss kcllclt-Wills makes a return visit ta Charters towers on MONDAY NEXT the 10th JULY. Book your advance appoint..."
Publication:July 5 1939 - Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:".... BoDORLAS tnshp. (74) Corwen f»t.9Mh nomttk. near Corwen-194. Pop. 155. BoDOvmnr tnshp. (70) Abergele par. Jf-Dak near Alergele-214. rnp. ; rt al prop. iTjJtt Bodotria, or Boderia, uEstuar. of the Koniias u..."
Text:".... it is said. With all these candidat's in the race, it will require more than one ballot to determine the winner, anl it tnay be a lonii ilrmwii out li;rlit. May the besl man « in. JfDaK (ÍK'iiífii: \V DkNBo..."
Date:Dec 31 1901
Publication:New Albany, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... DAKOTA WAT to.-. IRON Sat: SON OT SPAKTAC01 Today to _ _ AnD IXJWHB Uoabto _ _ A- ZOEBO BIDB AOADf Sat: BLACg AHBOW _________ TOWN Todty: popbte Bffl AUVJCN'IUHES or DOH jFDAK' A PAY or rates Frl: AHBUKH..."
Date:July 29 1964
Publication:Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica