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Text:"... on Saturday, - the measure a “boon” to cities nay n. nai» ulua » [and towns. Proceeds from would be*, used' Hr ' tTT. land, graadhiother of i, ateam m™~T: Mite Carlton's chosen colors af ’S** IJZ-Z American..."
Date:May 13 1971
Publication:Tulia, Texas, United States of America
Text:".... KiKihl. payroll, June r, to 17. John Kuehl. pavroli, Juiifc i to June 17. I'JZz JoJin Hicknon, payroll. Juno 5 to June 17. 1922............. Gertz. i-ayruU, Juii'j 5 tn June 17. 6i.i Chris Paulson, paj..."
Date:July 21 1922
Publication:Davenport, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... of experts that Russia Is prc-' pared to spend annually on American goods and that such orders wjll provide work for 600.000 un- DICTATOR STALIN Russian embassy In Wash-, ingrton. closed since I'JZZ. Meet..."
Date:Oct 23 1933
Publication:Elyria, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... people." SL"ffi'7^LWBa T0 ENJOY C0L0R TV? MS IS THE LOWEST i^., ^ MCI EVER FOR 5( 'iJ^^*ZZ^-^:,'~ - * * M,.,|.| S.""U. GIANT 21 CONSOLE WITH AFC "We're making it a white Christmas!' Arrow Decton Perma..."
Date:Dec 10 1969
Publication:Hutchinson, Kansas, United States of America
Text:".... Will receivsfrelglit for i points in the interior every3 day except STEAMBOAT IJZZ1E..........Capt Ool, TTTE3DAT, THT7IISDAY Awn HATTTDT 5p M HAiL'ta rocs AND BAKOE'S EVERY MOS WEDNESDAY AND FKIDAY. jes pany ceases. thi..."
Date:Mar 21 1878
Publication:Galveston, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...-ntltlrcKKfil, ntfimprd envelope i.s Addrc.iK A1.I, IXQ IJIf'IfJf' tit Dr. Ituyal S. CopckLnd. itt, cart; of thin offit-r." i-Vi'jTight, I'jZZ, by Feature Inc. Fashion Model a rasnion By GRACE THORNCLIFFE She Describes..."
Date:Feb 12 1925
Publication:Iowa City, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... and Gas Available in All Models For the Very Discriminating PaigeoV- LEASE A... $ 19 eo9 176 PEUGEOT I.J.ZZ Price $6064 Max. flud liability $2728 $391 laid Ccth or bqmêé on Approved Ci*M bdttdti Many Mt..."
Date:Apr 25 1976
Publication:Oxnard, California, United States of America
Text:"... the associatiijn wi'l eajo, ai open air mi.eting in Park. .\ picnic luncheon will! bs a d.'i^lit I: er. .Mrs. IJzz'e Holt.sebneider Mrs. feature of the met'ilng. On Aii-iHi j VVilliam Cunnin..."
Date:Aug 10 1906
Publication:Iola, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"... St. Home OAKLAND OF PONTIAC Sixes WAGNER ster 1925 Dodge Coupe, Balloons 192T, Essex Coach 1923 Essex Coach I'JZZ Franklin Sedan......... 1024 Oldsmobile Coupe .......S125 1924 Oldsmobile Touring t..."
Date:May 11 1928
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... at ................ i}> l/H/O Ford Galaxie 4-door sedan, radio, heater, Fordomatic, factory air conditioning, whitewall tires, power steering, TO OQC power brakes, one owner, going for.............. ij)Z,Z 70 Ford..."
Date:June 17 1960
Publication:Joplin, Missouri, United States of America
Text:"..., but along the Pacific coast it j warmer. Indications aro mostly cloudy and probably unsettled tonight tomor- j IDT, aln wanner. U. S. Department of Agriculture, [thor bureau, April 20, I'jzz..."
Date:Apr 20 1922
Publication:Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... to a woolen issues in re- Ma] iJzz Juij 'itjj'i Sept. flection of the growing aaxietv Mar joiy 58 over the preferred dlridwi. The WM lower at 91 -Motors atso were inclined to sell 1 Xo. 2 off whva pressure..."
Date:Jan 25 1925
Publication:Mansfield, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... shipment IJZZ BAND wood power rT7 1AWMILL STOCK on BARNES HAND and foot power IARKS BALL BEARING FOOT POWEP QNE ItixlO BERTRAM OOTENAY FRUIT THE OWNER ot 5110 acres fruit having over A mile of lake adjoining..."
Date:Sep 16 1907
Publication:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"...;E of tuefjay, Ocioler zg. J^^L^'dYeS, in the 76 \h year of her _p^i^6^|^alHjghriefs Princefs Charlotte .^ii^tia^j^^ti^liito,UHJt'log-of Denmark. , , .Jeflaut's Office., Nov.zS, ijZz. *j^$ffi$!t Cburt's going..."
Date:Nov 27 1782
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... L-azao_é '^i'-zz 92^, Zczza, cr . 1£ —Tlvc rc. Ccz. ZZctzíLsztr, ■ IZtozz. I/JZZ cy : feriTLic E Scz'e CC : do. C ac £ ■ L per Cczi, RzezZji CC ■ C C.zi. de, (ISCO, irclrzilicc Aiîidiic IGZ ■Jxizrurc..."
Date:Sep 15 1862
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:".... Phone 2-6435 t Open 'til 9 *. ft.-.-.**! ^ h: Bex :*i Raoz.* �u P>.:'r V'.ur Ordrr Now For Eariv Delivery! >.*!i^JzZ�2 r.r. Daum Motor Sales�.Sffj^ss?^ r r Mrcciioca* Town Clert. Calami* Locates..."
Date:Apr 24 1952
Publication:Racine, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"..., UM îu-ÿ^ IliÄ« M*l rMMÂEâ ...............ISa^ **»« f Koriti £HtSift.lit *t taa tcca_^ vw^ *jl,u t- v ?iui^d¿üu*íislsy f»|é SOM | K«rîh«Êa#tem Ijzz, CaoîT:■ £lxc*. ojjc^aa boto aaü tafd j ^ll Í St..."
Date:July 24 1888
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... his entire line, and several members of last year's backlielU with him. Tiie line which was said to have been tlie .strongest in the conference hu'it .\eai', will be strengthened by tlio return of "IJzz..."
Date:Sep 13 1921
Publication:Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"....95 Appliances, Televisions Grocery, Mear NICE WEST ATCHISON COHAGE EARLY 1S50 CHEVROLET 2 dooi ir.a) Phone 221 or 2S23 -.rn- strewn gooti >r i'jZZ Kurd n-.olor 701 -It: Crrt-.'l Pi.or.r 123 qvjirc iC'C Coir..."
Date:Dec 14 1952
Publication:Atchison, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"... was united iti marriage Ooovgc Jj Taylor November S7a U jyoa Mr md 1 lor moved iroin the turm in Owiglit ty town wcn yn N ve her 27 iJZZ they celcUvsvd tti golden wedrjjjjg aiHiversaiy Her husband died..."
Date:Mar 7 1932
Publication:Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States of America