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Australian Newspapers
Text:"... UImhh,— Hoys, KnlLh (looilwlni glilH. JMmvJh lOlliuotl. .'lid OhibH — UoVH, Kollli lluiigorl'iii'dj fc'IrlH. P(iio61iy J)om. Slid mid Did CIush (liiimlli'iip), -Hcj.vh, KiMth lrutigiMfoid) ^IiIh, Klloon..."
Publication:Dec 16 1920 - Maitland, New South Wales, Australia
Text:".... to Clothe 40IH Llmvood Avenue; ?1 'lilv: Tim HCJVH. AKI'J board; hus IIPSH ineii preferred; TW ii nalcs 1-ISl. LAIxM dlNirliii, largo minny root Tor 1-3. TWInoiikH .1liS7. Avenue, j.'ront room (itchonette..."
Date:Oct 26 1938
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"...-ft^ut* f>r Tea, by ail tbo'e Per Ions with wh -m Tea d es n_)t perfecilj agiee ; for it ha% nettiiCr the a SlirpneU of Tci, ni>r the Hcjvh.efs of Chcculate, but is a Medium hetwren botii. Gentlemen..."
Date:July 29 1790
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"..., dlrnrtly on tlir> wlltj all the' for hulling, -ind finhinp. to COVERT A CO No 47 Bl., New- York. _ FOR OF THK MOST OF.SIR'.HLR ranuRKinH, 3 or 3Jf HCJVH of Und, on Uie Rt fipnor Raiennwoixl of J..."
Date:June 5 1857
Publication:New York, New York, United States of America
Text:"... of lfMj prieeH rijcht At A K HCJVH northweMt iMoborlV ad joining oily II in Ms tf TOIt hay and oauo will deliver to any part of city iu waKon load loin lUohard H phono Wuriil dllOx FOR SAlifO A No I..."
Date:Oct 21 1912
Publication:Moberly, Missouri, United States of America
Text:"...^orne with the best. And do it al S f)rii,« Ihiil will hc'jvH Y<iiJ'' waSlnl J^ilyiny "thanks" too. Like a good neighbor. State Farm Is there • CALL ME TODAY. Larry N Strauss. Agent IIAWDivibiuf. StilweU..."
Date:May 11 2011
Publication:Stillwell, Oklahoma, United States of America
Text:"... I p U.t; G'OOU SIUPK TAKK OLUKH OH PICK Ui1 milfs. fully ii OI'LU ISE'KKD, M.COO MILKS CASJI let >ntr itp fjff ew NQTTtSGHAM r 612 E Rd HCJVH- KAWXSAKJ Good cwntlxwi 73 HONDA 4iO. tiubUc cu SOW 73..."
Date:May 29 1975
Publication:Anderson, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... of the Scotamari, which joined general freight T.1 rttiwyn-n t jttt CM mi 11 I KUUC-iai iiiTifjiii- HCJV..H.1.. AVIV; li-i 4M.. jWriserator Transit for thc-li- hoi Nat Vetzel, president ncNt ftml Re Poultry..."
Date:Oct 1 1899
Publication:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...* : s»W ' Fh.i.Ciî F^înïîï 4—'K-:chiE X*^s sad A'-ei: Roaît'Ÿr BCOSÎ V-ceo V;i!sse ft^Ea A ’»n Sv-ozis^ p;*v jTcc^r Hc:j.vh sr.d Pals 6—T«.\a«i Karîççr Ä i:l î-5^€‘7-~.\‘eny 1—Ss^saï 3'5îEna:f:iv 13..."
Date:Dec 6 1960
Publication:Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... 12 Tx '13 Lee. HCJVH, TX 9 House. WriS-1! Nrssrk, NJ 1403 Hess. Dave Ea1 Orense. MJ 10 Jass. Thorns A Greaiva-s. SC H32 Rowe.BiiH8mEtm ON 11 Tragort, Emirsl R rto'enoo, IA Ii31 Ensues. Josscn A Ws..."
Date:June 24 1999
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... or noutheabt fractional quatt4r containing one hiuidred and sixty HCJVH inoro or town twentyMix raujju Amount Tax Tor Place of Travurso jrand Trav ertw 61 7fc..."
Date:Dec 25 1902
Publication:Traverse City, Michigan, United States of America
Text:"...'.ty 31 Philadelphia 60! Loult ISiWaihlniten ;s 17 Jl rr RKO SCHINE TMt HO VALUM I Dean no. goes devastating PAT AOOLPH6 MENJOU ELLEN DREW in MAN ALIVE AI At FEATURE Tt> LIFC1 A HCJVH lift IT! THE LOST..."
Date:Mar 1 1946
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:".... t KEDROOM fulla:;» cn Mlsslii^ bTvd. MAr THv-.i-ian. tllO trofiffi phJS \Jtlll t'lis. t4t-2724 ■j ROOM hc,j.Vh hiliH DIslrrcl. ITS 'ft-Clv^fek Ullltliei HAYWARD, DUPLEX, I bedrpomi, slove: 29«l? DiKon..."
Date:Jan 8 1965
Publication:Hayward, California, United States of America
Text:"...-.v Gfii 1'rint Ink pf. 5r> Hftw Pine -10 Hnnillton WaTct. 150 Huonii Co i-f A !-4 10 HC-JVH) Pow.lnr jij .3V.t 31'-' '30 in LI..... 74 7} 300 Jut pf iw f.C. XTP Keli.T-Spg Pf. jiit'-j RO Kinciry pf 47 r..."
Date:Mar 21 1931
Publication:Hagerstown, Maryland, United States of America
Text:"...'rlco Fred M. Leach, Salamanca. H. 1. (Ml 71 FOR room Imiitw. Ravu 20x2fi, hen In Groat Val- ley on improved road. Price Also 2 HCJVH; seven nmnifi; lien hoitHP, twn enwfl, hniui, ling.-i. rlffht in CJnml..."
Date:June 12 1923
Publication:Salamanca, New York, United States of America
Text:".... 1. fliiin I'l.iMl I ami y. nil., .r. I pui-li'liM I'r. I-; t Tr..v Htcn-nic In Hill' to M-fllml or nnjuri 11 H--CJVH! r i iii amount ncl.. that it wiM not U- in jKi-v.-r of Inu-rnri! I'.rwnuc-to IIIH..."
Date:Aug 24 1865
Publication:Zanesville, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... in.hU tufted back! Sec it today! 1 Giant Warehouse Locations A HIM ING I ON BFACII OR (01N t Y San Dictc- HcjVh txit I I Ml @S Juv! I .tvi I'I livn. :to. lli.lm.u 1 0 LOS ANGELES I tuy. S.m 1'rrn..."
Date:Sep 21 1973
Publication:Van Nuys, California, United States of America