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Text:"... Coffey, rhp; Alex Cora, »if; Jomy Gomes, of; Livan Hernandez, rhp, Ivan Rodriguez, c Free agMits swings ThfW^ Frtty AMBtlCAN LEAGUE BOSTON (3) - Announced David Ortiz, (ti, has accepted salary arbitration..."
Date:Dec 20 2011
Publication:Hutchinson, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"... the trouble was. Mrs, G. B. Patterson. 1 hree officers happened to be in • 216 acres of land. fr»Tty cleared. Good tor all crops, especially for cotton and tobacco. On R F D and tel-^phone line. For price..."
Date:Mar 19 1908
Publication:Lumberton, North Carolina, United States of America
Date:Feb 21 1980
Publication:Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... for a similar INDECENT Edward a of Jfarysroad at Stratford Frtty today ie Sim niglr she i when sho met tho jirisoncr who told her it was and asked questions ns to her hor and where lice father Ho put fur Iier..."
Date:May 30 1887
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... on the SeveralkiHea Grounded accounts not Tcrj clear as to Frtty Arsenal baroNl fcy regu lar Some lives lost Slate ctmimj in from all quar From Montrcul it is reported thtt 600 men are coming to enlut in the regular..."
Date:Apr 20 1861
Publication:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"...Stock market registers poor performance. Pages B 7-10 AC INSIDE LOCAL SPORTS......B3 PRO FOOTS ALL.....B4 BASEBALL..........B 5 HOME FIELDS ......B6 Frtty August Jones regains tide with first..."
Date:Aug 8 1997
Publication:Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... ■ Galveston ¿very Monday; Wednesday tad Frt^ty, At Hoosten evory ïhjoreday and 8a- j ■ íWéfi^torpassage apply WCÍtpttínJ. H. 8ter-..."
Date:Dec 2 1866
Publication:Galveston, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...9 Red Esffaft A Houses For Sate t EstaH Frtty Pflbrwry 13 1970lUMOa A Houses For Sate NEW HOMES vox FHAVA TO MOVEU ON YOUR LOT If you A IXXT or can get an oiUnn on s lot wllhln ISO miles of BKRTRAM..."
Date:Feb 13 1970
Publication:Lubbock, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... Rupert WI Irene Hnhn 556 J0754 Llvtncfton 575 HMllnn 515174 Jonn I nnd rrn 572 Woody Wofidbury 535STS7l Ilrhtfoot 56S Donnle Kvrrhnrl rM Boinle 559 Puv Crnwrorl Fran WVaverllne 5V Airtry Fms 545Ml Frtty..."
Date:Feb 18 1968
Publication:Salina, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"... at lfnKonnblfc WiOi IK 1RW TlckeU rnuy bu si il inhur Ui liClli Inclu xlrc TJie round dip rntiJi In Wflnhttikton vtlll bo f 12 70 rrntn Ovlrull Biid I Irum Nurth Frtty rifjiin KnmlUon nitd Blllu will fruiti nil..."
Date:Sep 7 1892
Publication:Piqua, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... the bowels but ALSO usist liver bile flow to help digest fRtty looiln. Teat their goodnen TONIGHT ROXY ATTEXD EJTHKR TODAY and FRIDAY! MtH Kltt at KU WISH FIGHT fprh.r favor1 rwTWt Wftk Mmms "SMALL .TOWN..."
Date:Mar 30 1939
Publication:Logansport, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"...'s testunon; UcDennot- said me I "axe P20" in Nebraska the mornin; ali Bitzler said McD tin) found ?oi5l :n the cab The brotl-.s a-co fore anc So-- Socs'iy --V "t tc.f- ur.-.l Fr.tty c. i-rco t'-.- oa rs; ocrcw..."
Date:Dec 16 1926
Publication:Zanesville, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"...* j Id. Frtty, Fciltrd K.C. Tere were the pains that we called a physician who prescribed for «9, but his medicines failed ttf girt any relief A friend who had a bctle of Chamber* laln's Colic, Cholera..."
Date:May 12 1905
Publication:Lumberton, North Carolina, United States of America
Text:"... Paul Frtty Mrs Dave Foreman Eliza beth Harper Mri R C HIM Mrs D M Hopper Mrs Ocar KlUIan Mrs A B Mrs E H Speck BeulaL Stames Mrs Mildred Taylor Mrs Maiylaae Thome and Ruby Lte Waller Roscoe Wilson school..."
Date:Sep 5 1943
Publication:Lubbock, Texas, United States of America
Text:" Br Sju h tW C A N D 1. K On Fr'/tty itx/, /tr i Sffr l*if^nf. at Lltrf' C�^rr Hiw'i |� Lmi^^/lSlrrrt, at 5ix i CWi in tit j'ffttntetv, ( Ctfi'f ff'iM '�/� t-f) 'T^VVenty Pipes of exmiordmary..."
Date:May 16 1839
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:".../*«nM«: F«if ttrwi#H Fri4»y. Higfts in «MteWi LMitinéOk. Al«6»n«; F*rtty dowtfy nirou«») FriMy. in «0» to *Ql. L0«M in SOk teltft Around the South ■y m AsMciaM Pr«u *~Niffe LM Pm. JUTBAndr«« ■«ion «U9..."
Date:June 9 1977
Publication:Hammond, Louisiana, United States of America
Text:"... Monday. Burial In Oklahoma. The body of Fr-tty Bo> prepared for biirial and reported has n soon as' are re- shipped to Oklahoma ir.nructior.s and funds ceived from his family at Salisaw. If the body net..."
Date:Oct 24 1934
Publication:Elyria, Ohio, United States of America
Text:".... —IT- Ilovaan Aiaesjiva,—The Wiarrtl Bisters hsvs aane, sad BOW • omm s new ana ftssb progrsoune. It Im-lod#« « borlwwjiie wrtttra for the Howard entitled Fr*tty Pick Tar-P». In which tbi' soperisr..."
Date:Jan 27 1873
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... cent bottle, or a Sample Bottle for 10 cents. Try if. Two doses will relieve 3-011. FrtTY FEET Runr.EJi HOSE to stand pros- sure, 9r for conducting; Brass pipes with stop cock, sprinkler and couplings..."
Date:July 24 1875
Publication:Newport, Rhode Island, United States of America
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