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Text:"...;isiil*iii:: itaiii o-w u a bee: by colut - there:* no place om earth fer a married man THIMBLE THEATRE. BEUEVP M6. i'm SURE 6lao TO 66T R|0 OP THAT * AFRICAN ESCAPE tttN are YOU sure MDURt RIO 0FH|rj^ A85OL0TELVJ I..."
Date:Oct 19 1928
Publication:Steubenville, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... Dank 13 A Am Tr Ccri- Am Tr Biijst-r Con- Ain Tr Corii An-. Tr Hluj 1' Truit fcf.nrn Yi'uiui Khra f. Mnrd Fhrj Ji. KAPOLIS. f A j Kl' L POT LTRY AM) OAIRV JJ. 75 File Bequests..."
Date:May 29 1931
Publication:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... ApÄin^ 2d1 °f Ird salary requires Apply b^ítter*^®0*6 j riti It /ri-O. FINDLati-it -----------^^_^»mhwaiL p. o. e*'cS„ï F reyiatêrcd ny^cln^11 fHr,,J two o i «tre t by first irf„, .ODe af,' two vea« •leo..."
Date:June 30 1892
Publication:Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"....I.F Fund 13.40 14.43 do Grth Fd .1.71 4.01 Mut- Inv Fd 9.29 Mutual Fhrj: 13.4S 13.4.1 do Trust "2.64 2.69 (alnAVldeSec 20.62 22.31 Sail 14.03 Sro Ser Balan Bond 5.35. 5.85 iv 3.45 3.77 6.77 7.40 6.33 5.S3..."
Date:Aug 17 1962
Publication:Pasadena, California, United States of America
Text:"... id hi ■ n Th« P«--*.' Wn dtill't linrd a t u^Ioiuri’ i -♦ d.- a '¡'■'.ui-.. CHARTLRBD ACCOUNTANTS ' lMi\'(iVVN .V »’■♦ (»FVMFl.V (“ .. k. Fhrj'r r •■'T_ ACCOUNTANTS A r: M ! V'’F;.\'' t'hFt t X‘ ... I..."
Date:May 15 1944
Publication:Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... STERLING CLEO MOORE I A HQIPOINT DREAM HOME IN PRIZCS MiM HOTPONT HHflttm fhrJ Wtttt AulomiM Wislw tai DIJW Crtiiwte SPECIAL KELSON PEIZK at Eleetrie an win a wonltrlll Bat voint Eleetrla Kaure ffiSY TO WIN..."
Date:June 14 1955
Publication:El Paso, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... aas-w S.iU-3 with nulls In AH'3 as in' railway whist If li J -'Wil .lUtoTno-Ml" train. KnxlM not wllh a 5 a fh'r.J Beware-of Ointments for Catarrh that Contain Mercury. Howarth of Yorkvllii..."
Date:Feb 6 1906
Publication:Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"..., to aone is "id the work It Ot Wurk, tracing fw f'Hrj mg, recently boon tnrnwbutof ANP JUiiY 23, 1875. TWn. S. a of Jersey Shore, is a vigoroiw for the Demo- natJon for register and recorder in this county..."
Date:July 23 1875
Publication:Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:".... Not that it mat' s, and ;h, "I'm ;oiry. any diiterenc way or the other. It'H all the ran.r to "I'm lorry you've takrn such an unrtmoniMr dislike In llelene. She's a kid. really, and fhr'J Ilki- ludo nomelhini..."
Date:June 19 1939
Publication:Florence, South Carolina, United States of America
Text:"....BU^TiiNSHAW SUaiEN, Esq. of LincolnV |/Lord-CreirtiHe) oa Monday night, said, tfiSt wSS lonv Barrister at Javw.--'J d«edtfle'iar»establhAmeftswhichwerepro«osrf Lmidbni'Prtniod fhrJ. BirtlerWortbnnd ion,45i Fleef..."
Date:Feb 23 1816
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... IHAV call ji Ihf 1 T 9 pm S 3n m Church Fricild1 I to KLIA1RK Mrs Yurco ot Georcp Ellmfl. al Int _________ fhrJ-i3fWS- Son FUnenl the Rev hucnder Mn Pbillip Ksowiicr and S Arnold Westcott officialmB..."
Date:June 12 1962
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... Rolling Meddows focal on i Tin, nold.iys am iround tho Of 1PI L Si h hip fjioqnm iv i b Ail tl f nurnhc r 5 rp is ji i U) c i is m )ne lor Yf IK al MAH! fHR'j pos Woi inn r_iii[ i r TVIcrmtr SA6 1 r ncl Set..."
Date:July 25 1995
Publication:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"...: Fh'.rJ Cuurt rlrccr ftci. -cioul jL r-- _ pat___ ship of thir establishment, and I you to keep that ever in ir.ind. The prestige of cur salon is in vour keeping." (It surprised the girls hear refer..."
Date:Sep 19 1925
Publication:Elyria, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... rrpoUr thu su fHrj ln Cuw liio 10 I can see there jiist woulan tj qlifM lc lulfj nmrin vi ibfi an OPA aucnri j rpcliv phfv n has no auilioilty to pcnri coniinuing lit nno or mwt pay mils lie snid rlll..."
Date:June 30 1946
Publication:Cumberland, Maryland, United States of America
Text:".... China has extra drawer. -FH'rJ-.-1- I rb 515950 LIVING ROOM GROUP 2-pjece knuckle-arm club type. Hardwood frame. Solid cherry exposed parts. Frieze cover guaranteed against moth damage. Moss and cotton..."
Date:Apr 15 1942
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... which cenher pged mother in a sis community school for coffee area nunlers lt he M weH Dleased with the fhrJ riehl awS Pd ff drugs and medical services tered the iace covered semng Garth Roth in affer Mrs..."
Date:Dec 5 1959
Publication:Humboldt, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"...-6629. Profeiilonol SirvicM Help WcrnttJ WANTKD experirnce.1 mllJtrr. Co: tact Jay Smith at Paul Dnlr STATION heTp' wMiled. 1st Ave. at ISth SI. Mobil. of to; d and hnulrd. Pbonr 3V2.fHrj7, WAITRESS wanted. rvcnlnsra..."
Date:Sep 9 1969
Publication:Greeley, Colorado, United States of America
Text:"... L* I -J • . ivianin Dosvveii, reiiovv oi ciare nan : c^.niiries posal of 1 escara to becorne his bride .as the price of st. Peur’s College; and Rev. John FhrJ.v.n, of Innity her lover s life..."
Date:May 5 1817
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"...; receptionist, open; credit In- terviewer, clerical trainees, typist-bookkeeper, to S350. A trainees! Junior bookkeepers, clerk tysists, jferss.-aprttrs. fHr.j, typists, etc. Example: Filing Trutner Agency, 42S..."
Date:July 16 1961
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"... confirm transac*! 2-bedroom and den. sprinkler, at- 4004 Cline that you ccm hove with-. FL6-64,9 DR6-4203’ $7500 redecorating, new sheetrock,I fhrJ hrirk rrTK* S14350. - HAW kit nwtA, Hr™. Three bedroom..."
Date:Jan 20 1966
Publication:Amarillo, Texas, United States of America