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Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, 1836-1922
Text:".... Danville ?W). FLANAGAN. .Tames. Philadelphia ("WL FAHEY. Mirtin. Philadelnhia (WL FREDERICK. W.. sgt. Sharpsburg (W) FOPD. Georea. Philadelnhia ?WL FFDFV. Robert. Scranton (WL FRTTCII. Emiel. Philnde..."
Date:Day Month 1918
Australian Newspapers
Text:"... object of a month's visit to I New South Wales from which the MiniMci for Labour and Industry (Mr Ffdf.v) returned today. He Faid that the i.ieton and Oifllth irrigation areas originally carried..."
Publication:Jan 18 1940 - Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
MyHeritage members
Text:"... ffDf'v the Is ivreslilng with nlght- jnareij'THE ExpitirssitaH Is dodclns out he l ween reits and drowning Its In the flovrlng Ko effort has as yet been made to trace the muilc to Its lair and beil tlie..."
Date:Nov 23 1890
Publication:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...-.o.. ■ iro ti';l P'okoa. cîUs-mi' ;; m 1.0 ,1-11 ( btl-, aio! ib;- ■ .f f 1 i'-j--win-; (anjio o'- -i i n .b i o; th.'; /b -/; ) i - i . i , 1 f Al., . /.fFdFV- Í a 1 .A r ) 1 1 tiyi- ici C-.cier- • Í-. i..."
Date:June 24 1904
Publication:Kansas City, Kansas, United States of America
Text:".... of Chrysler Factory Warranty. Only 13,000 Miles. Stk. #2097211. WAS '17,995 ffDfv'l 6,995 2001 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 4-DOOR SEDAN White. Only 10,000 Miles. 4-Cyl., Automatic, Air, AM-FM Cassette, and More. Bal. of 5..."
Date:May 15 2002
Publication:Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... 27V. FICN pfdd 13'4 lOViFCmmF 48 34 FfltOM 1 7H FFdFV FFB 39 33 FFBpfB 137A BV.FFLnfd FlflnMo 85 53 Finish 25 A Fife pfG FILvT 26 22 A F1MD pf 17 2414 IB S fiTiS i 40V4 KAFIUSApl 49 'A FslUC 11 'A 6..."
Date:May 18 1994
Publication:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"... the continued .sixiedinii the .shock „ u}) of the great federal greatIv lessened and the con^iruetion ail liinds of credit,FFDFV\1 1AM) liVNKS The appropriations foi jhat the ability of the banks , and demoralize..."
Date:Dec 8 1931
Publication:Kansas City, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"...'d had t^ in on welfare * AFo . .Vi'.r ■-) n: .r'- r.rr- 'o ratr .rrze ' mr-' :,,e n..r'd • find 'inie for ran. FfdF.V so-e , .■rrs ir ^ar a r rrt i. n-^r ^'•rr.o'.f f;r.r-tdr in raid-bad liO'A:: tde..."
Date:Sep 13 1960
Publication:Farmington, New Mexico, United States of America
Text:"... Location: Sdect "Kansas" and "Wichita"Securitas Security ScrvicesUSA^Inc Call1^7944l6S7 JSCMU/FfDfV HAY8MED Impmii át Lh/u efOtir Patmdt aHäOmAmOmrMedkAiOáfrHe» léiéeâ C«al«r il eereaity..."
Date:Nov 12 2011
Publication:Hutchinson, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"...-n W Wenzel. Ftmd Vernon Na- tlir Suie Executive ol the Synod J-'eI Ff'dfV to vhlt her daughters' of Minnesota will be present and >lome HM" Flovd N.iKel at Guil- uill assist the pastor In the scr- Anter..."
Date:Sep 30 1948
Publication:Lime Springs, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... is full ct -Aater at high tide. Her cargo igcU. steamer Ezra I) Fogg Ivl Brovi- X'». I- ffd;'.'f'V'” Partindlstre»#, leakv. The New-гп?ь (.ardeBas, with a cargo of molasses bound to clitr.Vo^^M^'rp^f tor..."
Date:Jan 30 1861
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... Koppintlf DTamondi to MghEghlo txautiful dtiign. UK WSit. or ffDfV Oold. Dia. Illui, EnlargW la diow GuarantM. us irtcJAii IN COMPARE 413 WASHINGTON AVE- Also Fun Feature No. 2 Gidgel Goes Hawaiian Starring..."
Date:Dec 8 1965
Publication:Greenville, Mississippi, United States of America
Text:"... } F borm • . i », , 10 V I 13 1 ! W t P t Ю 41 s p f.a t n l;r indi v REAI. ESTATE FOR RENT F'FD-FV ftiîfi.S. — ('h.') rnpion, W’ildw'ood , Hid _}\Píit,iri.. у сои .4, l.uiiip, fgg, toK i,i- t GENUINE..."
Date:June 7 1943
Publication:New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... Service Rep - Wapak - Full-time - $6.50/hr. Church Secretary - Wapak - 6 hours/week iiftSTAFFMAi^. 101 Defiance St., Wapakoneta 738-5403 / 800-778-8971 EOE M/FfDfV T..."
Date:Feb 7 1999
Publication:Lima, Ohio, United States of America