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Australian Newspapers
Text:"... with the letters D.t.F.G.H.1. Evening class 5,30pm Tuesday, October 25 9.00em Surname beginning with the letter: K.i.M.N.O.r.O. Evening class 5.30pm Wednesday, October 26 9.30am Surname beginning with the letter: R..."
Publication:Oct 27 1977 - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"... of 1 V - cook's art-. They tickle they 'kiVflfaitd's suit Packet, at DtfGH-GRADE Manures alw.wj on Fand. Carter, Amos and Co." t oEWINQ, Machines repaired, needles, i bobbins, shuttles, and duplicate..."
Publication:July 18 1911 - Alexander, Victoria, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"..., On ----- - Fpwkj&i Oi SALE, White lEghcrn .Cqck:reis. El psr | ICC; available .every Turapay, i " - _ . - Page and eon, Bonnyrigg" phont? Iilviiqi6tl 210. EAI^Cartjind E^JSSj^96J®wnil tcij^ef^ad, pgtrfield-^pp^^atsjyTi'Dtfgh..."
Publication:Sep 1 1949 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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