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Date:Mar 21 1943
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
MyHeritage members
Country:Great Britain
Text:"...*i^,theHon. H. 1. Liu w ■«-jI,. m p Cir H. Fleet-Sir P. TrenclH M.P., Sir .M.P.,ihe M.Pm Sir PhUipde X. ^V^J^-f^J^ Dr ^Df. Llrwellia, thi Rev.M¿ iteJtcv.B. Douglas, CoU Rav«!.^ T. JliPlatt, Queen's cu..."
Date:Jan 27 1840
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"....,....«--- -, - • . • , VJFJ. LI': LL - Df^ l^'ÓK'5 , m^H P) e'c-kT.o Ti-^CZ To^ I Cl•.•■^,■-t£;^ A.-ilyTO -/o/iLo,- Ar£3r CtYiO • BO^T^ J^riT.^ nujNcrí lOù- crr.5'Util Or ^'íRCjUM^MT Dir^ you U3E To O-t-r DC H-f^j-io OUT from..."
Date:Aug 25 1930
Publication:Saint Charles, Missouri, United States of America