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Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, 1836-1922
Text:"... Mill. 4', -1 JnH in.'l Circulating Library. linCULATlKO LIBKAUY UEUBBUbIIIP, fr"RMA!lE9. ly the ntMitb.M c-'nte All the b'EW BuuhS a kiiiii pullli.hd A.FD.fh" day or week Old Book If iuuht I ) lU whole..."
Date:Day Month 1868
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...wt ddldraA i I PrlTnte Executors who find that the duties which they have asdomed tm^dr Wttia taka«p loo mach oi their tima, ara invitad to consult this Tha faea chargad for Actinf as Attomay or AfdfH..."
Place:British Columbia, Canada
Text:"... was giaa were set tc^an oûnGaious j^rty, ana aen^ arose, ^ it is ¡----ík^G^mé trimrnings-screBdso'flesh aadb^aes supposée, tne aamage ana the leveihng anuoea to.; Afdf,.;,,--h^ rbv, I hae while the Northerns..."
Date:Jan 12 1852
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... of 1320. Cards of in Memoriams poetry or 2c a minimum per issue DEATHS. tills city on Jutlp 27lli 1VALTK11 J. MAimt-AUT. Infant son of nrul Martha llci'llnrr nped 3 mon'lis. ItL-afdfH lilsi IinrL-nls. 1m IH..."
Date:June 27 1919
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... Wlillwnrlli for liln klndncn3 nnrt priiyorif, lo JJnctor linnl Kmllh nnil rmslntnrit nnrl In Ilia NurnoH nnd Niirufi! AfdfH were BO html lo May all, Violet Elder In The Courts DISTRICT COURT Dlvorco Dccrcos..."
Date:Apr 17 1971
Publication:Greeley, Colorado, United States of America
Text:"...;iickjt)und�Ik, Millfr,hnn)t,Win-,[ron,Ru"Mi.ike. Hopt.Work-.r.ton.Thotnpfon.homr-BlU Uflj Sunlt;,ilitM.WiJ(>d,fa,BaU�ft; Cattieriac,ihtR>,Cur�U,HoiM,B>U ana ot Fatliet m Cjod poflor Jofiah Hon, Qifhop of Kilmore Afd^fh..."
Date:Jan 23 1841
Publication:Dublin, Dublin, Ireland