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Chrystelle Sinclair-guionneau
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Last updated:Sep 17 2009
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Sinclair-Guionneau Web Site, managed by Chrystelle Sinclair-Guionneau
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"..., Connie J., Bermingham, Eldredge, Cooke, Richard G, Ward, R.H., Arias, Tomas D. and Guionneau-Sinclair, G. Reduced mtDNA Diversity in the Ngobe Amerindians of Panama. Genetics 140: 275-283 (1995). Kolman..."
Publication place:Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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Alexander Sinclair
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Dougherty Web Site, managed by Edward Liszewski
Birth:Day Month 1919 - Place
Death:Day Month 1996 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Wife:Name of wife
Children:<Private> Liszewski (born Sinclair) and names of 2 more children
Isabella Sinclair Of Roslin (born Of Strathearn)
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5000 Ancestors 2 16 2013 in fist try Web Site, managed by Marvin Caulk
Birth:1335 - Place
Death:Day Month 1391 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Husband:Name of husband
Son:Name of son
Betty May Sinclair
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OurLinks in Our Links, managed by Jeffrey Lehrer
Birth:1938 - Place
Death:Month 1943 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Garry Lionel Sinclair and name of one more sibling
Esther Sinclair (born Locheed)
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lindsay tree Web Site, managed by Billy lindsay
Death:1973 - Place
Husband:Name of husband
Children:John Sinclair and names of 2 more children
Ann (Annie) Bews Taylor (born Sinclair)
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offourtree in Little Web Site, managed by Neville LITTLE
Birth:1886 - Place
Death:Day Month 1968 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:John W C Sinclair and names of 4 more siblings
Partner:Name of partner
Children:Thomasina Adalade (Ina) Callaghan (born Taylor) and names of 4 more children
Catharina Sinclair (born Maclean ( Makelier ))
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Moody Family Tree in FordMoodyDavisOsbAckSipesLenard Web Site, managed by Kathleen Moody
Birth:Day Month 1631 - Place
Death:Day Month 1709 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Isabella Maclean Adlad Makeléer and names of 12 more siblings
Husband:Name of husband
Husband:Name of husband
Children:Anna Kruuse (born Davidsdotter Sinclair) and names of 6 more children
John Fisher (Jack) Sinclair
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Van Nest Family in Van Nest Family Web Site, managed by Terrance Van Nest
Birth:Day Month 1905 - Place
Death:Day Month 1937 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Kenneth Sinclair and name of one more sibling
Wife:Name of wife
Son:Name of son
Augustine Sinclair (born Turcotte)
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Ross Family Tree in Ross Web Site, managed by Carole Paré
Joan Elizabeth Sinclair (born Steeves)
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Strayhorn Family2 in Renton-Strayhorn Web Site, managed by Robert Strayhorn
Birth:Day Month 1926 - Place
Death:Day Month 2013 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Doris Catherine Steeves and names of 3 more siblings
Partner:Name of spouse
Children:<Private> Macdonald (born Sinclair) and names of 5 more children
William James Sinclair
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Brattan in Brattan Web Site, managed by Douglas John Brattan
Birth:Day Month 1844 - Place
Death:Day Month 1930 - Place
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Arthur John Sinclair and names of 13 more children
Mary Christina Sinclair (born Lentfer)
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EDWARDS FAMILY TREE in Edwards Web Site, managed by Neil Edwards
Birth:Day Month 1865
Death:Day Month 1935
Husband:Name of husband
Daughter:Name of daughter
Elizabeth Drummond (born Sinclair)
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Mark Mottram Family Tree 2014 in Mottram and Sayer Family Tree Web Site, managed by Mark Anthony Mottram
Birth:1376 - Place
Death:1460 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Henry Sinclair and names of 4 more siblings
Margaret Jane (Maggie) Fullerton (born Sinclair)
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Leask Web Site, managed by Inga Leask
Husband:Name of husband
Children:John James Fullerton and name of one more child
Elizabeth Allen (born Sinclair)
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Barker Web Site, managed by Julie-Anne Barker
Birth:Day Month 1827 - Place
Death:Day Month 1866 - Place
Husband:Name of husband
Children:John Allen and names of 3 more children
Alexandre Sinclair
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Monarquies in Rafa-Fresquet Web Site, managed by Helena Fresquet
Death:Day Month 1765
Wife:Name of wife
Daughter:Name of daughter