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Text:"... and domestic, and only the mild, clean center taste throat protection. But we're just at "It's toasted" Y Luckies are all-ways kind to your throat Only the Center art thf MiUyt Leaoes 1VM. 1hv AMftMl VftMM proud..."
Date:Apr 10 1934
Publication:Middletown, New York, United States of America
Text:"...> his qualifi- cations as a juror gave his business as a "paJnt oV clerk In a paint store. He the examination by asking- the court to excuse him, as the store at which he was employed was in the miUyt..."
Date:Nov 15 1905
Publication:Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
Text:"... of the festivities. Sea- shells swirl in an art nouveau quilt on., Fit for a princess in hot pink, or gala green, p-s-m'-l, Miuy't Sills fale, first flbbr Select-a-Shape panfy in average, Jon J-leg or extra long leg..."
Date:Nov 19 1968
Publication:San Mateo, California, United States of America
Text:"...-ix ^SODtaiñs more n^aì timely .jr forts; ¡.ntl ^-fhi-!^ it's v-nfit-tion than many htx»ks pat c-in to JáBLll^ cents or nsorf». it is your^ for ^■«sßu« at Tfav H^íJtóftef— „..i-eii-miUyt..."
Date:Feb 22 1911
Publication:Wellsville, New York, United States of America
Text:"..., which will be followed by an informal reception and the service of refreshments. To Sodality Hold Services Niiiely-lhree girls, all of Italian exlracUon, will be enrolled into St. .Miuy't- Sodality of St..."
Date:Dec 8 1933
Publication:Steubenville, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"..., awakened from a nap, harried from his cage into the center of the room. "How Is it?" he cried. "He pays me nothing. No check. How Is it MiUyT" Mllly brushed back a loc^ of her much discussed hair from her..."
Date:May 9 1919
Publication:Middlebury, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... Sk.twtr.) Two .peeUI M-iUyt crul. ind ( .1 GOLDEN JUBILEE Consult Canadian Pacific Ticket Agent II. G. STRETTON, Ticket Aitent, Phone 3M2, Letti- brldrc or O. D. Bropby, Dlst. Pass. Afent..."
Date:July 4 1936
Publication:Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Text:"... with nominal For hrtl conlKt Ralpti C. MIKKtll, JU-TVO. 2300 MiUyt StrMt Nki tfown of) Thii houu has cm be bought for imjll down pay- ment and iiigrTw. For full cootjct C. Mitchell. Wi- 7147. Lou la Rock Springs..."
Date:Oct 23 1964
Publication:Kingsport, Tennessee, United States of America
Text:"... lem of obtaining a sufficient num- bci of, fjinn but i athu llaiL cxpiissrd confidence thp m it tei would be Iromd out in a day 01 two At a meeting in St Miuyt, Hall enlhusiaam was high with some..."
Date:Nov 20 1946
Publication:Troy, New York, United States of America
Text:"...-t-blM of both i.-xc-i awl nil nyi-.. OK IN'DKiKyriON. I'aln In t'niiuh. Jsjur Stniiuu'li, KnuHlou-. hi Hit' M-mth I'iillKitfltltiituMtn1 I'.iin tn Hi.- of t he K Miu-yt. ntnl u t h. m-ati-1 ot tn-r t nn- tin..."
Date:Mar 24 1878
Publication:Dubuque, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"...'sT Kcc'd ana for sale PHIMK HAMS I which will bu "old lor cnili G.W. k Co. fay.-.: Not far froiu the probablo si't, lOfGJTT A.V1> SOLI) at all times at lilwwl prices in Lancaster, W. KYJ.AXII fc Co. Miuyt..."
Date:May 8 1858
Publication:Lancaster, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"...;iny lyw eoioi-s \-.ill make tlas';' iipearanccspj-iug. ;ii,ii tli.'i'e w¡;i l.e a wid(-i' v.ii'ieiy to ( ¡.¡¡ frii:.i tîuin .'n I'ecen; sea^oi^ .. Tiie new -'Miuyt-fte is a 1 i- lipiw.i : awt j.. i..."
Date:Mar 24 1919
Publication:Wabash, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... R«a#aa 13. Houston MiUy_t. Houston Davia 7, Houston Sam too 8. Oraag« 27, Beaumont High t. Port Arthur 27. Port Naches 9. Baytown 20. Galveston 14. Spring Branch 46. South Houston 18. Pasadena 27..."
Date:Nov 22 1958
Publication:El Paso, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... SWEATERS at and MKX'K BUTTON SWKATERS with fiiilar at POOTBALLS at anil STRIKi.vr; rjAG.S at and SKATES at 50c, .S.vmv Kill IKS at and SKIS at S1.EO, and MK.VS I a.1 and r'.OVS .MIUYt.U.ES at S18.00 and Jack..."
Date:Dec 21 1911
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"...»«I Ma 0»VM«MiUyt DOVT Mlaa liK Y«ur*,Rvaavr. Ti. m^arltj a,«!.«! thtlr n^ ^rla.itU«, .nd troni Ibal cuiit.liv. in pi'r.rij MiASiaM bli-curiiTt lUrr.ving iJHpair I. th* Ul *( »A« Mtl.y Irak bxkoalo.!. ftr..."
Date:Sep 7 1892
Publication:New Albany, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... dazzling duo fll ihi.1 ivlio will Inform bcnuiifui music ovi-iry dining mood. Everything from lilting meKxJies 10 lively Frankte Ray and Miuyt'Hun com- bine to mxk-.' a beautiful hknd of and u'nrmih (hai..."
Date:Feb 13 1977
Publication:Naples, Florida, United States of America
Text:"... a six-figure contract for 1967, joining Don Drysdale of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Willie Mays of the San Francisco .Idn't give any reason and seemed reluctant to acknow- seeniea reiutiaiit iu (H-MIUYT- i..."
Date:Feb 24 1967
Publication:Valparaiso, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... They so impi es.sed A 1, 'Inn irk. a mcrnhoi of the ArKisoiv Hoard of the that when told him of h.s e to operate a i estaui ant. has the winner in both leagues Tunick Miuyt-sted he applv foi..."
Date:July 9 1965
Publication:Austin, Minnesota, United States of America
Text:"... show lltun cm n j r Mrs M Ollil, OUiT Bin K Ihibblu Wcnfp p it.iloej. Kldv L Wi tel niel'in D M.irue Wctluu Clai'lm linen Olun.i Nucld. n Mi- H 1 Miuyt1 Wed her Mr-; j E Am t D Uutlcl Mis Ainus Hubert Hi..."
Date:Sep 22 1950
Publication:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"....M -Í.'-Miuyt U prol f'-i 1 \ '.iiill l'!:l■ i - resigned J'rom »iie o!ofiia; ¡ • Freinier H.ilfuui.. uii^i « a,- ni-. . •• frtead and undi-i-s.nd,» m .um m.i t.efs avoided at tli-' unif ■ hÌnìt ìt 'o..."
Date:May 10 1907
Publication:Wellsville, New York, United States of America