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1901 Ireland Census
Birth:Circa 1880 - County Down, Ireland
Residence:Mar 31 1901 - Seacliff Road, Bangor, Down, Ireland
Mother:James G D Latimer
Siblings:James A Latimer, Richard D Latimer, Gordon D Latimer
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1979
Also known as:Alias
Possible relatives:Tomeka M Latimer, and names of 2 more relatives
Residence:Full address, Pennsylvania
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1967
Possible relatives:Doris H Latimer, and names of 3 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Kentucky, and one more full address
Phone numbers:(270) xxx-xxxx, and one more phone number
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1982
California Births, 1905 - 1995
Birth:Day Month 1991 - Place
Mother's maiden name:Mother's maiden name
England & Wales, Birth Index, 1866-1920 & 1984-2005
Birth date:Birth date
Birth place:Place
Mother's maiden name:Mother's name
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Country:New Zealand 
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1979
Possible relatives:Wanda D Latimer, and names of 3 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Pennsylvania, and 3 more full addresses
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Latimer Web Site, managed by ann latimer
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Robert E Latimer and names of 6 more siblings
Texas Births, 1926 - 1995
Daughter:Name of child
Birth of daughter:Day Month 1926 - Place
Wife:Name of spouse
Texas Births, 1926 - 1995
Son:Name of child
Birth of son:Day Month 1931 - Place
Wife:Name of spouse
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James2 in Buss/James/Hatley/Kelly Web Site, managed by Judy Buss
Birth:Day Month 1724 - Place
Death:Day Month 1806 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Hannah Latimer and names of 11 more children