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Text:"... Charles'Ware 10 o SamuelWare, jun. ^ o E.^nd T. Diiwos 51 10 Lord Harewood . 500. o John Willock, Goldenr . fquare, 3 per tient. Cor\fwIs. Transferred iod a William ‘MoWbray ‘ 100 6 10 5 5 52 10 Ji 0 5 5..."
Date:Aug 18 1803
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... sons Lt Col Rich ard SWare Jr of Carlisle Pa Boice Ware of Richmond two brothers Aubrey L Ware of Fort Lauderdale Fla and Claude Ware of Bumpass and nine grandchildren Funeral services will be held..."
Date:Oct 7 1965
Publication:Petersburg, Virginia, United States of America
Text:"...,Hearons, Bright.31 io Anthony Brown Welch, Collins, Wells if . o SamuelWare and Son 30 R. ArthurandC. Pott 5210 IMr. Dep. Greenaway 5 5 Ja-mes Elnjflie . 10 10 William Clarke, Graae- John Henry Freese %o o church..."
Date:Jan 7 1813
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... ek'.'at SamuelWare's Sunday, alid wife two chil- hyye been fspenilliiK several, -weeks returfteil "wiffi "h'wft i liTeuf TfT hn BMH JIT B.liB center field iii game at Worcester. i era 1'weeks..."
Date:Aug 10 1910
Publication:Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... Gosling, Esq... h 0 Chas. J. Be'van, Esq.... 10 I* Mr. and Mrs. Collier... 4 D M. B. Rennle, Esq....... SSamuelWare, Esq....... S IF^UrSladcEsq------- J N. Cowley. Esq-------- 1 Mrs. Newton..."
Date:Jan 29 1838
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...,L.M Ware, Mabel L Ware, Mary O Ware, N Ware.N.B Ware.N.J Ware.K.G Ware.E.L Ware, Samuel O Ware, Samuel R Ware, Smith M , Ware, Thomas J Ware, Thomas M Ware, Ward Ware, William , Ware, William F Ware, William..."
Publication place:Washington, USA
Image:1554 of 1582
Text:"..., Robert M Ander- Princeton George SSamuelWare, Alphonso G Evans, John Magrr Border town John Hope, Edlnbiiif W E H Rome >IIIe, P H Vannoy, Pennlngton HOUSE REPAIRS AND SHED PERMI1S GRANTED weife luaued..."
Date:June 28 1904
Publication:Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America
Text:"...-sed .^439 4s. Subocriplions received at Messrs. Slessrs. Ive and BurbidgcSlO 10 Hoare’s. SamuelWare, Esq. ¿35 0 0 (¡odfrey Sykea. Enq. 5 0 0 The Hon. Kev. T. Dawney 1 1 o Messrs. Hoaie 100 0 ü Subicriptiou3..."
Date:Jan 28 1825
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... recently In honor ot Colonel Leon Kromer and Miss Mary Kromcr, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Henry Glbblns and Major and Mrs. Guy Ruppe. a a s SamuelWare, wife of Cap- Lain Is visiting Major and Mrs. E. J..."
Date:Aug 22 1926
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"... Road to Coxswain Robert W Ware son of Mr and Mrs SamuelWare Route 3 Cumberland took place December 21 in the rectory of SS Peter and Paul Church with the Rev Xavier Lucius officiating Miss Dorothy..."
Date:Jan 5 1947
Publication:Cumberland, Maryland, United States of America
Text:".... The representatives to the state convention, are: SamuelWare, S. D. Stuart, L. Wild, H. M. Williams, S. A. Tescher, L. S. Baldwin, A. A. fhillips, Gecrge Young, W. W. Men-denhall, L. N. Stultz, Clark Coffin, Addison..."
Date:Feb 17 1900
Publication:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
Text:".... Stevens, Mr John Stewart, Mr J. Torrance, Mr M. M. Torrance, Mr R.Wain-wrlght, Mr and Mrs J. H. AA'are, MrSamuelWare and Mr William Yota. Maine Stuto Shoot. RICHMOND, Me, Aug 15-The Maine state shoot..."
Date:Aug 16 1894
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America