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Text:"... for iirst-class passen- gers, one for modern kitchen, and the .third; for third-class Donald F. Dickson Paul O. Crabtree Thomas L. Burr 'Hell From Heaven Men' Graduated The three young .Charlestonians j isms..."
Date:May 14 1943
Publication:Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:".... Chapman, Paul Wilber. Chicken Raising Made Easy. New York: The Macmillan Co., [cl943] 152 p. illus. Charles, ThomasBurr. Commercial Poultry Farming by T. Burr Charles and Homer O. Stuart. Danville, 111..."
Publication place:Ithaca, New York, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"..., and it was manifeff. to me, that I fhould meet with fome Trial, before I got home, for the Gofpel fake \ } r et, neverthelefs we went forward, and came to Ware. Ware. There we called to fee ThomasBurr : From thence T..."
Date:Between 1641 and 1712
Publication place:London, England
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Text:"... In raarrrage by her father. Only attendants on the couple were Megan Schutte, four-year-old daugh- ter of ilr. ar.d Mrs. Richard Schutte fHatheriy Bliss) of i'lfCUi-uni a ii d 111 u vear old son, ThomasBurr..."
Date:Oct 20 1958
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"... stockholders subscribe to the bonds with a XEW A Foolish KANSAS year this ThomasBurr worked a day and half for a neighboring fanner named Blom berc in Miller Burr wanted for the work but Blomberg would pay him..."
Date:Oct 8 1889
Publication:Lawrence, Kansas, United States of America
Text:"... Thomas as the same was in a locked safety de posit one key to which was held by the and the same could not be and the said policy 130355 was not physically delivered to the said ThomasBurr or to plain..."
Date:June 30 1930
Publication:Houston, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... Siers, Elizabeth Miller and Freda Stubbs, all of Lewisburg; Annie Harrah of Rainelle and, lone Ray of Renick. Macca Anderson, Margaret Morgan, J. Hillary Finch, Annie ,r4mT_A_r ,T -jHolcomb, ThomasBurr..."
Date:July 26 1971
Publication:Beckley, West Virginia, United States of America
Text:"... Letters THEME Aherne Emery Leigh Andrews Essen Lombard Slezak Evelyn Lorre B Baker Stewart Balfour F Fonda M Bel Geddes Fontaine Maiden T Bergman McCrea ThomasBurr GGielgud Miles Tuttle Graham Mlland C..."
Date:May 5 2007
Publication:Brandon, Manitoba, Canada