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Pablo Serrano Nuñez
MyHeritage Family Trees
JD Web Site, managed by Diego Santander
Birth:Day Month 1922 - Place
Death:Day Month 2009 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Andrea and names of 17 more siblings
Partner:Name of spouse
Wife:Name of wife
Children:<Private> Serrano and names of 10 more children
MyHeritage Family Trees
Kong - Li Family Trees, managed by David Beltran
Parents:<Private> Antonio, <Private> Antonio (born Santiago)
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Florante Vazquez and names of 9 more children
MyHeritage Family Trees
El sitio de la familia Durán y Arroyo, managed by Francisco Durán
MyHeritage Family Trees
sanchez Web Site, managed by andy sanchez
Wife:Name of wife
Child:Name of child