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Death:Day Month 2014 - Place
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Nadine Gordimer
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Birth:Nov 20 1923 - Springs
Death:July 13 2014 - Johannesburg
Parents:Isidore Gordimer, Hannah Gordimer
Husband:Gerald Gavronsky, Reinhold Cassirer
Children:Oriane, Hugo
Text:"... "Not for Publication" style, predicates the previous by N'adineGordimer; "Stories interest of iLs readers. of the Early West" by Francis In his forward, the author Bret Harte; "The Adventur- states. "In..."
Date:July 26 1965
Publication:Elyria, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... of th art of short story writing to day than NadineGordimer Previous to her presen volume. Miss ha lad published 2 novels and :ollections of short storie: Each succeeding book n veals a more perfect..."
Date:Feb 14 1960
Publication:Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"...An Act Of Affirma tion NadineGordimer THE LATE BOURGEOIS WORLD. By Nadine Gordi- mer. Viking Press. For all its brevity, this novel marks a new and vital stage in the development of NadineGordimer..."
Date:July 9 1966
Publication:Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
Text:".... In Freud and His Followers, Paul Roazen provides new information about the rifts which have beset psycho-South African novelist-short- analysis since its inception, story writer NadineGordimer writes..."
Date:Apr 13 1975
Publication:Oxnard, California, United States of America
Text:"... OF THE COUNTRY, By NadineGordimer. Simon Schflster, Fifteen short stories, some o! which you may have read, make up -this second collection from this talented South More'thaii half of them have appeared in the1..."
Date:Oct 8 1956
Publication:Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... this situation to world as but in terms of creative With five books to her credit two novels and three collections of NadineGordimer strikes one as an artist now ap proaching her To look she is a finelyboned..."
Date:Mar 31 1961
Publication:Freeport, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"... put down None to Accompany Me By NadineGordimer Penguin This Nobel laureates fictional setting is again her native South Africa but in this novel it is the country of the present finally freed from..."
Date:Oct 15 1995
Publication:Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States of America
Text:"... these funds have helped create THE facilities TO THE products TO LITERARY | GUIDE POST By ROGERS THE LYING by NadineGordimer iC Shaw can't be left at home as her of Atheiton and her A little girl approaching..."
Date:Oct 9 1953
Publication:Winslow, Arizona, United States of America
Text:"...6 THE ADA IVINlUa NIWS, ADA, OKU., SUNDAY, MAY Literary Guideposts Probes Deeper, Sees Beyond Normal Vision THE SOFT VOICE OF THE SER- PENT, and other stories, by NadineGordimer (Simon Schuster..."
Date:May 25 1952
Publication:Ada, Oklahoma, United States of America
Text:"... of childhood and adolescence Although the novel keeps the reader engrossed throughout there NADINEGORDIMER is tendency to wonder if per haps the first part Is autobiog raphical and the last from the college..."
Date:Oct 18 1953
Publication:Petersburg, Virginia, United States of America
Text:" at Calumet DIAL 452-3434 THE CONSERVATIONIST. By Nadine Gordimcr. Viking. 252 Pages. South African novel ist- short-story writer NadineGordimer writes vividly of the beauty and squalor of her home..."
Date:Apr 9 1975
Publication:Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... Gordimer Penguin NadineGordimer who last year won the Nobel Prize in Literature is an expert at finding the political within the personal the personal within the political Like her previous work most..."
Date:Oct 25 1992
Publication:Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... to the lyre played by the figure of Time, and the structure of ■'1 v l\\ SELECTED STORIES. By Nafine Gdrdimier. yfldngr 381 Pages. $10. NadineGordimer has selected 31 stories from five pih^ viously published..."
Date:Oct 28 1976
Publication:Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... emphasis in a world where his view of poetry docs not always prevail. On Human Relationships «or FOR PUBLICATION AND OTHER STORItSi by Na/ine Gotdimer, 24t pp., Toronto, Mocmil/ort, J5.95. NADINEGordimer..."
Date:June 19 1965
Publication:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... Guidepost AP Newsfeatnre THE LYING DAYS, by Na-dineGordimer (Simon Schuster, S3.95). Helen Snaw can't be left at home alone, as her father,'of Atherton, Mine, and her mother, too, agree. A little girT..."
Date:Oct 5 1953
Publication:Bakersfield, California, United States of America
Text:".... But NadineGordimer is a thorn in the side of the South African government. As a writer, her novels have stirred the foes of apartheid with words that slash at the system. Three of her books have been banned..."
Date:Apr 27 1980
Publication:Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... by 8 rafters. Deck, walks are built of 2 by 4-inch Douglas fir laid flat. Cool haven in the garden: dw't-yonself gazebo Strong novel of men and land 'f THE CONSERVATIONIST. By NadineGordimer. Viking..."
Date:Apr 14 1975
Publication:Chester, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"...34 The Register Leisuretime Books 1979 NadineGordimer Novel Mixes Love BURGERS DAUGHTER by Nadine 361 I want to know somewhere Rosa Burger She is in her and for a quarter of a century she has known..."
Date:Oct 14 1979
Publication:Santa Ana, California, United States of America