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Birth:Aug 16 1902 - Wimbledon
Death:July 4 1974 - London
Brother:Boris Heyer
Husband:George Ronald Rougier
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Possible relative:Werner Adolph Heyer
Residence:Full address, Michigan
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Birth:Day Month 1893
Death:Month 1970 - Place
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Australian Newspapers
Text:".... By John Mascflcld, 7/fl i post Sell 'J mi: TALISMAN RING. By GeorgetteHeyer. A fine hlstoiicol lomonco 7/6 ipost 5di. 1NHLIUTOES. By Bilan Penton, author of "Landtokeis" The "Sun" (Sydnoyi..."
Publication:Dec 12 1936 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"... ^^feUrliM^p of Time,' by Sir P. spoken Mile,' by M. ?HRnHjPH Cost 13/6 each ^^HjlIifc&B^B Come in Spinner,' by D. ^^?UMNJHh Cusach and F. James aW1''^ man,' by GeorgetteHeyer 11/6 each 'Pray Love..."
Publication:Nov 1 1951 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"... for you. YOUNG NOVELIST In my dream I picked up a book by GeorgetteHeyer called There She When—the When underlined. I started reading it, and, as I did so, it all came to life. A woman came downstairs..."
Publication:June 18 1955 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Australian Newspapers
Text:".... It is a tritute to the people of the world's metropolis that they carry on under such trying conditions. However, there has been little falling off . in supplies. It was announced some time ago that GeorgetteHeyer..."
Publication:Jan 17 1942 - Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Australian Newspapers
Text:"..., by Idriess, 6/; The Conqueror, by GeorgetteHeyer, 4/9; Mr. and Mrs. Pennington, by F. Brett Young, 7/6; Footsteps in the Dark, by 'G. Heyer, 4/9; and many, other titles. Children's Picture iBoolts, 6d., 1/, 1..."
Publication:Dec 16 1933 - Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia