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Text:"... of Whitman College. While the magazine article is primarily concerned with six case studies of Green Giant, a series of four photographs illus- trating the article show Kirk- man in various poses. JohnLowden..."
Date:Sep 25 1966
Publication:Walla Walla, Washington, United States of America
Text:"..., Fifth Street; Harold Ferguson, Hudson; Pale Abbott, 18th Street; Barbara La Forrest, Win-throp Drive; Mrs. Wayne Kin, Carey; Mrs. Charles J. Trautwein, Arlington; Mrs. JohnJ. Lowden, Allen Avenue..."
Date:Dec 2 1974
Publication:Findlay, Ohio, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"..., it having been acquiesced in by them. Bill by Grace B. Davis against JohnJ. Lowden, as guardian of Lester Roscoe Davis. Heard on pleadings and proof. Decree for defendant P. H. Gllhooly, for complainant..."
Date:Between 1897 and 1898
Publication place:Minnesota, USA
Image:671 of 1133
Text:"..., Thomas Sunderland, J^ihn.Lowden,, Mrs. Alice Lowden, Susannah Lowden, JohnLowden, Chas. Lowden, tttiUi Gollerfc, Honor CbUert, C. D. Coltort, Louisa, CoUert, Thos. Collert, FJizabeth CbiHart;, John..."
Date:Oct 11 1879
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... will be ite c e i V e d into communicant Saemibership by tihe rite of oon-^rmaidon. Class memlbers are j^iron Hutton, Debortah Long, •J!}ohnLowden, John McCkin and 3Bruce Reddiek.Notre Dame To Graduate Ohioans..."
Date:June 5 1965
Publication:Findlay, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... Mercantile company and Cecil Linn versus Albert J. Berkey and JohnLowden. In the case in which the water company was named defendant the plaintiff alleged that he was forced to seek medical attention..."
Date:Oct 22 1919
Publication:Elkhart, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... .............. W. Wickliff ........... JohnLowden ............... J W. Watts ., ............. AV. H. Smith ................ Charles Taylor ............. Harvey Snider .. .......... Stewart Boyd ........... W. D..."
Date:Jan 28 1909
Publication:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"..., Lewis Gibler, B. F. Sheran, General. O. L. Aumiller, stamps, M. A. Kreig Co., David Cosey, B. B. Lefever, 85c. G. C. Silcott, Felix Patton, flO. F. W. Poston, O. L. Aumiller, JohnLowden, J. M. Lama..."
Date:Sep 7 1906
Publication:Athens, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"..., Portage la Atkins, Morden; Thos. Burns, Win. Burns. BJythfield. At the Leiand: Win. H. JLieischman, Van- couver; JohnLowden, Toronto; J. P. Young, John Dodimead, Portage; D. Ross, White- mouth; G..."
Date:Feb 18 1890
Publication:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"...; D. Biites, Fort Brancb; J. F7 Maddox, Shelbyville; J. D. Marsh, Greenfield: H. H. McCabe, Indianapolis? J. T.* Vaw-ter, Greenfield; Walter Underwood. Indianapolis; JohnLowden, Carroliton: J. M. Tobia..."
Date:May 15 1879
Publication:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"...: Ifl. Massachusetts: Coolidge, 2S: Wood, 7. Michigan Johnson, 30, M'.uiesota: Wood, 10; Lowden. 3: John- Mississippi: Johnson. 1: Lowden, Wood, Dul'ont, 1; Harding, J. Missouri: Wood, S; Lowden, ID..."
Date:June 12 1920
Publication:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... Wood Connecticut 13 Lowden 1 John out the convention that many dele gations were preparing to get on the band wagon with the coming ballots Johnson Makes Threat During the noon recess it was understood..."
Date:June 12 1920
Publication:Waterloo, Iowa, United States of America
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Text:"...'s cathednl. Only a tew friends of the bride'and groom wen present at the marriage. The bride has tanght In the Shelbyville schools for sevenl years. Mr. Lowden ta a son ot Dr. and Mrs. JohnLowden, ot Tan..."
Date:June 24 1915
Publication:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... will scoa rustle around and git what sliver and gold we need. Carl Lowden, a son of Dr. JohnLowden, of Moral township, was in the city today visiting his slater, Mrs. Nannie Sleeth. Mr. Lowden has been..."
Date:June 1 1912
Publication:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"...,-be might say, murderous naiure. ' The Defendants were, JohnLowden,:a:; butcher, of Norwich, Biid hisrlwdsonsvJames-ond Charles: James Brown, also a bnlrlier�:Iivin;g with IVlr. Lowden ; Wm. Knnecr, servant..."
Date:Aug 9 1822
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:".... JohnLowden, barrister-at-law, of the Irish bar, and a large landholder, who deposed with much emphasis that he believed all the murders in Ireland to have been com- �* Herds' League"-a body opposed..."
Date:July 11 1889
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... improving from an infection caused by being bitten by a rat. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sheidler, Wil- liam T owden, Mrs. Alva Wood and Miss Pauline PolHck called on Mr. and Mrs. JohnLowden. of Ottawa, Tunday..."
Date:Jan 12 1936
Publication:Lima, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... plunged into the ravine below, is that it is dangerous to the traveling public. BUSINESS MAN A SUICIDE. JohnLowden, of Michigantown, Shoots Himself with Revolver. JohnLowden, age fifty-five, a prominent..."
Date:June 6 1912
Publication:Lebanon, Indiana, United States of America