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Text:"... DRUG STORES Miss Buckland, Mr. Elliott- Pledge Vows Single-ring vows were ex changed by Bobbye Joyce Buck- land, daughter Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Cowan, Rimrock Rd., and John WilliamElliott, son of Mrs..."
Date:Feb 3 1957
Publication:Billings, Montana, United States of America
Text:".... D. Lynch. James Dixon. John Bless ng. William McOlure, S. G. Parker. Z, B. Waller, WilliamElliott. taken In »10,570, which waa more thanWhltcomb,wmam Hacker, was collected all day Ttanday. The..."
Date:May 6 1915
Publication:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"....”CORRESPONDENCE. SNAKE BITES. To the Editor «/ the St. James’s Gazette. Sir,—In your Gazette of the 2nd inst Mr. WilliamElliott refers to the ex-convict Anderson and his antidote. Thirty years ago I remember seeing ex..."
Date:July 11 1887
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"...- RIDGEBUR Y SA YS FARE WELL TO MR. AND MRS. CLARK fceph, and groat-grandson of the ongi- nai John Eliot, before mentioned. His grandfather, Dr. WilliamElliott, was the first of the name to adopt the present..."
Date:Sep 30 1912
Publication:Middletown, New York, United States of America
Text:"...-(;omb. Leónidas Gordon, Thomas Wray. Michael DePrez, Cyrus \Vlight, Robert Houston, Isaac Newton, William McClure, S. G. Parker, Z. B. Waller, WilliamElliott, William Hacker, William E. Teal, John 1 essing, A. H..."
Date:Apr 30 1915
Publication:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... been received in this city stating that Jesse W. Elliott of Newport, News, Va., is lying at the point of death. Mr. Elliott is the only living brother of WilliamElliott of this city, and formerly..."
Date:May 11 1905
Publication:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... in New Members on Both Sides of House Dr. WilliamElliott, who, reports from Ottawa state, has been chosen ns new IJeutenant-Govemor of Saskatch- ewan. Dr. Elliott was a member of the Cabinet..."
Date:Sep 30 1930
Publication:Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Text:"...-first Infantry; WILLIAM W. HARRIS, Jr., to firm lieutenant. Thirtieth Infantry. First Lieut IRA C. BROWN, medical reserve corps, will return to his proper station. Fort Lan-ton, Wash. Capt. WILLIAMELLIOTT..."
Date:July 14 1911
Publication:Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America