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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:".... McNeal, S. W. Elmer E. Ditty J. W. *Died January 3, 1901. 1894Robert M. McNeal, ....W. M. Elmer E. Ditty, S. W. SamuelS. Pick J. W. 1895Elmer E. Ditty W. M. SamuelS. PickS. W. Frank P. Seebold, J. W..."
Publication place:Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Text:".... Mrs. D. R. Plckarti Mrs. S. Probasco. SamuelPick. MrSamuelPick, Mini Mabel N. Huth, Mis Luclie Rountree, Miss B. Sheeran. R. Stev eiur, Mrs, A. L. Bmythe, F. S. Smith, Mi J. B. Stevenson, J. F. Smith..."
Date:July 22 1934
Publication:Galveston, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... of the contestants fol- 1 o Harry L. .lr.......... s Francis Ryan................ 7 A'ljriistlne Kranz............... fi i SamuelPickS JJavia Weiss................... 4 Helen K. Baitazar 4 Jean Potts 4 Paul..."
Date:Feb 11 1926
Publication:Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States of America
Text:"... issued regularly Mr Fogg when is the pracine book Here it is said Fogg hand ing over a square book Here is the entry resumed Dodson Middlesex Capias Mar tha Bardell widow y SamuelPick wick Damages L1500..."
Publication:Des Moines, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... to That this nssodnlton hns rcul ivitli fwlinjjK of uiiiiiuiiifLriJ ajiproval thft fifipor toniminiKatiJ br SamuelPick Ksq G CM V Chair rjitivirfc eiitiHfiJ On Theory of Titllej WtV ami tbiit this association Mooa..."
Publication:Des Moines, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... mother of Mr. Henry Pick, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Mr. Charles Pick, Mr. SamuelPick and Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson; sister of Adam Murphy of Ontario, Canada; grandmother of Diane Slat on; great-grandmother of five..."
Date:June 16 1967
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"... for their several homes. We would give a list of the presents.; which were numerous and valuable, but for lack of space. W. B. Pickering, of Fayette- ville, Tenn., of our worthy and es- teemed townsman, Mr. Samuel..."
Date:Oct 9 1884
Publication:Athens, Ohio, United States of America
Text:".... SamuelPick», Minshnl Vernon. 2. For the beet dsiry of cheese under 20 Ibe. eaeh, Mr. Nprman, Stenthorne. 3. Mr. Thomu Daviec, Shew-hridge, ,Ditto, not mode on a Sabbath day, birs. Morlston, doiryowud..."
Date:Sep 27 1841
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... along on many of the musical numbers The play was set on Christmas Eve 1865 in MrSamuelPick wicks country home in Cheshire England It was based loosely on A Christmas Carol and The Pickwick Papers..."
Date:Dec 16 1988
Publication:Aiken, South Carolina, United States of America
Text:"...,1999, at her home after an illness of one month. A native of Rockingham County, she was the wife of the late Mr. Jesse Banner Hensley and the daughter of Mr. SamuelPick-ney Jarrett and Mrs. Delia Blankenship..."
Date:Feb 3 1999
Publication:Burlington, North Carolina, United States of America
Text:"... in England, brings more clown- ing than character to his imper- sonation of Mr. SamuelPick- wick. There's a can't-miss song, "If I Ruled the World." Reviews were mixed. Personality Parade. .Oma- ha's Inga..."
Date:Oct 21 1965
Publication:Ada, Oklahoma, United States of America
Text:"... Tour. Through the chambers of my brain in it slippers walk ever arm-in-arm Sir hn Falstaff and "Mr. SamuelPick- Holmes. Were the genial Autocrat living to- y, would he not add Mr. Dooley? Who ntribntes..."
Date:Apr 5 1902
Publication:Frederick, Maryland, United States of America
Text:"... their reality. With.each DOOLEY IN FOREIGN PARTS. His Value as a Universal Peace Com- missioner. Through the chambers of my brain In list slippers walk ever aim-in-arm Sir John Falstaff and Mr. SamuelPick..."
Date:Mar 30 1902
Publication:Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... to the Teasel in time to leave at half past flvr o'clock in the afternoon for Ber- muda and New York. THE Prominent am cms the cruise par.RengcrH on the ship Mr. SamuelPick. President of the I lit. Whether you..."
Date:Jan 2 1934
Publication:Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica
Text:"... are recorded Mr KH Higglns the astute and enthusiastic bull moosewho l his heafl on tho tip of the tnurvji stetple for two hours and a naif if Taft is elected and in case Kooscvek is elected MrSamuelPick ens..."
Date:Oct 25 1912
Publication:Ireton, Iowa, United States of America
The Jewish Chronicle
Text:"... re et, B.C. BOARD AND RE8IDENCE LADY (not elderly) wants good home Ifor 26«. per week 5 W. or H.W.—A. Z^ |c/o F. Griggs 166, High-road, Kiltrara. BOARD AND RESIDENCE. MrSamuel*Pick ... i7. ^ 1 10Miss..."
The Jewish Chronicle
Text:"... ... v. Mr. Sander Lazanis Mr. Ben Keis ... Mr. Jack Rosenstein ... Mr. Henry Weinberger Mr. SamuelPickMr. Morris Kruzinski Miss Ernestine PickMr. Joseph Lcrbl Mr. Jack Isaacs Mr. Herman Haiisman Mi..."
The Jewish Chronicle
Text:"... ' ... 1 10 Mr. SamuelPick 110 Mr. Hermann Lebus 10 0 Mr. J. Loebl 10 G Mr. Jack Isaacs 0 6 Mrs. M. Frischer 10 6 In Memoriam 0 G Anonymous ... ... ... ... 10 6 Mr. Ferdinand Krasa 10 0 Mr. Josiah Isaacs 0..."
The Jewish Chronicle
Text:"... Kruzinski 110 Mr. Ben Reia... . 1 10 Mr. SamuelPick .... ... ' ... 1 1 *> Misa Ernestine Pick ... ... 110 Miss Rosei Brookman, collected - „ iu pennies ... ... ... — l*>.0 Mrs. Maurice Frischer 10 i) Mr..."
The Jewish Chronicle
Text:"...__Mr. SamuelPick • 1 10 Miss Ernestine Pick * ... ... 110Mr. Sander Lazarus ... ... 10 6 Mrs. Sander Lazarus ••• ... 10 6Mr. Jack Isaacs ... ... ... 10 6 Mr. Josiah Isaacs ... 10 6In memoriam..."