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Text:"... SPEAKING HISWORD TO REACH MAN. What is the need today for missionaries to take this saving faith to those who have not heard? There are 214 billion people in the world today of whom 835 million are at least..."
Publication place:Weaverville, North Carolina, USA
Text:"... earlier that warrants totalling Mutiny on Bataan Before Surrender in 1942 Bared SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Dec. island was true, "but it Hilton Amazed at Uses Of HisWord Shangri-La By VIRGINIA MACPHERSON United..."
Date:Dec 30 1948
Publication:San Mateo, California, United States of America
Text:"....) The next story: "Shadow the Weasel UsesHis Nose." WORD AND DEED "Prisoner, have you anything "Assuredly, your honor. I de- sire to state without reserve: 01 circumlocution, that the penalty imposed should..."
Date:June 7 1928
Publication:Ogden, Utah, United States of America
Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, 1836-1922
Text:"... Uses tho Word Frequently His Wild Actions There Ib but ono George Francl3 Train, and he 1b In Washington. He Is here with a purpose on wheels. In fact his whole b-Mug is made up of wheels and purposes..."
Date:Day Month 1895
His Word Ministries
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Residence:Full address, Illinois
His Word Bookstore
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Possible relative:Frank Bookstore
Residence:Full address, New Jersey
His Word Church In
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Also known as:Alias
Residence:Full address, Colorado
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Birth of son:1912
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