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MyHeritage Family Trees
Lille mets in Perekond Lill sugulased Web Site, managed by Paul Lill
Wife:Name of wife
Child:Name of child
MyHeritage Family Trees
Tõnis Hindricke Web Site, managed by Paul Lepp
Wife:Name of wife
Children:<Private> Täär and name of one more child
MyHeritage Family Trees
Porter Mitchel Cleaver Fallin -4 in Cleaver Family Site (23andMe), managed by Judy Cleaver
Birth:1871 - Place
Death:Day Month 1953 - Place
Mother:Mother's name
Siblings:Rudolph Vidro and names of 7 more siblings
MyHeritage Family Trees
Vahtra Web Site, managed by virge vahtra
Partner:Name of spouse
Children:Endel Vahtra and names of 9 more children
MyHeritage Family Trees
Slekta mi in Andersen Web Site, managed by ABM
MyHeritage Family Trees
Slekt 2015 in Ingemund Bildoy Web Site, managed by Ingemund Bjarne Bildøy
MyHeritage Family Trees
Korvits Family Tree in Kjellstrøm Web Site, managed by Kjersti-Ann Kjellstrøm
Birth:Day Month 1878 - Place
Death:Day Month 1952
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Marie Rosalie Johanna Lachk (født Schmidt) and names of 13 more siblings
MyHeritage Family Trees
Künnapas Web Site, managed by Triinu Kask
Birth:Day Month 1887 - Place
Death:1949 - Place
Wife:Name of wife
Son:Name of son