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pp_95418758 in Familienseite, managed by Roland Welling
L. Müller
Germany Deaths and Burials, 1582-1958
Son:Name of child
Birth of son:1844
Death of son:Day Month 1848 - Place
L. Ph. Müller
Norway Burials, 1666-1927
Wife:Name of spouse
Burial of wife:Day Month 1908 - Place
L.A.C. Müller
Biographical Summaries of Notable People
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Schmidt-Ulm Web Site, managed by Petra Schmidt-Ulm
Wife:Name of wife
Children:<Private> Müller and name of one more child
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pp_134057061 in Familienseite, managed by Lutz Westendorf
Birth:Day Month 1875 - Place
Death:1937? - Place
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Louise Anna Emma Freitag (geb. Müller) and names of 5 more children
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BADE Web Site, managed by Jürgen Seemann
Birth:Day Month 1731 - Place
Death:Day Month 1815 - Place
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Eleonora Katharina Friederika Zander (geb. MÜller) and names of 2 more children
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Bißbort Web Site, managed by Robert Bissbort
Birth:Date - Place
Death:Date - Place
Wife:Name of wife
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Gartner Georg-Christoph Dr.jur. wirklicher Hofrat i.R. Family Tree in Gartner I -BasicFamily GARTNER,WALTERSDORFER:Hirz,Purgay, Vogelweider,Kees,Dobrovic,Scholze, Adam,Bogner,Schlösser,Köblinger,Kossär, Mahlknecht,Krenn,Werdnik,Fuchs,Wrezl, Jagritsch,Eckrieder,Dobrila,Spes,Wolf, Schreiner,Brand,Wratschgo,Baumgartner, et, managed by Georg-Christoph Gartner Dr.
Children:9generationen Hahnneithardtgneisenau and name of one more child
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6961897-1 in Benkert Web Site, managed by Nick Benkert
Birth:Circa 1898 - Place
Death:After 1942
Parents:Names of both parents
Brother:Name of brother