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MyHeritage Family Trees
Stavenga in Stavenga Bodewes Web Site, managed by Harry Tjeerd Stavenga
Birth:Day Month 1814 - Place
Death:Day Month 1875 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Sister:Name of sister
Ethel Rippenbein
1911 England & Wales Census
Birth:Circa 1902 - Place
Residence:Day Month 1911 - Place
Dinah Rippenbein
1911 England & Wales Census
Birth:Circa 1900 - Place
Residence:Day Month 1911 - Place
Maria Rippenbein
Ohio Deaths, 1908 - 1966
Death:Day Month 1964 - Place
MyHeritage Family Trees
Weand our ancestors in Wesselius Web Site, managed by Andries Wesselius
Husband:Name of husband
Bassy Ripenbann
Russians Immigrating to the United States
Birth:Circa 1887
Arrival:Day Month 1890 - Place