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Text:"... and Barr spent Sunday at Truesdale with MissEmmaMaton spent Sunday with her Sherman McFariand had an accident while coining in from the count i nil his bicycle a motorcyle came up irnu behind He received..."
Date:Sep 3 1912
Publication:Spencer, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... coating for slate shingles and paper covering 10 year guarantee Comes in black red and green Massillon Quality Implement 3150 Lincoln Way NW Dinl 20122 TWO FREE Guest Tickets will be given to MrsEmmaMaton..."
Date:Aug 31 1942
Publication:Massillon, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"..., John P. Horton Golden, MissEmmaMaton, Mrs. Frank Weber, Mrs. Herbert J. Barnes, Mrs. Leland Palittch and Miss Rita M. Bohrer. YOUR BEST HOME REFRIGERATION DOWN. FULL PRICE ttjctttH fMM, whkii M..."
Date:Apr 26 1950
Publication:Troy, New York, United States of America
Text:"...,000 50,000 25,000 230.000 100.000 100,000 250.000 30.000 100,000 500,000 THE POLICE COURTS. THAMES. EmmaMaton, a very drunken and dissipated womi who has don« immense miichief in her tune, was brougl..."
Date:Jan 1 1864
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
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Birth:Day Month 1840 - Place
Death:After 1890
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Louis Armand Theodore Davesne and names of 9 more siblings
Husband:Name of husband
Children:Victor Theodore Maton and names of 2 more children
Emma Maton
1911 England & Wales Census
Birth:Circa 1856 - Place
Residence:Day Month 1911 - Place
Emma Maton
1911 England & Wales Census
Birth:Circa 1859 - Place
Residence:Day Month 1911 - Place
Husband:Name of spouse
Children:Kate Maton and names of 5 more children
Emma Maton
1911 England & Wales Census
Birth:Circa 1882 - Place
Residence:Day Month 1911 - Place
Husband:Name of spouse
Child:Name of child