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Text:"... raised this year from to Number of judges for the con- tests has been raised from six to twelve, six for each division. Purple Grapefruit May Be Seen Soon On Nation's Mart WESLACO Purple grapefruit may..."
Publication:Brownsville, Texas, United States of America
Text:"...PAGE FOURTEEN THE PROGRESS Philipiburg Moshonnon Volley Po Thursdoy Moy 2 1974 Watchdog Agency Seen Needed Over Nation's Inflation Witness Links Connolly to Bx R GREGORY NOKES Press Hnter I'-e Senate..."
Date:May 2 1974
Publication:Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"...% ... 50Vi .... «5 .... 26 34',i FROM FAT SHORTAGE SEEN FOR THE NATION .136 ........ 31% ....................................... 70',4 Woolworth ............................................ Washington) June..."
Date:June 28 1945
Publication:Thomasville, Georgia, United States of America
Text:"..., WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1934 Subscription, Per Year in Advance -jm _________________________'________________ ii'miM Con- and Things Seen In the Nation's Capital. Fred Biermann) Ambition. i jiibt-been listening ot..."
Date:May 30 1934
Publication:Nashua, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"...JULY �V MUSKOGEE ji' ^-ypEMOCRAT Paralyzed Industry In England Looms TROUBLE GROWS MORE SERIOUS; NO RELIEF SEEN Obserrers^Say Nation Will Face One of Worst Crises In Its History COAL STRIKE FIGURES..."
Date:July 23 1925
Publication:Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States of America
Text:"... palirnts beyond the reach of passable He is displaying his aeromobile at the Tokyo trade Dark Future Seen For African Nation Behind Rhodesia sFacade Lies Race Discrimination By ANDREW WILSON Herald Tribune..."
Date:July 10 1961
Publication:Steubenville, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... he Is with on the tire con- ADDITIONS 'Paradox' Seen Peril To Nation BILLION IN AID URGED By OVID A. MARTIN Associated Farm Itrpartpr WASHINGTON in President Eisonhmvor naked Congress torlny on Page H..."
Date:Jan 9 1956
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... with Greater Power Let a South East PHILCO TV Be Your Santa Claus Spending Cut Seen Vital to Nation Only by making drastic reduc toins in our expenditures can this nation be saved from destruction a well known..."
Date:Dec 18 1951
Publication:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America
Text:"...W WINONA DAILY NEWS Money Market Seen Tightening Across Nation By SAM DAWSON AP Busintit Ntwi Analyst NEW YORK tightening, money market and rising interest. rates are shaping up today as j business..."
Date:Aug 22 1958
Publication:Winona, Minnesota, United States of America
Text:"... this picture was taken were Dorie Matfaews, Charley Donovan and Tom Carpenter. GOP Housing Plans Seen Best In Nation's History WASHINGTON Capehart said he would introduce C. O. Foreman Ferrell Stricken..."
Date:Dec 20 1953
Publication:Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America
Text:"...( Government's Crop ForeeaH HUGE DÉCLINE SEEN, ! cr IN NATION'S com mit Meat Supply Cut-AAA t Curb ^me of Its RaduW tlon Policía» - ' ..rfi however, became subject to the 'Wilkinson. Hie. Jury deHbert»ted Ht..."
Date:Aug 11 1934
Publication:Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States of America
Date:Sep 15 1969
Publication:Troy, New York, United States of America
Text:"...20 YEARS OF FOREIGN AID Pnnaiiiii C'ily. ThtjrsfUiy ACTUAL FOREIGN AiD 1948-1968 CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORIZATION NOT CURBED BY NEW TAX Boost Seen In Gross Nation Product WASHINGTON (AP) The, The first..."
Date:Sep 19 1968
Publication:Panama City, Florida, United States of America
Text:"..., his name was changed to Sitting Bull, though why the o.d man didn’t know. He had two wives, Was-Seen-by-the-Nation and Ths-One-That-IIad-Four-Robes. His children wero all bright, handsome boys and girls..."
Date:Dec 25 1890
Publication:Fowler, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... about the as If to Identify the craft and Us Entry Into War Seen Blow to Nation Br Tht AuocUUd Pf tion by the United in the war would be the great eat threat to world Robert Taft ROhio be Speaking here..."
Date:Sep 12 1939
Publication:Steubenville, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"...'S GREED He Says Never Has the World Seen Such a Nation. CALLS IT ABSURDLY GRASPING in her honor last evening. The engagement has been announced of Miss Helen Van Courtlandt Morris to Capt Nelson..."
Date:Apr 12 1904
Publication:New York, New York, United States of America
Text:"... California youngster outdrew in many cases the schoolboy track meets Ridiculous Says Sanford Sentinels Face Rugged Test Here Saturday Bell Vocals IMPROVE 4 r Ohio state Seen Best In Nation Miami Picked Over..."
Date:Sep 12 1962
Publication:Cumberland, Maryland, United States of America
Text:"...." Reconversion Seen Cutting Down Nation's Buying Power Reductions in Military Output Will Tend to Chop Consumer Incomes By Ovid A. Martin WASHINGTON, May 31. War production cutbacks and reconversion may team up..."
Date:May 31 1945
Publication:Lowell, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"...-------------- MORGAN TREASURE SOUGHT able. I have traveled in every state of the union, except Alaska: am must [SEEN that One Nation Indivist LONDON 51-year-old I WCT With Liberty and Justice for For after -----u (n 4..."
Date:Oct 6 1960
Publication:Anderson, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... Sputnik II Seen Across The Nation Scientists Get Accurate Fix Of Orbit Around Earth WASHINGTON NOV G IP Sputnik II wa sighted a 1 across the lountrytoday giving scien tists the information needed..."
Date:Nov 7 1957
Publication:Hagerstown, Maryland, United States of America