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MyHeritage Family Trees
Schwarzer Family Tree in Schwarzerovi - Škabradovi, managed by Jiří Schwarzer
Birth:Circa 1840
Death:Day Month 1921 - Place
Husband:Name of husband
Children:Laura Robert (rozená Lipschütz) and names of 3 more children
U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
Birth:Aug 30 1896
Death:Dec 1971
Last residence:New York, New York 10033, USA
MyHeritage Family Trees
KARMEL FOREST in extended Karmel Family Web Site, managed by Marianne Karmel
Parents:Names of both parents
Siblings:Regine Birnbaum (born Lipschutz) and names of 2 more siblings
U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
Birth:June 4 1899
Death:Apr 1973
Last residence:Sunnyside, New York 11104, USA
Nevada, Marriages, 1968 - 1999
Marriage:Day Month 1993 - Place
Husband:Name of spouse
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1945
Also known as:2 aliases
Possible relatives:Lawrence Bernstein, and names of 7 more relatives
Residences:Full address, New York, and 5 more full addresses
Phone numbers:(212) xxx-xxxx, and 5 more phone numbers
MyHeritage Family Trees
Family tree (Jews of Americas_May2011) in Family site (BackupMyTree), managed by LA
Birth:Day Month 1903
Death:Day Month 1990
Denmark, Baptisms, 1618-1923
Christening:Day Month 1817 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents