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Issac cummings family tree, managed by Peter Cummings
Death:Day Month 1902
Parents:<Private> , Mother's name
Birth:Sep 20 1822 - North Platte, NE
Death:Oct 10 1909 - Shannon, South Dakota
Parents:Lone Man Red Cloud, Walks As She Thinks Lakota
Wife:Pretty Owl Red Cloud
Children:Louise Red Cloud, Jack Red Cloud, Tells Him Red Cloud, Charges At Red Cloud, Wears War Bonnet Red Cloud, Comes Back Red Cloud
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Kentucky Births, 1911 - 1999
Birth:Day Month 1993 - Place
Mother:Mother's name
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MyHeritage Family Trees
BlueLeith Web Site, managed by Shannon Blue
Birth:1780 - Place
Wife:Name of wife
Daughter:Name of daughter
MyHeritage Family Trees
Eastman Family Web Site, managed by Diana Canku
Birth:Circa 1780
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Lucy (Wakaninajiwin- Stands Sacred) Eastman and names of 7 more children