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MyHeritage Family Trees
Gourgey-Nissim ancestry Web Site, managed by EdwinaK Grodzinski
Birth:1818 - Place
Death:1912 - Place
Husband:Name of husband
Children:Raphael Hyam Isaacs and names of 3 more children
MyHeritage Family Trees
Hancock November 2010 in John Hancock, managed by John Hancock
Death:Month 1912 - Place
Husband:Name of husband
Children:Raphaël-haim Isaac and names of 3 more children
Text:"... Pt NWi Sarah Fred MLand I Ross and Nell Pt NWJ SWi Cor NWi SWi Pt NWi SWJ Mid Pt Ni SWi SIsaac and Sarah j Isaac and Sarah 43 Isabelle Frank Roy 6 47 i Roy 16 52 Myra 2664 Myra 84 48 I l and Blance j..."
Date:Nov 3 1926
Publication:Burlington, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... In Work done promptly to Burial always on hand Galena of H. Gun and and practical dealer hi spurting Galena 4-1S LIVERY and light stylish can always br procured at D. W. 111., at reasonable 4-1SISAAC MEANS..."
Date:Dec 24 1873
Publication:Dixon, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"... Thomas, aged 12 years, J and James Arthur Thomas, j aged three years, defendants. J 11 MIE defendants, Huldah Thomas, Jane Davis, .L Ann Thomas,Sarah Thomas, Isaac Thomas, and James Arthur Thomas..."
Date:July 2 1858
Publication:Wilmington, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... of Indi-diana. That Milton Bickle, Henry Bickle, Jane Bickle, Rease Bickle, Sarah Bickle, Isaac Bickle, John Bickle, and Isaiah Bickle, if they or either of them be living are nonresidents of the State..."
Date:Mar 5 1903
Publication:Galveston, Indiana, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...36 HILL GENEALOGY. 116. Loring I., ^sonof IsaacS. (Sarah Hill, Jonathan,* Samuel, William, Eliphalet, William 2d, William 1st) and Harriet (Tupper) Bunnell, m. Mar. 25, 1860, Helen Dikeman, b. July..."
Publication place:Meriden, Connecticut, USA
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