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Text:"... for the -pood it ha? done me. There isn't a on my head now and T couMn't but thank Fetprpon. fc-r the cure Is great." MissMaryHill. 420 Third Ave- nue. Pittsburgh. Pa. have ha ditching piles for 13 year..."
Date:July 12 1923
Publication:Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States of America
Text:"... funds and SMA Life New York Life Guardian Life IDS and Prudential for bond funds CONSUMERS UNION FIVE GENERATIONS Holding the fifth generation of her family Undsey Dafe Hill is MrsMaryHill 94 of New..."
Date:Mar 7 1988
Publication:Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"..., Larry Sullivan conies" back as comedian, MaryHill will portray character roles, Alice Mason and oe Reed will be among those pres- on the Grand stage again, Bill Hull will be assistant director to Mr..."
Date:Aug 19 1923
Publication:Davenport, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... by Frederick Lonsdale, the followlncr cast: Miss Mary Frances Hill.. Fi-ank Wilson, Mrs. Seenie Woosnam Jones, Miss Katie Belle Abney, Preston McClanahan, Raymond Colton. Reginald T. Whltnail, William Hawes..."
Date:Jan 21 1930
Publication:Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America
Text:".... Jr., E. H Troutman, E. F. Billings. Lucille Stevenson Margaret H. Sherrill, Louise Scott, Mildred Jowers, Mary Otis Morrison, MaryHill, Mary Douglas Warren and Mrs. Connie Grant White. MONTICELLO..."
Date:Aug 20 1951
Publication:Statesville, North Carolina, United States of America
Text:"....ia Bur- Ward. Oralia Lucere. Valera Fcr.a. Jar.uury Gussie Huiv. January Jerry Murphy. MaryHill. X J. Parker. January Hedriek. Arillana Loya. Jesus'Rooha. Loia Mae Ed- wards. Demecia Pacheco. r..."
Date:Jan 21 1960
Publication:Deming, New Mexico, United States of America
Text:"... Evangelical Reformed Church and the Kings Daughters Sunday School Survivors are her Roy two MaryEaton and Miss Ruth Senff of the home two Doyle Stauffer of West Laverne Stauffer of Massillon two George Boivin..."
Date:Jan 17 1955
Publication:Dover, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... ft MaryEaton Arery Eaton Wm D ^:alon Mary mia B nby C^natopiiac T Bii»ey Benj] B ake Kilw C II ake Mar» A B keRnbt H B ke JO B ake Sam jr Blake Georffiana V Birlvmr !i«wa*d P Btiieer 0 W BiChoM r..."
Date:Jan 17 1840
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:".... Theophilus Burrill of Lynn and MsMaryHill of Maiden. July 10, 1743. Thomas Cooper of Attleborough and Abigail Melman of Lynn. July 13, 1735. John Poope (Pope?) of Salem and MaryEaton of Lynn. July 13, 1735..."
Publication place:Salem, Massachusetts, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"..., quitclaims to Samuel Smith, Daniel Davis, and .lames Basford, all claims to the estate of my late wife jNIary Buss, formerly MaryHill, and who was a legatee and coheir Avith her brother Nathaniel Hill in all..."
Publication place:Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...) Eaton, of Camden ; bom **^ere, July 10, 1815, and died Oct. 25, 1851, aged 35 years. He ^^ married, second, Dec. 18, 1853, to Lucy B. Stetson, daughter of *^eacon Joseph and Mary (Eaton) Stetson..."
Publication place:Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"..., and he was authorized to put out the eldest daughter if he thought best Ezekiel Knight appears to have married, 3d, Mary, daughter of Theophilus Eaton, Governor of New Haven, and widow of Valentine Hill..."
Publication place:Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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