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Text:"... to nearly There were five Pcnnsylvanians jn the list of twenty-seven JohnJ. Martin, agod 3fj. a Pittsburgh motorman. won 'a bronze medal Tor saving the life of 3-year-old Frederick S. Cerxhini when the boy..."
Date:Apr 30 1927
Publication:Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:".... Apple Ho»e Marcii» Howell, Mr. and M ills IJouìII and cbdtl, Mr a II H. Stanley and 5 childri ^Ide, .Mi«s Fannie Prêtât and Mrs, Enmry hinlaw 1 children, MrJohnMartin, Mrs**,a. lier.un and Ai Wt Mai tin..."
Date:Oct 10 1929
Publication:Lumberton, North Carolina, United States of America
Text:"... or his friends Barney Rourke and John W Reppenhagen secured the money ostensibly on his notes He had paid the money to exAssemblyman JohnJMartin It was his understanding that the funds went to Police..."
Date:Dec 15 1894
Publication:Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:".... Merry’s Beautf, 5 yrs, 8st............C. Wood Mr. JohnMartin’s Middleman, 5 yrs, 8at Tomlinson Colonel Forester’s The Wreklu, 3 yrs. 7st 4Jb S. Loates Mr. J. B. Leigh’s Rookery, 4 yrs, 8st 121b ...F..."
Date:Mar 27 1884
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom