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Text:"... at ten dollars, before me, this 10th day of January, 1857. Seth Cushman, J. p. A true copy from mv book of estrays, JOS. W. WOLFE, Clerk. ONEBULL. Taken up, by Charles W. Cooper, living in Gill township..."
Date:Mar 28 1857
Publication:Sullivan, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... for a first division the I season for the Baylor Scribe Still Thinks Palmer Is Champ Out On Tournament Trail UPl It I for a and then flipped was his biggest it back in the OneBull Smashes Hoover 175 iDick..."
Date:June 24 1962
Publication:Pampa, Texas, United States of America
Text:"..., on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4ih. iHHR, Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the following describedTHOROUGHBRED HEREFORD CATTLE OneBull 4 years old, imported, 1 bull 1 year old. imported. 1 cow 6 years old, with heifer..."
Date:Nov 29 1888
Publication:Goshen, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"...- Sitting Bull sent his nephew, the American frontier." tie, the Indians feared repri- OneBull (whom Miller inter- Such, of-course, can never sals and therefore either said viewed) out to meet the inl- be..."
Date:Oct 20 1957
Publication:Oakland, California, United States of America
Text:"...DON'T REMEMBER WVtAT 1 SAID ABOUT. A BULL JANE -BUT I GOTTA TT4IS ONE'S BULL CLOSES UlS EVES WUEN CHARGES cmth Ireland's on Sections Involved in .Boun- dary Dispute Griffith. Fully Upholds Attitude..."
Date:Feb 4 1922
Publication:Lowell, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... about three years old; brown head and neck with white spot on face, white body, some brown spots. OneBull all red, with hornr, about 2 years old, white tip on tall. Will be sold on September 15th, 1921..."
Date:Aug 25 1921
Publication:Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... OneBull daughter of One adopted son of the famous Sioux chief Sitting was strapped for so she decided to sell a beaded buckskin shirt she made for her father almost 70 years ago. But she wouldn't sell..."
Date:June 24 1989
Publication:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
Text:"... with good TO OneBull Calf Tarente a son of Margie's Golden No. TO A DUry CftW Giving Te 12 qrta. milk daily. Apply 1A Little Kew Hd. Phone 13782. TO Michael AAgelo Chestnut horse PicasSO-SUp-In in perfect..."
Date:May 1 1952
Publication:Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica
Text:"... the Sioux Indian language Among the employes on Bickels ranch and farm were Indians who fought against Custer Bickel counted Chief OneBull son of Sitting Bull as one of his closest friends His ranch Standing..."
Date:Aug 2 1973
Publication:Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:".... OnebulL Leonard Bayer, phone 715-359-3256. C7 Gehi Hay Chopper. Like New 592-4379 Fertilizer, Seed 52 Nursery Stock, Etc. A52 BLACKTOP SEALER or protecting all blacktop sur- aces: driveways; walks..."
Date:July 3 1970
Publication:Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... time at Oyster Bay the following person al towit OneBull Moose calved in it import ed from Also Social ist planks good as Free lunch at Bull Moose sandwiches be Martin i last In this vicinity if a man..."
Date:Feb 26 1913
Publication:Washington, Indiana, United States of America
Text:"... 76J (348. PRETTY SHETLAND pony, Call after 5PM 763-4855. Several used trade-in saddles. Priced from to Good se- ection at reasonable prices. Helms Country Store, Bus 98 Cherry St Springfield. ONEBULL..."
Date:May 14 1971
Publication:Panama City, Florida, United States of America
Text:"... Street PLAZA MONUMENTAL presents 11th Bullfight of a Gnat Season SUNDAY, August 8, at 5 PjL One of the World's Greatest Ballfighters! CARLOS ARRUZA Who Will Fight OneBull On Horseback! and TWO OF THE MOST..."
Date:Aug 3 1965
Publication:El Paso, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... a hcrit. NICE Jersey milk cow. 934-1509. ONEBULL, one half blood Santa dis and 14 months old, weight 1.000 pounds. 1-743-6361, 1-736-5191. V743-6923 after 6 p.m. ___ ____ REG1STERE6 APPALOOSA GeldingTZ..."
Date:June 27 1973
Publication:Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America
Text:"... Five l>olnt5 and Creager's Mill about one-half mile South of Five Points, -^the following personal property TWiXVE COWS; ONEBULL ,. FARMfNG IMPLEMENTS ililwaukee grain binder; Deerlng hay rake: Superior..."
Date:June 23 1932
Publication:New Oxford, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... over -n-ith."-London Tit-Kts. Si'tUoc Bnll's Propbetlc Dream, OneBull, a nephew of the dead chieftain, related an interesting incident that happened jnst the day before Sitting Bull was killed. Ho said..."
Date:Apr 3 1891
Publication:Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... received Outdoor Sales carried through and valuations Established HORSE CAB AND PBICK LIST OF CELEBRATED HORSE Made from the Original Receipts of the late and SOLLYS Cough for recent OneBull should be given..."
Date:Oct 7 1882
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... stand up for the ideals of and some of them who wear the uni form of the Army are di rect descendants of Chief One the last Sioux who fought against George Custer at the famous last Chief OneBull died..."
Date:Feb 22 1955
Publication:Dunkirk-Fredonia, New York, United States of America
Text:"... Immediate Occupancy Phone 715470-2003 Musical Merchandise 84 ONEBULL CALF for sale, Holstein. Phone 501-2769. QUARTER HORSE, five years old, with saddle, all equipment. Call 224-1081. LONDON COMBINATION 8..."
Date:Mar 23 1974
Publication:Ironwood, Michigan, United States of America
Date:Nov 19 2000
Publication:Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States of America