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Steamer Italy - New York City, NY Arrivals - Sep 7 1870
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Ship:Steamer Italy
Arrival:Sep 7 1870 - New York City, NY Arrivals
Text:"... States Steerage
50 John Jones 6 M Child England United States Steerage
51 MaryJones 2 F Child England United States Steerage
52 James..."
SS Nevada - New York, New York - Oct 25 1869
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Ship:SS Nevada
Arrival:Oct 25 1869 - New York, New York
Text:"... 5 M Child England
245 MaryThomas 29 Female Wife England
246 Benj^n Thomas 3 M Child England
247 John Thomas 1 Child..."
Registers of Marriages of St. Mary Le Bone, Middlesex, 1668-1812, And of Oxford Chapel, Vere Street, St. Mary Le Bone, 1736-1754, Part 2
Text:"... Squires, Roger Woollard 28 Daniel Hayes of Ann, West., MaryThomas x [MaryThomas by D. B. Wit. George Fyler, Eliz. 8 Thomas Walker of S* James, West., Mary White of M. [Mary Feb. 2 John Russell, Amelia..."
Register Book of Marriages Belonging To the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, in the County of Middlesex, Volume 2, 1788 - 1809
Text:"... Humphris, of this parish, Lucy Wright, of S* Lewis Gutteridge Elizabeth Leader Edmund John Glynn, of this parish. Esq'', Elizabeth Worsley, Oct. ThomasMaryJones Westm''. Licence James Rankin Phoebe..."