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Nosce Web Site, managed by Jessica Nosce
Wife:Name of wife
Children:Domingo Calleja Abella and names of 2 more children
MyHeritage Family Trees
Berces Web Site, managed by Maria Ida Berces
Birth:Day Month 1879
Death:Day Month 1942
Wife:Name of wife
Texas Births, 1926 - 1995
Birth:Day Month 1972 - Place
Biographical Summaries of Notable People
Birth:June 20 1934
New York City Marriages 1950-1995
Marriage:1966 - Place
Wife:Name of spouse
U.S. Public Records Index
Possible relative:Ana M Abella
U.S. Public Records Index
Possible relatives:Jose A Abella, and names of 4 more relatives
Residence:Full address, Florida
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1972
Possible relatives:Ana Myriam Abella, and names of 3 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Florida, and 3 more full addresses
Phone numbers:xxx-xxxx, and 3 more phone numbers
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1934
Also known as:Alias
Possible relative:Maryann Ann Abella
Residences:Full address, Illinois, and one more full address
Phone numbers:(219) xxx-xxxx, and 7 more phone numbers
Mexico, Baptisms, 1560-1950
Son:Name of child
Christening of son:Day Month 1887 - Place
Wife:Name of spouse
Philippines Deaths and Burials, 1726-1957
Death:Day Month 1926 - Place
Argentina, Baptisms, 1645-1930
Son:Name of child
Christening of son:Day Month 1828 - Place
Wife:Name of spouse
Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957
Birth of son:1899
Marriage of son:Day Month 1922 - Place